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Default Help, these liquid vitamins are HORRID!!!

My liquid vitamin order from Amazon came in the mail today.

1. The calcium/Vitamin D is good. Tastes like a creamsicle. I miked my 2T does into a vanilla protein shake and it was great.

2. The liquid iron tastes like grapes and metal. Because I work in an environment with blood, it tastes and looks like a shot of blood to me. For today mixed it in with some pomegranate juice and my second protein shake. I can handle that. Not too much aftertaste actually.

3.The B12 lozenges taste like candy. Not sure if that's good or bad. LOL

4. The organic multivitamin is AWFUL!!! It's like straight vitamins. I threw it up, and that's PRE surgery! It smelled so bad that I thought that doing as a shot and getting it over with would be best. But the horrid taste is lingering even though I puked.


Someone please give me some vitamin suggestions?
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Try the multi in a shake maybe?

As for suggestions... I can't give many. I had to have them amend my recommendations to suit my allergies.

Calcium I wasn't a fan of Wellesse or whatever (contains my allergen), Bariatric Advantage contains my allergen outside of the chewy bites but they are high carbs and I take 6 a day. *cringe* I am trying another pill (not chewable) when I am done them.

Multivitamins we were allowed to take Centrum 50+ chewable, Bariatric Advantage, etc. as long as they were chewable and not gummies. Chewable all contain my allergen so at 1 month out with surgeons permission I switched to a pill.

Celebrates vitamins were not bad... Only thing is I preferred the Bariatric Advantage Iron over Celebrates.

What are your actual daily requirements?
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Ugh, I can't imagine taking the liquid iron. The taste of iron, especially the heme iron, makes me gag. While you can mix the multi with a protein drink, I can't imagine you can mix the iron with many things, as you want to make sure it stays away from calcium. Maybe orange juice?

Good luck. I used mostly chewable vitamins at first and even now still take chewable calcium.

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Has anyone tried Juice+? I know it's expensive, but I also know it tastes ok.
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MAD ONE - do you have an iron deficiency? not every person develops it post-op, so i hope that your doc told you to take the iron because of a deficiency. it's possible to get too much, and the results aren't pretty.

As for the vitamins - my vote is chewable multis rather than liquid. YUCK on the liquid. nothing EVER worked for me to choke it down. Two SpongeBobs by Centrum tasted good and worked well for me. Somedays, if i feel like a real live adult [ahem!], i'll take the centrum adult chewables, but they don't taste as good as the SpongeBobs.

We know that i develop B12 deficiencies rather quickly, so i use the little tiny 1000 mcg melting tablets. sometimes i chew them, but most often i hold them under my tongue. One of my pharmaceutical buddies told me that the absorption was better that way, and since we knew i wasn't absorbing all that well through the digestive tract ....
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