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Is Diet Soft Drinks Ok Post-op?

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Cool Is Diet Soft Drinks Ok Post-op?

Ok Girls & Guys,
I have been overlooking everything this past couple of weeks and found so much useful information. You all have a wealth of knowledge, so I come to you all with some questions. I was originally suppose to have my surgery on the 25th of Jan but it was postponed till Feb 14th. My lucky husband dosen't need to fancy me this year But I really felt I was prepared and had things all straightened out but now I am not sure. As far as the liquid diet is concerned it will not be a problem for me as a matter a fact I feel that i am so sick of food that I am looking forward to not having to eat so much, but my biggest down fall is that I am a Coke Cola drinker. I usually drink atleast one to two cans 12oz a day and if I go out to eat that is my fav time to drink it and it can be alot more. I have been trying to cut back mostly because I am afraid of having caffine headaches. So after all this I guess my question is simply can I maybe drink Diet ( i THINK i CAN HANDLE IT)post-op and if so how long after surg do you think?
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oh pookie - thank you for answering this!!!

NO SODA NO SODA NO SODA. it's really IS the bubbles. and trust me, if, after the surgery you try to drink some, even if you flatten it somewhat, there are still enough bubbles in there TO MAKE YOUR TUMMY VERY VERY PAINFUL!!!!!!!

after the surgery, if we swallow a lot of air [as often happens if we talk a lot during a meal!! at least for some of us] we get very very painful air bubbles. and run to the bathroom to throw up.

don't drink soda!!!!
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LapBanders aren't supposed to drink it either, at least for a while. Those darn bubbles can cause troubles for us too. Of course, I have found that a Mike's Hard Limeade will go down quite unpainfully. Wish I didn't know that!

April 6, 2004

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Thank you so much, although I am deepely sadened I know I am better off knowing before hand. I don't have a problem drinking water and I know it is best for me anyway's. I also tried the crystal light tea and it's not bad at all, I actually like it. Thanks again for the shopping list it is going to help a great deal. I am trying to get everything all together this week so that I am ready to go and I'm not running to the store while I am fasting, that would not be good. Oh and by the way the Surgery that I am having is the RNY, and I actually have meet with Mystek. She is an awesome person, and seems to be doing so well after her surgery a couple weeks ago. Talk with you all later.

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Originally Posted by Chickadee
Of course, I have found that a Mike's Hard Limeade will go down quite unpainfully. Wish I didn't know that!


Leave it to our own Chickadee to figure that out!

I second the No Soda rule, even three years out I can't/won't drink it......makes me feel horrible (you know I had to try)
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I was a pepsi-holic before surgery and I waited 3 months after surgery before trying a diet pepsi (I had no soda before that). I drink 2 a day with no problems and believe diet soda is God's gift to WLS -- I had an RNY. I believe that you should see what works for you. If it doesn't work, find a good alternative. Crystal lite seems to do well for a lot of people, too, but I don't like it much personally. I have to have the bubbles. I also drink beer on occasion with no problems, but I did wait about 6 months before trying that again. I was never one to follow all the rules. If I was, I would never have had to have the surgery in the first place. Having the surgery didn't change that. I eat what I want to as long as it feels right and I experiment so I know what I can and can't tolerate, however I would wait until the tummy is all healed before doing anything like that. I believe that anyone should be able to eat what they like -- in moderation. This is applicable before surgery, but we all didn't do this. When I go to McDonalds now, I get a cheeseburger all american value meal (it isn't listed on their menu but they have it) for about 2.50 and it is basically a happy meal with a little larger drink and no toy. I can eat all the fries and half the burger. If I had eaten like that before surgery, I would have never had a weight problem. But I didn't ). Wendy's chili is also great and goes down smooth. I love chicken thighs because they are juicy and not stringy. I don't worry too much about protein as I try to get a wide variety in my diet and always have something protein within every meal. I eat out for lunch nearly every day and sometimes at night -- I work and go to school and have teenagers so it is more practical for me. My advice -- take it easy after surgery for a while. Follow your doctor's orders until you are entirely healed. When he gives the green light, experiment a little to see your limitations, and EAT because those who don't, don't lose all their weight. And stay away from the sweets. You can only eat a little bit at time so you are eating to survive after surgery and sweets don't give you any nutrition whatsoever. I have to have something sweet every day, but it is usually a bite or two and that's it. This surgery forces you to eat like you should eat -- 6 small meals a day. If you adhere to that rule, you won't go wrong unless you are eating all bad things all the time. I know a lady in my office who had her surgery done a year after me and she has only lost 80 pounds. She gained 20 pounds over the holidays and the only way she could have done that was by eating constant sweets (she can tolerate them, I can't). She also starved herself to boost her weight loss in the beginning, and she is not the only one I know in that situation. Just my two cents )

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Thanks Char,

That was alot of very helpful information. And I think you are tottaly right about healing first and then doing little experiments at a time. It make good sense. So i guess I can't wait for my 3 month mark. Take care and thanks again everyone for your reply.

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