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Default Lift and Chat: March 1 - 15, 2008

Good morning!

I awoke to heavy rain at 5 am, and my heart sank. I think that officially puts the nail in the coffin on ski season here is Pennsylvania. It's sunny out now, and I haven't checked what the temperature was overnight 100 miles north of here, but the robins are chirping and the daffodils are up another inch. This is the first year in many that flipping the calendar into March hasn't made me happy

Off to the gym for me: 2 clients this morning, one is my leg partner. I feel exhausted for no reason at all (hmmm...I get up at 5:20 every morning and work 2 jobs?) but client #1 is always super perky early on Saturdays so maybe she'll enliven me!

Hey Lydia- How is Arnold weekend?

How is everyone doing? Weekend plans?

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Mel: On the other hand I was way too excited to flip my calendar. I guess the Arnold will have to go on without me this year. DS2 spiked a fever last night of 102. I'll be spending most of this weekend feeding him super hero popcicles.

LG: I can't believe that guy tried to put the blame upon you. I'm glad you are okay though.

It is a pretty day here today. A good day for planning summer activities for DSs. There may be a workout in the plans for today too.

Have a great weekend!
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Come ski at Seven Springs, Mel ... it's snowing at this end of the state. And you can have it!!

I was in line when the gym opened at 8:00 and did cardio and nine quick sets of bi's, just for funsies. Two of my old clients (husband and wife) saw me using the Freemotion machine so we had a little impromptu seminar on Freemotion equipment, which was fun. Saturday morning in the weight room is a zoo, though. I'm used to it at 6 am on weekdays with the serious lifters, but this Saturday morning seemed to be a competition for Worst Form and Most Dangerous Technique.

My plan for the month is to 1. really try to gain some upper body strength and 2. master overhead squats. So I've dropped to low reps with heavy weights and really want to see some progress! Even though my shoulder surgery was two years ago, I'm still not quite back to where I was, strength-wise.

Lydia, I hope DS feels better soon!
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Morning ladies. It's bright and sunny here today! Very springlike.

I completed a chin-up this morning! Chin way above the bar, held it a while and lowered very slowly. Actually, it was easy-peasy and I think I might have cheated. Usually I just hang my legs straight below me but today I pulled them up as I was pulling myself into the chin up. For some reason, that made it much easier. So, 2 questions: how does leg pulling make chin ups easier, and, is that cheating? Have I not really completed a chin up?

Did Stage 3B today for the first time and I feel as frustrated as I did the first time I did 2B. All those odd new exercises. I could NOT get the combo romanian/bb row to feel at all natural. Also, today was YTWL day, and I realized once I started that I had forgotten to photocopy the instructions for 'L'. I had to do YTWs instead. It was all very frustrating but I assume it will feel better next time.
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It sounds like you did a kipping pullup/chinup. It's not really cheating, unless your objective was specifically to do a strict pullup.

This crossfit video explains kipping pullups and the momentum generated (why they are easier)

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March came in like a lion!

Why? Well, LWL, friends...I did something today that made me so proud of me. I sprinted at 7.0mph. I was so pleased with myself that THAT's in me! The gym owner was in and came up and was like "how fast are you running? OMG, I can't even do that." The progress lately is amazing. Weight is 281, but if I can do more high intensity intervals like that, I think I can move it a bit.

Day was a good day. Hour of Pilates, 20 minutes cardio, 30 minute upper body workout (heavy lifting, free time with a friendly trainer).

I love today.

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Afternoon gals! It's a cold day here, though I see some clouds coming our way.... Had a busy morning - did 4 loads of laundry and baked 4 loaves of bread (2 whole wheat w/10 grain cereal in them; 2 white for DH). That should hold me breadwise for a few weeks. They're nestled happily in my freezer. We've had lunch and are supposed to be off to the gym and the grocery store and a few errands, but the phone rang about 10 mins ago and I can hear DH still talking to whomever .... I'm on for more HIIT cardio. It's going better, as is the length of time I can go on the elliptical without hands - that's a good core exercise!

