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Hi All - I'm about two weeks out now :)

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Default Hi All - I'm about two weeks out now :)

Hi All!

Yeah, long time no see....my computer died and then I had to get everything in order for the surg. I'm glad I came back here to check out what' s going on in the forum. Answered some of the questions I had but I still have more....lol.

Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong:

1. I'm tired but I can't sleep for more than 5 hours without waking up feeling weird. Getting in some protein usually solves the problem. I've also woken up really thirsty. I'm trying to get in all the water but I'm having trouble with it.

2. How much protein is too much? I bought a bunch of samples and I've found that physically I can tolerate them all. Can't say that I could deal with the taste. Some of the shakes are 30 or so grams of protein. I know that we can only absorb that much in one sitting but how many shakes do I do a day? My doc says to get in between 60 -80. Two shakes and I'm done....

3. I try and supplement with low carb yogurt and ricotta cheese. Yeah, I know that ricotta isn't on the phase one diet but it helps me deal with the protein. Kind of a treat - quarter of a cup with a scope of protein and a spoon of sauce, heated. Runs about 12 gr protein if I"m right. Just have to be careful to spit out the onions from the sauce.

4. I haven't been out walking. I'm afraid to go out alone, get weak, and then what happens? Yeah, dumb excuse. I've been trying to do chores around the house and be active instead. Just tire so easily. I take about two one-two hour naps a day.

5. I can't help thinking that the chewable vitamins aren't enough. That maybe I'm tired because I don't have enough vits coming in. I bought some expensive vits that are capsules but the nutritionist in the hospital freaked out at the thought. I bought the chewable calcium, citrate, but the 8 a day thing was killing me...ordered some powdered stuff to mix with my shakes.

The incision site burns every so often but I can usually deal with it. On the plus side, since the surg was done my back hasn't bothered me at all. Granted, I'm not doing a **** of a lot but can't remember the last time I've been this long without back pain.

As always, any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Nice to see Jiffy, Pookie, AgeOldie, and others are still around.


P.S. I've down about 21 lbs as of today. I was averaging a two lb loss per day up until this week.
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Thanks Pookie...didn't think about the low grade fever...been running that since I got out of the hospital. Will make the effort to walk more....

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Congrats on the weight loss...

I think it sounds like everything is going pretty normal with you. I was just 5 weeks out on Monday. I am not very good w/ the advice but I just thought I would let you know that being tired is tottaly normal. I also think it's a good idea to take a nap around the same time each day. This way you know it's time for your body to rest and you don't feel like you just laying around all the time. I know for the 1st 2 weeks that's what I did then when I got up from my nap I would just start doing little things around the house( even if I would just walk outside to the curb and back again). To get me up and moving around, and every day I felt better and better. I went back to work at 2 weeks since I just have a desk job and I think that was good for me too. I was afraid of being tired but I did really good. I actually think it helped. As far as the protein goes I am not real sure but I have heard that in the very beging your body can't even hold that much protein. I was lucky to get down one shake, but I also didn't start my vitamind untill 3 weeks. But only you know your body, so listen to it and take care of yourself.

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Thanks Sd...actually, I popped an extra b12 yesterday to see if it did anything...not much. Just have to be patient with myself and relax. I worry about going back to work though...not sure if I could handle a whole shift.

Hmmm...just have to learn to take it one day at a time.

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