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Default Need some ideas...

My life is about to take a major turn, I start nursing school Jan 9th! Talk about changes! In the last year I have had my RNY (07/27/05), lost 82lbs, and hiked up a mountain. And those are just some of the highlights! I dont think I ever would have done so much at 300+ lbs.

Anyway, I am very concerned about my food needs during school. I will be driving 45 minutes each way every day and I know studying will take a lot of my home time. I am a wife and a mother also. The way I see it, I will have 3 full time jobs and have to try to balance them all. My fear is falling into the "easy food" traps that were such a downfall for me as a preop. I feel like I need to think about planning for things now so I am prepared for whats to come and dont slip up.

Any ideas? I am willing to listen to any suggestions. Just talking it out and outlining a plan will help. I am so scared of losing control and messing up all I worked so hard to achieve for my health. The fear of regain or stopping losing scares me right now.
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I hear you big time with those concerns. I could say a lot but what I finally came to is this. It's easy for me to come up with meals for everyone else. Takes little stress, so many more choices and so on. The big problem each and every time I eat, is deciding what I'm going to eat first of all. And then making it. I actually seldom eat what everyone else does. I need very high quality nutrition in a punch and can't take my time eating quantities of things to get it so I don't plague myself with feeling like its simpler to make something good for all. I decide what to make the family, then I really concentrate on what I'll eat. Then all I have to worry about is timing so we can eat at the same time.

There are just too many things I can't eat to make it work for me any other way.
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Congrats on starting nursing school (and all of your other successes)!

My main advice is: plan ahead!

I'm a student as well, and it's just amazing how much harder it is to eat well on such a crazy schedule that changes day by day. I lost so much more weight at a constant pace the year between programs when I was working 9-5, always went to the gym after, etc....now I still am losing...well, when it's not finals and I go AWOL from eating well and exercising ...but it just takes more effort and willpower. It can be tough to decide between going to the gym and studying for an exam...I still feel like I haven't really found a solid solution--it's amazing how few healthy choices there are on campus--other than just thinking ahead of how my day looks and what/where/when I'll eat. BUT, you *can* and you *will* do it...it's much easier when you've already established healthy eating patterns and choices.

Also, carry snacks (part of planning ahead), especially since it's sometimes hard to find something healthy when you're hungry...I'm follow South Beach, so for me that means high protein snacks such as string cheese, apples, small cans of chick peas, etc. Also early on just scope out places near your classes etc. that you can get you-friendly snacks/food...

Even the eating terribly during exams thing isn't necessary...I ate fairly well and was even avoiding most caffeine for most of the semester through midterms (all hard science courses, too!), and survived...I just let myself cave these last few weeks but even at the same time *knew* that I'd actually feel better if I made healthier choices...

On the bright side, you might find yourself so thoroughly occupied by school and family that food becomes less of an issue (if you're a boredom-sort of eater, as I can be...)
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great advice curvynfit!
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such smart people we have here!!! i'm of the 'plan ahead' group as well. i always have 'stash' and know where i can get something suitable. so, that means low fat laughing cow wedges and wasa crackers at my desk, jerky in the car, and packets of protein shakes everywhere. i pack lunch/snacks in an insulated bag as well [not always practical for a student, though]

there's always a case of water in the trunk as well.

congrats on your new life!!!! you've worked hard to get here - so enjoy it all!!!!!
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