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How often do you weigh?

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Default How often do you weigh?

I used to be a daily weigher once upon a time, but it was just too volatile for me. I decided to weigh in weekly post wls and the numbers are much more satisfying now, lol!
I'm just curious, how often does everyone else weigh?

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THIS IS JUST ME. I don't. See, here's the deal. One of the many reasons I had the surgery was to STOP the madness: what am i going to eat, what am i not going to eat, is it good. is it bad. did i lose today. did i gain today. how should i cook it. is there room for a treat. and on and on and on.

When I was gaining, I was obsessed with what i was going to eat next. When I was losing, I was obsessed with what I was going to eat AND what the numbers showed. I wanted to STOP all this. And that meant not weighing myself, either.

I wanted to focus instead on LIVING. school, work, friends, family, hobbies, ANYTHING that had little to do with food. I wanted to see if i could get through this without fueling yet another obsession [largely successful]

i use the pants-o-meter generally. Admittedly far from perfect, though, as I cannot tolerate clothes that actually fit [yeah, i have issues]

having said ALL THAT, there are people sprinkled throughout 3FC who believe that they cannot succeed unless they weigh themselves a few times a day, or once a day, or three days a week, or whatever. We can all agree that we have to have some form of accountability. Personally, however, I draw the line at a frequency/routine that ends up feeding my own obsessiveness. That line is apparently different for everyone. Some call it 'being accountable.'
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Right now I don't have a scale at home that works. I have been spending a lot of time thinking about going out and buying one. Okay, maybe obsessing some too. The truth is, it doesn't matter what the number reads, the number isn't going to be good enough OR the number is going to send me into some sort of spin, either good or bad. I don't want a spin. I want to concentrate on what is in front of me. I want to be present in today. The answer is, for today, no scale.
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Doing everything too often is bad, you end up becoming obsessive and severely disappointed with the results especially if your water weight fluctuates a lot (it loves resting in my waist and belly a lot and gives me the illusion of a rectangular/apple figure *shudder*).

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There are times I weigh every day, because you can see a pattern emerge. I find I obsess less with the numbers if I weigh every day. Different strokes!

Cathy Doe, I absolutely love the Cheshire Cat quote in your signature. Very appropriate for me!
April 6, 2004

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Thank you chickadee! Very appropriate for me too!
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I used to be obsessive with it, anxiously weighing myself multiple times a day, but now I just weigh once, right after using the bathroom in the morning. Things can definitely fluctuate or stall out for a week or two, but I've learned to trust the process and wait for the whoosh.

It just makes me feel better and more motivated to keep my finger tight on where I'm at, and like mentioned above, every day accountability! Working so far.

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I used to weigh every day now I don't. It just doesn't interest me. I get on it occasionally. I do what jiffy does now the pants o meter.
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I weigh myself every morning so I can get a good idea of how what I'm eating effects my loss and if I see I'm heading back up it usually sets me back on the right path. But with that comes a little bit of depression or frustration if I've gained even slightly. I do have Fridays as my 'official' weigh in day and just remind myself Friday is the only day that counts. Doing it daily has it's up and downs for me, but I'm just too impatient to wait an entire week.
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When losing and trying to get to a goal I weighed a couple times a week. But, now that I am trying to maintain it helps me to weigh once a day. It just helps me not let things get out of hand with maintenance..... BC everytime I yo-yoed it was b/c I let it get too far and the 5 pound gain... it would turn into a 10-15-25-50, etc.

But, that is just me......

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I usually weigh myself once a week. It seems to be better for me than obsessing over each pound lost/gained each hour lol.
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I'm maintaining, so I weigh every day. If the scales is up a bit, I cut back. Like ladyrider said, it helps to keep things in hand.

That said, I think weighing weekly while losing is often enough to prevent stressing over each fluctuation. But each person should do what works for themselves.
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I weigh myself everyday but I agree it can get frustrating with all the fluctuations however it also keeps me motivated. I also look at my WI day as the official one that counts
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I'm do a daily weigh-in, but I only record my weight once a week. It helps keep me accountable with binge eating. If I don't see my weight, it's very easy for me to justify a binge. I try to have a judgment free attitude about it though. Some days I'll go up, some I'll go down.
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Exercise is great for health, general well being and prob' needed for maintenance but its not required for weight loss. That is done by what and how much you put in your mouth.
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