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Default Four Year Check UP

Hi all,

I just had my four year check up with my weight loss surgeon and the nutritionist at USC.

Still working on balancing my supplements to deal with a downward trend in my iron, as well as caclium and vitamin D absorption. Am making some adjustments and will re-check these labs in three months.

The nutritionist had some good advice for me. At four years out, maintaining my weight loss depends on me. I knew this already. I have gained 5 lb since my three year check up. I knew I was up, but actually thought it was more. I tend to bounce around a 10 lb range. Not something I am happy about, but I know if I was not watching it and mindful of it, it could be a great deal higher, and instead of bouncing I could just be going higher.

We talked about stress eating. Talked about knowing when you have had enough versus overeating (she says if you are not hungry after 3-4 hours, but can go five hours until your next meal, you ate too much at the previous meal). I found that interesting, and will watch from that view. We talked about going too long to eat, blood sugar crashes, etc. Talked about planning. Talked about balancing, i.e. if you eat something higher in fat or calories, balance out the rest of the day by making lower fat/calorie choices (of course). The basics include protein, then fruits and vegetables, then plain carbs. I knew this already, but it is always good to have a refresher. She also wants me to up my cardio, to shoot for 45 minutes per day, rather than a shorter time with interval training. I will switch over to this, although I may just die of boredom! Whatever works.

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Wonderful post! I love hearing from someone as far out from surgery as you are. It tells me that a) it works, b) you have to make it work, and c) I can do it too! Sounds to me like you are doing a great job working your tool Dawna.

I have a question though (because I don't know very much about DS). Do you have a "weightloss window" or does malabsorbtion and a small pouch help your surgery be effective forever? Just curious.

I changed my workout to longer cardio and then weights instead of interval training too. I just felt I wasn't getting enough cardio in with the interval training. With lots of good music and some headphones it gets easier, I promise!

Congratulations on your success Dawna,
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The DS has a weight loss window of 12-18 months, although some appear to fall outside that range. I fell on the short side, losing about 95% of my weight within the first 9 months.

With the DS, the restriction portion eases over time. We don't have a pouch, but a transected stomach. After the first year we are supposed to be able to eat a "small normal" meal, due to normal stretching of the transected stomach. I'm not sure at what point post-surgery I got to that point, but I definitely am in that category now. The weight loss comes from the serious restriction during the first year, and the malabsorption helps with weight maintenance.

With the DS there is less talk about utilizing a tool, and during the first year or so this is true. Pretty much no matter what you do, you will lose. I wish there had been and was now more talk about maintaining long term. There is a perception that weight regain is minimal or not an issue. I have found that I can regain, although I don't know how much because I simply refuse to allow it.

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have you ever checked out http://www.duodenalswitch.com/?
they have a great message board IMO.
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I'd suggest you try a good quality Liquid Cal/Mag with D Dawna. It can sometimes make all the difference in the world with absorption of both the calcium and the vitamin D. A good liquid multi with iron may help with your absorption there too. Generally speaking, liquid supplements offer far superior absorption and bioavailibility.
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