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Default Where do you like to count calories

Which sites do you guys use if any? or do you write it down on *gasp* actual Paper? Thanks for listening to all my crap! Its hard trying to build a better Kieran!
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Eating for two!
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One of my goals with the surgery is to not have to count calories anymore, but when I do count, I like The Daily Plate (www.thedailyplate.com). I first used FitDay, but I got so sick of having to enter foods manually because it has a very limited database (and a picky one at that--for example, I tried to look up "strawberries" and couldn't find the stats for the fruit. I had to change it to "strawberry." Silly and frustrating!).

The Daily Plate allows you to search any food that's ever ben entered by anyone, so it has a HUGE database. Yu just have to be careful because it does include, for example, the European and the US versions of the same things, so you have to make sure you chose the correct one, as some products are made differently in different countries.
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I got my DS done 4-26-10
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I use http://caloriecount.about.com/ which also has a big database and a lot of community stuff. For the next 2 months I am going to be keeping track on paper to help with my supervised diet, I also find it keeps me very honest since gaps are more obvious. I will be using both of them during that time.

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I write it down in a little notebook that I keep in my purse. I think that keeps me honest because it's there all the time, whether I'm near a computer or not. I wrote a lot of the things I eat regularly in the back (like how much each ounce of boneless skinless chicken breast costs in calories) and also what I could eat at different fast food places (my boyfriend and his brothers insist on it sometimes, so I like to be prepared).
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I think I'm definitely going to go the little book route, but also use the daily plate for calorie counts. I have to grocery shop sometime this weekend but I might just bite the bullet and do peapod DH is working Still and going to a concert Sat Night and Sunday we have a superbowl thing
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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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I use fit day...they revamped it and it better. you do have to learn how to finagal the program but once I got my regular foods in, it was easier. To find strawberries...you go to the fruit list! LOL It's all there but I suppose some of the other site could be easier, I am just a creature of habit.

OK goal today is to go check out the daily plate and see if it's better!


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I use an app on my iPhone that's called Losing It. It's a free app. It's great and since it's always with me I can look up the calories on anything and keep a food log for months at a time. It's great. It even calucates how many calories you should eat according to your current weight and how many lbs you want to lose and at what rate. I love it!
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I tried the DailyPlate, but didn't like it .... I use Fit Day now
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I use a little book that I keep with me. Entering everything into the computer on one of those sites is so....cumbersome to me. I just pretend I live in the 80s before we all had personal computers and actually use a pen and paper ha ha ha!

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I used to use a little book but I'd keep losing it! I finally tried sparkpeople.com I love it- it's easy to use and I can log in from anywhere.

A lot of what I do is put in what I plan to eat for the day- then if I deviate at the end of the evening I can modify it- so I can see what my planned calories, fat, protein, carbs, fiber, calcium, and sodium intake are (I added the last three you can add all sorts of things you want to track and I'm trying to reduce my sodium intake). Let me tell you- I didn't realize how much I was eating right away and then when I started tracking my sodium my god! I don't let my husband buy me snackers anymore because they have like 700 mg of sodium! That's almost 1/3 of your daily salt intake! *faint*
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I use the good, old, pen and paper route. I can carry it with me and do not have to be on line to use it. I always keep it handy, it is on my desk right now and I need to fill out the rest of the days menu. That will take me about 5 minutes.
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i bought a book from the bookstore call the Ultimate Pocket Diet Journal. i love it... it has a graph i fill out on weigh in days, plus all the little spaces to write out all my food (spaces even for cals, fat, fiber, carbs, etc), exercise, supplements, water intake, and a little spot every day for journaling. i LOVE it!! i've been using it for almost 2 months now and it has room for 3 months so even though i hope to be long into maintence by them i'm going to buy another one. it has really helped me a lot.
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I'm Reesa23 on thedailyplate.com. Anyone feel free to add me (I'm a lapbander!)
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My favorite is www.nutritiondata.com, combined with good ole pen and paper. I made it Project 1 in my planner.
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I used the daily plate for a long time and liked it better than fit day. I am going to get back to it b/c my eating is out of control lately.

hey reesa23, I will look for you on there and friend you. I am a lapbander too! I can't remember my username right now, but I'll let ya know!

I also wanna check out that weight loss journal corazonas mentioned. That sounds cool!

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