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Food Cravings

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Default Food Cravings


My name is Caitlin and about two weeks ago I had the gastric sleeve operation. I have done well so far, and I've lost 24 pounds. But as I have started going out into the world, food is all around me and the cravings are driving me crazy! I was wondering if anyone had any tips for getting through this.
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Figure out what you are craving, then figure out how make something that is similar to what you are craving but is healthy?
Ie, you are craving French fries: make roasted potatoes, use a little olive oil.
Substitute ketchup with tomato paste (mix in some cayenne, vinegar, tad sugar.
Want cake? Find a one serving recipe, make it at home. Most cookie/cake recipes you can half the sugar and still taste ok. Dress up cake with lots of fruit/berries.
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I kindly suggest you ignore the previous poster's (meand) advice. Adding protein powder to a cake recipe will not make it healthy. You need to really take advantage of your honeymoon period and address the reasons you became MO.

There is a reason people say the operation is on our stomachs, not our heads. Cravings indicate emotional hunger, not physical hunger. Knowing the difference between the two will become helpful throughout this process. With WLS, you have eliminated a common coping mechanism: food. It is now your goal to replace that coping mechanism with healthier ones. Therapy, self-help books, even internet support groups can all help you with this. But disregarding your surgeon's plan to make or eat your favorite goodies, especially at this point in your recovery, will establish patterns you want to break. Maybe when you are in maintenance, you can play around with favorite recipes, but many people find this leads to regain.

By the way, what you are feeling is completely normal.

Here is a chart that may be helpful in determining the difference between physical and emotional hunger:

Physical Hunger: Comes on gradually and can be postponed.

Emotional Hunger: Comes on suddenly and feels urgent.

Physical Hunger: Can be satisfied with any type of food.

Emotional Hunger: Causes specific food cravings (pizza, chocolate, ice cream, etc...)

Physical Hunger: Once you are full you can stop eating.

Emotional Hunger: Eat more than you normally would. Feel uncomfortably full.

Physical Hunger: Causes satisfaction, doesn’t cause guilt.

Emotional Hunger: Leaves you feeling guilty and cross with yourself.

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I agree with Jen..

Since you are newly out of surgery please play it safe and only eat what your doctor says you can. What stage are you at?

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Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tomorrow."
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