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Default new here and can use support

I yall I got this website addy from a friend from another group and would like to join.. I had the Lap-Band on Thursday and so far its been kinda rough mentally and physically…
I am 31, mom to a 10 year old son, a 16 month old daughter. My sister was supposed tob e here to help but she hasn’t helped out as much as I expected. Chasing a baby around the house has been difficult.
I live on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi I had planned on doing the surgery by the end of the summer but Katrina changed those plans but it is done now. As of right now I would take it back if I could (I know these thoughts will change) I didn’t realize how much food played a roll in my life and cooking for dh and the kids is proving to be the real challenge. The smells of cooking just make me hate myself for doing this. I cannot wait till I can start adding a bit to my diet maybe then I will feel a lot different about it. Thanks for listening
Lap-Band 1-12-06 280 pounds
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Hi Desiree,
I'm also new to the site. I am 34 yr old single mom with 3 children. 2 teens, and an 9yr old. I work for a doctor and we keep long hours, so by the time I come home, I'm beat. We eat from fast food places a lot. Not healty and becoming expensive. I gained weight taking antidepressants, but I was never in shape. Truth be told, I'm weak. It kills me to bring groceries in the house, etc.
All my life, I have wanted to be strong but never took the time to achieve this goal. I haven't exercised since middle school. The last couple of years, I became a couch potato after work and on the weekends. But I promised myself this year, I AM going to do something about it.
I'm starting out very slow, doing about 5 minutes with a Bootcamp DVD/Billy Blanks. Started 2 days ago, and my goal is to be able to complete the whole tape. After that, I plan to work on my eating habits. My #1 goal right now is increase strength. I also need support. Maybe we could help each other?
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I just wanted to welcome you both! And I'm glad you've each found a buddy this fast in the game.

Des, please do not feel as though you are alone in your dependence on food. We've all been there. I know it's especially hard when you are the one who is doing the cooking. Many people equate food dependency/addiction with alcoholism ~ except that the alcoholic, when he chooses to end his dependency, doesn't have to drink it to live, nor does he have to make it for others.

I tried to focus on the freedom that my surgery gave me to open me up to other options. I was so obsessed with food that I missed out on a lot. Now that I don't have to *think* about food anymore because I am limited to what I can eat, I can think of other things I can do instead. I can read, garden, meditate, walk, take up a sport I've always wanted to do, take up a musical instrument...the possibilities are endless! There's also more time to play with the kids, and as the weight starts rolling off, there's more energy for it, too!

Des, your life is only just beginning ~ try to look at what you'll be gaining (and it won't be weight) instead of what you're losing (which WILL be weight!)

Indi ~ Lap RNY 11.18.05

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Hi Des and Welcome! Hang in there - it does get better. Days 3-5 post-op were the worst for me but by day 7-8 I was back to 90%. That said, I wasn't chasing a baby around - please be careful lifting as your abdominal muscles need time to heal.

The great thing about the lap-band is once you get through the few weeks of healing and resting your digestive system with the liquids & mushies, you can eat almost anything you used to but in smaller amounts.

Take care,

Lap-Band 12/21/2005
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Hi Des. I understand how you must be feeling very overwhelmed right now. You'll get used to the new body climate you now live in. It will be a gradual change but before you know it you'll be masterful at juggling. You'll also have significantly more energy once you're done healing and the weight starts to come off. This is a great place for you to have come to for support because one way or another, we've all been there and done that.

Your sister probably really just doesn't understand how huge this is for you.
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to 3FC's

Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow."
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Thanx yall I heard it could be more hard mentally but I was like…”I cant see how” now I know! I ventured out today to Wal-Mart so now im a bit more sore but I needed to get out I needed to get Isabella out of the house for a bit she had bronchitis before my surgery so she hasn’t left the house in over a week and last time it was to the ER… I am glad I have a place to come to… my sister should know what its like she had the stapling done over 10 years ago but she has had many problems but you think she would try to under stand and help out more that is the only reason shes here… she brought a bag of McDonalds into my house the day before my surgery when I had been on a clear liquids diet omg I wanted to kill her then told me to eat chocolate covered cherries because the center was liquid………. She has no sense.. Thanks again yall

gapeach it sounds like a plan you (or anyone else) is welcome to send me a private message
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des, honey. i put on my moderator hat to take out your email address. it's for your own protection - spammers are ALWAYS looking for emails, and besides, ya never know who's around.

3FC has a wonderful private message service. it's completely confidential and no one, not even moderators - have access to them. if/when you get to the point that you're comfortable with some people around here, it's perfectly OK to share emails, but please give some time for the relationship to develop.

ok., having said ALL THAT!!!! welcome aboard! and trust me, it IS a struggle. we've all used food for just about everything except nutrition. BUT, we can either look at this as deprivation and suffer our way through it OR we can look at it as a chance to start over with better habits and a healthier way of living.

i chose the 'second chance' attitude, myself!!!!!

looking forward to getting to know you!
Start your day with a smile, and get it over with.
Keeping it off is a hundred decisions a day that help you maintain what you achieved. And that's the hard part. - L Sanders

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Thank you for looking out for me! I am sometimes a noodle head when it comes to this stuff. For the most part I am just a member to this one group that is small and private and we can feel free to post anything and everything there so I will try to remember where I am lol… where do I get private messages? Do they come in my email? Is there a place I can go to “learn the ropes?”
I applaud you on your accomplishment on not looking at this as a struggle but a start over and I keep telling myself that every time I see a commercial or smell something good… I know this will get better thanks again
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Hi Des!

I send you a PM. I just had Lap-Band surgery on January 13th. Feel free to PM me any time!

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Hi Noodlehead (love that word!)

Welcome to the boards! I had lapband surgery in April, 2004, so if you need a voice of experience, I'm your girl.

Trust me, it all gets easier. By a week out, I sometimes forgot that I'd just had major surgery and had to force myself to take it easy. I think it's really important to follow your doctors food plans, even when it's tough. I know it can be horrible to be on full liquids, but it's really important to let your poor little stomach heal. And somehow, I think you were probably smart not to consider the goo from the choco/cherries a liquid. I think you oughta consider giving your sis a kick in the pants! (That's me helping you kick her!)

When I'm really tempted by something (like the Mac's) it helps me to remind myself that I've eaten that crap about a million times, and that in the end, it's not all that great. Know that you can have it again, when you're all healed, but you probably won't want it very much. My tastes changed a lot and it's so much easier now to pass the junk food. There's only so much room in my body for food now, and junk food doesn't go very far.

I second what Jif said too. Change your mindset. As corny as it sounds, I now say to myself things like "I get to work out today" instead of "I have to work out today". It really helps! This is your chance to be a whole new you. Enjoy it!

Please let me know if I can do anything to help you.


April 6, 2004

~ Don't make me get my flying monkeys! ~
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