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I can't believe it's March!! The weather here was nice today but I don't quite feel like spring is coming yet. I hear there could be some more snow this week (enough already!) and I want to see the crocuses and daffodils starting to peek up!!

I don't know if it's just a weekend thing but boy, I was hungry all day from about 10:00 a.m. on. I don't think it was a horrible food day but it certainly wasn't great. I hope to be better tomorrow. One day I'll even get in some exercise on the weekends too.

I just need to tweak the eating a bit and refocus on the exercise. I've slacked off a bit lately.

JG - Congrats on the sprint!!

baff - I have no idea if that's considered cheating or not but wow! Good for you.

Happy March!

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I love all crossfit videos.

I don't think I was quite kipping. I was moving pretty slowly and I just brought my knees up without doing the back/shoulder jerk. Something in between I guess. At any rate, I was so surprised to have done one that doing a second one didn't even occur to me!

Pat, have you ever taken a vacation on the Olympic Peninsula? We have Spring Break next week and bf and I thought that might be a nice place to go. We like to hike and walk on beaches and experience nature, but we also like to EAT in restaurants (especially cheap & ethnic)! And, I admit, when I leave the boonies, I like to shop for clothes. Any suggestions for where to go?
(We might want to stop in Seattle for a couple of days to take care of our eating/shopping/civilization needs before heading into nature, but if you or anyone knows a beautiful part of the peninsula, I'd love to hear about it. )
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Morning, everyone!

Baff -- congrats on the chinup! As for your question about the Olympics (Peninsula), it's been years since I've been there, but as I recall you should hold low expectations for anything except outdoor activities. (Not that this isn't enough!) Lots of places to shop in Seattle, though.

Coincidentally, DH is talking about an Olympics / Seattle / Oregon Coast trip next August. He and TB just got back from a trip to Seattle, and I think he's finally ready to admit that hanging out at his mom's in the Seattle burbs for 10 days is, well, boring. (Yeah, there's a lot to do in Seattle proper, but traffic is such a nightmare that any trip downtown involves at least 2 hours of "commute" time.)

Mel -- c'mon up to my neck of the woods. All that rain in your area is glorious powder around here. We can't see bare ground yet, let alone daffodils.

Not much else to report. Spent yesterday making Roman shades for the dining room. It was supposed to be a fall project, partly to help insulate the house, but of course I'm just getting around to it in time for spring.

Oh, and I pulled (deadlifted) 205 at the gym on Thursday, a new PR for me. The PRs are coming fast and furious ... probably because my calories have been up!

Be strong,
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Ok so last night I finished reading most of NRLW...

Now I have to figure out what should I do.... Should I join the gym, try to get mornings at the gym and do it? (Evenings at the gym would probably be a bit too much for me)

Should I buy a cage, barbell and I think that is all I'd really need although something with pulleys would be nice to do some of the other exercises. I'm really ok with everything except the lat pull down and the variation for it.

Although I can't quite tell where all the pulleys are on this (upper and lower pulleys?), This looks decent

Although I'd need to look around a bit more
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hi LWL,

Nelie, I do the NRWL exercises at home. I have substituted the pulley exercises:
Fot the seated row I do a bent over row with the BB.

For the Lat pulldown I do the following which I read some time ago on another site:
I suspended a broomstick on a rope from the open staircase, to about 40 cms above the floor. I lie on my back on the floor below the staircase, then I grab the broomstick and pull myself off the floor with only my feet on the floor and my body rigid. It is very hard to do. I cannot do all the reps, so after I finish with the 7 reps I can do at this time I let my hips stay on the floor and only pull my upper body up for the rest of the reps. This is surprisingly hard, works about the same muscles (if I judge correctly) and you can also do this with a chin up bar in the doorway that you put at a low position.

