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Default WLS Second Anniversary

Yesterday was my second year surgery anniversary. I've got a throat virus from my usually very healthy DH! He asked me when I get to feeling better if I wanted to go out and celebrate by eating!!! The NUT!

I don't really have any words of wisdom or insights, but do know that I wish I could have had it a whole lot earlier in my life. I'M ALIVE! And that is pretty important and special to me!

I live life, because I can! I still think way too much about food! I have done somethings in my life that I said I would never do again after WLS. I battle food addiction everyday.

I weigh the same as my lowest weight, but have been told by many people who have had WLS, that now is a very important time in my life because people who are a few years out tend to get complacent and can start putting back on.

I don't weigh myself on a regular basis and think that now it is much more important than at the very beginning.

I'm very happy with my "skinny" life. I've been very busy which is a very far cry from what I was two years ago.

Now about my labs: Everything is very pretty much normal except my Vitamin D. I had the labs draw two weeks ago and my doctor will only contact me if there is something abnormal. Well, I went and got a copy myself at the end of last week to see how my labs were trending and lo and behold my Vitamin D is less than 4!!! Didn't hear from either one of my doctors about it! So, I've bumped up my Vitamin D drastically.

I have no complaints about my surgery what so ever! I eat five to six small meals a day. Don't drink enough water!!! Take my Vits and suppliments regularly. I don't exercise enough! I'm a constant work in process. I don't have as many low-blood sugar episodes as in the beginning. I really need reconstructive surgery, but my insurance doesn't seem to want to pay for it and I'm not independent wealthy. When I eat too fast, I get clogged and can't eat anymore or throw up! Chicken is still my archenemy and bread! I can get dumping if I eat too much sugar! I still battle trying not to go over my limits and will pay dearly if I do.

I'm always conscious about the quality of my food not the quantity. I make plenty of mistakes, but on the whole eat what I'm suppose to. I'm surprised at all of the mental stuff that I have gone through going from obesity to skinny. Can't believe how much I had used fat to protect myself in the past. My DH gets kind of mad at me sometimes because I have an "attitude" about life that I never had before. I realized that life is short and I don't beat around the bush about things like I used too. I'm not always very tactful about it either and have found out that being "thinner" hasn't always made me a kinder person, well, just more direct. I have an addictive personality that has transferred from food to spending. Boy, was that something to deal with. Still have a tendency to stock my kitchen more than I should, but only buy clothes if and when I truly need them. I still deal with eating something like a splenda homemade cookie and feeling like I've blown my whole life. I know I have some trigger foods that I can't keep in the house and get angry at my lack of "willpower" at times.

My biggest fear is REGAIN! I can easily see how it could happen. Would I do WLS again........in a heart beat!!!!!

Now it is time for more tylenol and my GKs just showed up and all I want to do is lie down!!!! LOL!!!
Nancy J.
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WTG Nan ... Happy Anniversary

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Dear Nanj,
Thanks so much for your insite,reading yours and others post from past wls vetrans help me so much being a newbie.
Congrats on your 2nd anniversary and many more

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Congrats to you. You look marvelous....


Lap RNY 2/12/07

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Nan, congratulations! Quite an achievement.

You really should call your Vitamin D level to your doctor's attention. Mine was 9 and the doctor put me on 50,000 units that I take once a week (that is right 50 thousand). You really can't take enough on your own to get it where it needs to be. I'll be retested in 6 months to see where my level is.

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Hope you feel better soon! Staying on guard and conscientious like you are seems like it would be the best way to stay so successful. Congratulations!!!
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NAN I'm proud of you lady!
Making a commitment to myself
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