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Default Intragastric balloon

Hi guys - I'm brand new to the forum and have just bitten the bullet and booked myself in for an intragastric balloon procedure. I know this is still just in the trial stage in the USA but it's available in Canada and is very popular in India and becoming more and more so in Europe.

I've done a lot of reseach and have decided to travel to Prague and have it done by Prague Beauty. For those who don't know much about it it involves a latex balloon being endoscopically introduced into the stomach (via the mouth so no cutting at all) while you're lightly sedated and then filled with a coloured saline solution. The balloon will then stay in the stomach for 6 months before it is burst and removed via the mouth. During the 6 months you have a much smaller stomach volume available, hopefully resulting in weightloss.

I would LOVE to hear from anyone who is interested in the procedure or has had it done as I'm quite nervous about it! The risks are relatively minor although the weightloss is not always as dramatic as other more invasive procedures. I've read a lot of mixed experiences but on balance feel this is the right course of action for me to take. I am 5'4" and weigh 220 lbs (giving me a BMI of 39) so need to lose 80lbs. I'm 30 and refuse to spend my 30s in the same unhealthy unhappy state as i did my 20s (and most of my teens).

Hope to hear from someone! xxx
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Hi! nice to have you here. I've heard a lot of pros and cons about the balloon - so it'll be real interesting to follow your experiences. i guess one of the reasons it's not popular in the US is because it is meant to be removed - and the assumption is that people will regain their weight.

what have they told you about what happens after the balloon is removed? and i gotta say - based on your description, i'm wondering how it FEELS in there!!!!

inquiring minds want to know!!! BTW - why did you choose Prague? is there someone in Kent who can do your followup? will you go back to Prague for the removal?
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And ditto's to what Jiffy said... do tell

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Hi gals! So nice to hear from you!
When the balloon has been removed - I'm sure it's easy to put weight back on. But I think this is why it's so important to use the six months that it is in place to change your eating habits, attitudes and thinking through NLP or old-fashioned counselling.

I've decided it's the right thing for me because I've just lost all confidence in my abillity to lose any weight! Been a yo-yo dieter for years but just can't seem to get into the zone to lose any - no problem putting it on at the moment though! Also - it's not surgery: I am not going to tell a soul that I'm doing this as no-one can understand why I can't just go on a diet and lose weight! I feel I'd have to tell my family (and probably have my parents with me) if I had to go under a general anaesthetic and under the knife. I don't think I could bear how disappointed they'd be that it had come to that. (Having said that - Jiffypop your weightloss has been phenomenal and it just shows that surgery really IS an answer for some of us).

As for how it feels - a lot of people seem to say it takes a month to really feel normal - but a few say it took two months and some never took to it! An horrendous amount of vomitting seems to happen for the 1st few days (I'm taking a week off work) and then an uncomfortable bloated feeling is what most people complain about (the balloon holds about 550ml so that makes sense!). My goodness - I sound mad saying this is the thing for me!

I've settled on Prague for three reasons: 1 is money! Prague Beauty will do the procedure for 2500 (it's between 4500 and 5500 at home in England). This includes my flight there and back to have it inserted AND again when I have it taken out 6 months later, and my meds, hospital stay, transport to and from the hospital etc. No 2 is the hospital length of stay - in England they send you home after 2-3 hours - in Prague they monitor you for 2 days before they let you go. Apparently major vomitting and nausea is normal for the 1st few days while you body screams "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" and I know I'd be scared if I was on my own straight away. And finally 3! They were friendly, weren't pushy, I spoke to a lady who'd had surgery there and read a lot of forum talk about how good other people's experience with them had been.

This was a long one! Take care ladies! - and Jiffypop- how long has it take you to lose that amazing amount of weight? What is your diet like now - post-surgery? xxx
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