I say nelie, Do join us with NRWL! It is great fun and I personally am much inspired to hear from all the others. I am still in stage 1, but I find that I am doing things that I never thought I could do. My weight is going up but I have the vague idea that my jeans are maybe a tiny bit looser.

It is incredible for me to imagine but at age 48, I, moi, a divorced mother of 2 teenagers, could I be making actual MUSCLE ???

This weekend it was 16 years ago that I married. It was a it of a strange weekend for me, but I think that things are a lot better for me now than in the last years of my marriage. I have experienced in the past period that I have a lot of friends. At the time my XH left, I had assumed I would loose our common friends. Much to my surprise, this turned out not to be the case AND I gathered new friends as well. The past years have been very good for my self esteem, and I think the board at 3FC has helped me a lot with this. So thanks a lot ladies !

I'll keep you guys posted,
Have a great weekend all,
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hey everyone, its been a while since i last checked in.

Well right now everythings great although i have had to face a bunch of temptation, left right and center. So many events and such. I try to eat before hand but unfortunaly because i am only 16 people think there is something wrong with me and i am being disrespectful. Thats the way it goes. So i kind of have to indulgue to keep a good imiage to my name. i dont think that is fair but i dont want to be known as an impolite person. I want to start NRWL soon, my mom and i are going to the gym next week to see if we can get me a membership,.

For those of you who have been doing NRWL, hows your progress going, you guys seeing the difference?

I just really hate cardio, and i know that i have to do some 2-3 times a week, but i am sick an tired of my treadmill. I hope maybe the spin bikes or steppers at the gym may be more interesting. I do like playing squash though.

I may try to get a membership which has sqash courts with in them, this way i can do that instead of a treadmill or other boring equiptment.

I have my G2 test schedualed for next sat at 4pm. If i pass this test i can drive around myself without an adult. Yes- freedom. Hopefully i pass the first time.

Basically now that i am the weight i want to be-105. Im looking to build alot of muscle and shave off the fat to lower my bf % and make me look like a have an athletic muscular build. i would not mind me being 110-115 with a 16% bf and the rest is muscle. Right now since i am confined with in my home with dumbells up to 10 lbs i cannot progress enough to build new muscle. I am just trying to maintain it so i can hit the gym- when i get a membership with the muscle i do have.
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Good luck sportsfreak - the G2 test was pretty easy when I did it. I'm sure you'll do fine!
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Hi guys!

I'll try a quick fly-by post while I wait for some babies to be ready to come out!

I am so ready for summer! Yesterday it was 70 degrees here and I even got a little sunburn---gotta restock the sunscreen! I had a full day between track meets and soccer games and I had another session at the gym. I can feel the weights while I do them---they are heavy and I am putting in effort---but it is also doable---but then later I really feel the effects. It is very fun! I am sore, but it is good!

Lifeguard, I just wanted to chime in. It is hard to be pregnant sometimes---good, wonderful, and also hard. Your body is changing and it is difficult to know how hard to push yourself. I second the motion of swimming. I also strongly recommend prenatal yoga. Listen to your body. :-)

Sorry your kiddo is sick, Lydia. We had a brief fling with pink eye at our house this week.

Congrats on the chin up, Baffled!

I'm glad things are going well for you, Rabbit. I really think there is a lot of growth we go through as we learn to embrace our physical sides.

Hi sportsfreak,

I'm gonna give you a little unsolicited advice. I want you to learn NOW what it took me years to learn. It is ok to have respect for other people, BUT the bottom line is that YOU know what is best for you. Do not put aside or suppress your desires, goals or plans for other people. Do what you know it right for yourself. If other people have a problem with it, they will get over it. Own your future! You can do it kindly, but do not do something you know is not the best for you just cause someone else expects it. That goes for a lot of things in life beyond event foods. Forget the image. Be good to yourself.

Hello to everyone else!!

Have a good one!
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