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Default Seriously...how bad is the after surgery pain?

I'm getting closer...........And I'm really excited. I stopped shopping for e-bay clothes 'cause I figured-what's the point right? LOL I am having Laproscopic and I'm curious about what the pain is. I'm not a big whimp, keep in mind, I had my twins natural and slept through most of it. But I'm curious about any pains that I feel that would be really really bad, or unexpexted. I have never had major surgery, and I don't know about surgery pains. Am I going to come out of this crying? I know I'll get sick, I was put under one time and got sick the moment I woke up-so I'm ready for that. But am I makeing a big deal out of the pain after surgery? Or should I be ready for allot of pain? And how long does the bad pain last? Now, I know everyone is different. But pain is pain, call me a whimp, but I'll be much better off going in knowing its just gonna really be bad or its not so bad, its just the results of your tummy size that is worse. Thanks ladies!!
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Oh don't worry, while you're in the hospital they keep you very medicated. You still feel some discomfort and I'm not going to lie but while it hurt it wasn't unbearable. I had an epidural for the first day and a half and then went to IV medications. It was 2 years ago so I'm not sure what it was that was in the IV but it was wonderful!!!! They have (at least they did me) up the next day. Some people I hear are up that afternoon but they let me relax for a whole day. They they get you up to sit in a chair and then to start walking the floor. I remember the pain but it's nothing you can't handle. If you can have twins and sleep thru most of it you'll be just fine!
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Talking It will be okay

Hi Friend...

Sure it hurts, but I think laproscopic surgery isn't as painful as say, Open RNY, since you only have small incisions verses a large one. I had Open surgery...which was painful even with meds for maybe the first 3 or 4 days, then it tapered off with each day. But again, it's not horrible....not fun either!!!!! Just keep your focus on the big pictures....which is how those pounds will begin falling off allowing you to reclaim your health and life, and you'll breeze through your surgery. Wishing you safety and happiness....God Bless....

Just me...Robin
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Lord, give us the strength to do what we cannot do without you
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Hopefully you were told that there is no guarantee that your surgery will be laparoscopic. When I had to sign all of the paperwork, one of the things I had to acknowledge was that the surgeon may have to do an open surgery instead.

Mine was laparoscopic, and the pain wasn't bad. I have had 5 surgeries prior to this weight loss surgery. The gall bladder surgery was the worst because I was 5 months pregnant...he's fine. All of the surgeries hurt worse than my weight loss surgery because I was in enough pain and having problems that I h-a-d to have those surgeries. They were not an option.

Just remember to do what you are told before the surgery. If you are told not to eat or drink after a certain time, follow the rules or you are going to be a puking unit during/after surgery. If the medical staff says to get up and walk, do it. If the medical staff says to do your breathing exercises, do them. There will be less pain and complications if you do what you are told.

Remember to get lots of rest before you go in the hospital. The medical staff is in and out of the room c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y, day and night.

I am excited for you. It is fun to be a "loser."
Stevie Christine
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the pain from my c-section was worse than my lapband surgery and my gallbladder surgery. I really didn't feel alot of pain with those two.

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It hurts but it is well worth it. You will be fine.
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Mine was a RNY laproscopic, and it hurt! People say that laproscopic isn't as painful, but the fact of the matter is that they rearrange your innards the same way as when you have it done open, and it hurts. It's not a short surgery. You are under for a while. I know someone who had the lap band laproscopic, and she recovered A LOT faster, and had less pain than I experienced. Knowing that there was a lot of pain involved, wouldn't have stopped me from having the surgery. But, it would have been nice to have been prepared for how much it would hurt. I kept hearing how much easier it is to recover, and how much less pain you have with laproscopic RNY. I was totally NOT prepared for how bad it was. I'm not trying to scare you. I would say be prepared to be in a lot of pain, and if you are not, then you are lucky and blessed.

I did wake up in pain, but they got it under control really fast. However, even with pain meds, you should be prepared to still have some pain. They can't make it completely go away.

A word of caution, if you do get sick and are dry heaving after surgery, tell someone right away. They should give you an anti-nausea med right away! Dry heaving can cause your sutures to undo, and that would be a bad bad thing.

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Thumbs up Not Bad at all

Hi there,

I had lap RNY on 7/20. I was up and walking by the afternoon, and fairly pain-free as of the time I went home. I had a morphine pump which never gave you quite enough of the drug to feel "good" LOL. My incisions and abdomen were sore, but it really wasn't bad.

As compared to the open surgery, I was the only lap surgery person at the time, and I was speeding around and standing upright with no troubles, while the people who had open were not getting around as well.

That might just be me, but I guess I will never really know right?

Good Luck to you!
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I wanted to just die.. but mine was open...my back hurt SO bad that lasted me awhile. but you also have to figure I had a 12 inch incision down the middle of my stomache. So you will probably do much better. I had a horrible time trying to get up and move and everything.

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