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Default Tgif!!

Sometimes quiet is a good thing, sometimes its a busy thing, and sometimes its just quiet.

So here am I saying good morning everyone! Thank GOD its FRIDAY!!

How bout an end of the week update from everyone. Good or bad.

Did anyone watch Oprah this week with Garth Brooks? I'm not an Oprah fan (or Garth Brooks for that matter!) but he was talking about his nightly ritual with his daughters where they have an Honesty Club. So every night they turn off the lights and just have a candle burning. The candle is called the Truth Candle and everyone touches the candle and then talks about what's going on in their lives.

So it brought to mind jiffy's thread about the interest of truth and I was thinking about how hard truth can be but how important it is within our deepest selves to strive for that.


My update for the week. I struggled this week with SEVERE palpitations. The worst ever. Even worse than I had after the first surgery when they put the heart monitor on me. Three days of it. Morning noon and night.

I don't know what tripped the wire for me but I suspect it was a combination of being deficient nutritionally again, and lack of sleep. I've had to get up at least twice a night the past couple of weeks with these two litters of pups I have. The past 3 nights they actually slept quietly all night now that I have them on solid food. So I ate more this week out of respect for how my body seemed to be screaming at me, and I tried hard to get more sleep too. So they've been better the past two days.

Scary stuff.
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Okey dokey, I'll update.

My week was so-so.

Foodwise and especially exercise wise, I did great. I'm so proud of my inner buff chick coming out. I am still working out hard (lifting and cardio) six days a week without fail. I'm proud of my commitment to myself. I have become a true gym rat (not a hamster dear missing Pookie, a RAT)!

Weightwise, I'm still about the same. Had another fill this week, because the one I got last week just wasn't enough. Bandsters, learn from my experience on this. When you're working out a lot, pay attention to your fill level. I probably should have gotten a fill sooner. With my workout schedule, I have lost all kinds of fat from my innards including the fat pad around the stomach and it required way more fill than usual to make up the difference. I could probably go with even more saline, but I like to be able to eat solid foods without PBing. I'm being very careful about taking small bites and chewing though, because I'm much tighter than I was. So, even though the weight loss is still pretty slow, I feel like I'm moving in the right direction.

I had an interview last week and thought I'd gotten the job. Turns out I didn't, so I was really, really bummed. I need to work harder at pursuing a job. It's just so much easier to keep on doing what I'm doing now, but I know I'd be way better off with a different job. So, no more being lazy for me! I need to get out there and be more aggressive!

Hubs - thanks so much for the thyroid info. I've been reading everything I can find like a mad woman and have a doctor's appointment on the 28th to discuss a prescription change. You are a wonderful person! The palpitation thing sound incredibly scary. I'm glad you are listening to your body and getting some nutition in. I hope sleep and food do the trick for you, because that sounds like nothing to mess with. Be well!

I'll end this novella now and hope you all are doing well. It's snowing like mad here in Colorado and I must say, I like it! My chickens could be happier though!

April 6, 2004

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Good morning once again! I think we might have to change this to the Thank God its Saturday thread!!

I find with slow weight loss its a constant process to remind myself that slow is still 'happening'. I feel like I've come to the end of the post Metformin arch and everything is coming to a halt. My blood pressure is way, way low again. Body temperature way way low. I'm COLD all the time. Time to go talk to a local doctor about Armour myself I think. I know the palpitations all tie in too.

You're most welcome for the thyroid info. If you have anything you come across please feel free to post it in the Health forum. There are more lurkers there than you would imagine and I get so many questions about thyroid it would astound you.

So is anyone else bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning?
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geeezzzz. how did i miss this yesterday??? i THINK i showed up for a few minutes...

anyway... thanks, hubs.. i appreciate this..

truth time. this week has been interesting. the qi kong meditation i've been doing just about every morning for the past month is showing some interesting effects. things like, warm hands, the ability to recognize the amazing tension i carry in my midsection, and relax it. and a certain amount of 'it's all ok,' coupled with a decreased interest in food [notice i didn't say ANOREXIA!!!!! that would be SOOOO out of character!!!!!]

my boss has been made a VP. she deserves it., but a couple of weeks ago, we discussed my dissatisfaction, and she understood that something had knocked on my door and i was following it up. well, second interviews were this week. i'm the only one they're talking to. they've moved to REFERENCES stage, and i think they talked with my boss!!! by the way, her first action after the VP announcement, was to beg me to stay.

soooo, we'll see how things go., it'll be more interesting, more in line with what i do really well, and more money. also a longer commute. let's hope i make a GOOD decision here. frankly, i like the people i currently work with.

and about the weight issue. hmmmm. i suspect i've lost a few pounds, but i'm afraid to try on the pants just yet. i'll give it a couple more weeks. it's been very simple - like your fill, chickadeedeedear. back to basics, in fact.

instead of oatmeal and 1/2 protein shake, it's been a full 20 grams of protein mixed into 1/2 c plain yogurt with a couple of tablespoons of muesli for breakfast. no snacks in my desk. a reasonable lunch. a snack at around 6 pm. and maybe dinner if i'm hungry. it's been ok.
trying to listen more to my body..l; and that brings us back to the qi kong!!!!!
Start your day with a smile, and get it over with.
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Great to hear the update jiffy. Choice is so liberating isn't it? It sounds like you've asked to have a door open, and there is is! Personally, I don't mind commutes. Lived for so many years in the country. Anything under an hour seemed pretty do-able. But working with people you like makes all the difference too. On the other hand, there could be so many new people out there who you're meant to know! Keep us updated on that!

I made a shocking discovery yesterday. I've been eating this Clover Leaf Jalapeno Jack cheese which according to the very specific information on the label has only 35 calories per ounce. I have been travelling across town to the one store that carries it for the past three months until this week when another store closer to me finally agreed to get it in.

So I went there yesterday to pick some up and lo and behold, the label at THAT store said 110 calories! So when I questioned the manager of the department, she said well I just used the code from another similar product for pricing to generate a label because when I entered the right code nothing came up. I asked her why the other store could generate a label (same company) and she said some data clerk would have just put something into the computer. In other words... their label is no more reliable than the one in the new store.

Now, here's the thing. This cheese has been my almost exclusive source of protein other than my egg beater custard at night. Here am I thinking I could eat two - 3 oz. chunks a day at a total of 230 calories. Good deal huh? Except in truth, its probably at LEAST (I compared fat content to other cheeses with same moisture and fat content) 660 to 720 calories!

So I've been agonizing, thinking I might have to go back on metformin or do something else after all the agony I went through to get OFF it, and it making me SO sick to be on it! I posted only yesterday morning how I felt I'd come to the end of the metabolic road post metformin! And it could be that this all comes down to tipping myself over my caloric tolerance edge with this cheese!!!!

I've sent an email directly to the company asking for the correct information. But what good is a label if you can't trust it to be accurate?

I'm more than a little upset about this. On the other hand, I also hope now that I know this I can adjust what I'm eating and see things move again.
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