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Default Help advice please? x

Hi, im new to all of this my first visit to one of these sites. Ive struggled on and off with my weight for the last 13 years. I'm currently my heaviest at 19.7. Ive lost weight previously on ww/sw Atkins slimming pill prescribed and naughty ones im at a desperate point where i feel this is my last option.

i went to see my gp last week. I walked into the surgery said what i was there for (to be considered for wls) he kinda looked at me as if to say no chance! he said the guidelines had change and ur bmi needs to now be over 50 to qualify on the nhs (mine is 43.5) for funding. He said ok lets weigh you. I said before you do please be honest guess what you think i currently weigh he said around 16.7?? When he weighed me and realized my real weight he was quite surprised and then i had a crazy emotional breakdown.

He sent me away said we would apply for funding and to come back next week, I think this was because there was no talking to me whilst i was in this state and also to see if i was serious maybe? Anyway i returned this week i have full referral my bp is high i suffer from endermetriosis painful heavy periods worsened by weight gain. He printed off a chart of my weight over the last 13 years and said it goes in my favor as my weight has been up and down.

I'm now abit unsure what to expect really im kinda thinking im gonna be refused as there are others worse off? but also positive Ive made first step. he put down on my referral that i have completed a weight lost course via his referral and a years gym membership via his referral?

Any help advice would be really appreciated xx
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Hi Georgina - congrats for stepping up and being honest with your doctor. that's REALLY hard to do. and don't worry about breaking down in front of him. it's an incredibly honest reaction and probably helped him realize how desperate you're feeling right now.

I'm figuring you're in the UK [weight = 19.7 - i'm figuring STONE, right? and you took slimming pills]. We're mostly americans on this forum, and we don't always do the math. at 19.7 stone, that puts you at 275 lb or so or 125 kg.

ok. now that we have the numbers straight - it sounds like you DO qualify, and that your doc will help you. But i won't lie to you - there will probably be a waiting period. Even in the US, even if you could pay the whole thing yourself, you'd still have to wait. Maybe a month if you self-pay, and if you go with insurance, we figure on at least 6 months [sometimes longer]].

so the question then is: what do you do while you're waiting? some people binge, thinking that they will NEVER be able to eat again. but to tell you the truth, surgery isn't really about the food. it's about re-learning how to eat, when to eat, and to separate emotions from food and eating. not easy by any means, but spending some time BEFORE the surgery on these issues will help you tremendously AFTER the surgery -

just a few thoughts - and sending some hugs your way. keep on being honest with your doc - sounds like he's going to help you
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Thank you for your reply. Yeh im from the uk so we are talking stones. My aim is to continue dieting until I get a appointment date and I definitely feel id benefit from the counciling before any surgery. I was kinda hoping for someone to give me some answers to the usual procedures waiting times in the uk? As its probably different in ur state. But again thanks for your support and kind words. Good luck in your journey x x
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