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Default PS and This and That

I got a call from my PS today and we got a turn down for my abdominalplasty with muscle tightening. I haven't gotten my letter yet, but am waiting to get that before I go to the next step. Regardless of rather I have PS or not, I've got to get this hernia taken care of. It looks like Sigornie Weaver's little friend in that Alien movie.

I had a kind of rough day yesterday. I've picked up a cold and ached all over and decided in the middle of taking care of 1, 4 and 7 y/o to try and make Splenda Caramel Corn. I was test-tasting it at a pretty good pace and started whining about how I'll probably go nuts and start back with my old habits and balloon up to my old 300 pound plus self. My DH who hasn't said much about how I look except to say I'm too skinny, said, "I hope not. I like the way you are now." I was really dumbfounded because we aren't the kind of people who go on about our looks and stuff like that. I did give him a big hug and a handful of caramel corn. By the way, the caramel corn was good and we can never have it in this house unless it is under lock and key. I used the two-handed shovel method when taste-testing it. We got an hot-air popper and that is my DH snack at night. I'm not suppose to have it because of diverticulosis!!! I spray a little butter flavored cooking spray on it and throw a little bit of Butter Buds and he and the dogs just love it. The thing cost about $16.00 from Walmart. I found a good way to keep it from throwing kernels all over the kitchen. Has anyone tried the powdered peanut butter yet? I'm so tempted. They now have it in chocolate/peanut flavor. It is from Bell Plantations and have rave reviews on it.

There are so many newbies and I hope they are all doing well without complications. I still thank God every morning that I can get out of bed. With the cold weather comes so many aches and pains from arthritis and years of body abuse, but this winter I can move around. Last winter I was practically housebound and absolutely useless. Trying to cope with getting my water in and wonder what the heck I had gotten myself into. Foaming like a shaving creme can and eating too fast and bringing it back up. All these things passed and I'm ALIVE!!!!!
Nancy J.
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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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HI Nancy!!!!!!! Been wanting to give you a big cyber since you posted a few days ago about how hard of a time you were having. I am having a time of things too. BUT as you say....We're alive!

I'm still afraid of popcorn! Though I can eat a larger variety of food, not always a good thing by the way, I am still having a difficult time too with eating slowly and chewing things. Drinking too soon after eating is still a challenge. Even after all this time. Ah well, just Part of the whole GBP gig, eh?

We are holding on, just by the skin of our teeth...BUT this too shall pass. Right? LOL


The glass of water is what it is,
it's only our own perception that tells us
whether or not it's half empty or half full...
it's a Choice!!!
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hi Nancy,
Sending a hug your way. i am just plain stuck on the scales for nearly three months. But come to the conclusion thats okay just slow down on the carbs and see what happens. im very happy to be able to move this winter also. We had our surgery at the same time and boy have we come a long ways. Im even taking a silversmith class and before surgery i wouldnt even go out in public. Even with the fibro and other complications im moving so much better with a good pain management and new life style. I even can walk the dog now and get up on a curb. A person doesnt really realize how much the weight effects your body til you really get it off. I have no exercize program going but do like to walk when the weathers nice. I even can walk with my head up and not scared of stumbling over my big feet!!
You have a blessed xmas and may all have a safe holiday season. Hi to yo also Angela.... Were gonna do good over the holidays and even better starting the new year.. do you agree!! linda

''Life Won't Wait For Excuses'':hug
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NANCY!!!! stop thinking about the powdered peanut butter - and think more about REAL food. seriously - honest.

we do better with REAL food than with trying to figure out how to eat processed stuff.

and congrats on the popcorn - i think. i dunno. i have no real answers. but i'm starting to realize - really and truly understand - that compulsive eating is compulsive eating, and it doesn't matter if the food of choice is CELERY or COOKIES. it's still a problem.
Start your day with a smile, and get it over with.
Keeping it off is a hundred decisions a day that help you maintain what you achieved. And that's the hard part. - L Sanders

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Keep you chin up Nancy!!
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