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Old 11-02-2006, 06:29 PM   #1
We can do it!!
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Default Does it get easier??

Here is a question for all of you weight loss veterans--does it get easier to say no to unhealthy foods you really, really want?? Just wondering.

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first.

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a brave new me...
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I think it gets easier. The healther I eat the less desirable greasy or supersweet foods become to me. I know I am usually disappointed when I fit in some junk food into my diet and have found myself preferring healthy, high quality foods.

I also look at it as a self worth issue... I am WORTHY of healthy, nutritious, tasty food and deserve better than greasy, unhealthy food that is void of nutrition and literally killing my body, mind, and spirit. I deserve the highest quality food, fresh organic unprocessed fruits and vegetables, lean poultry/meats/seafood/dairy raised in healthy conditions and not fed antibiotics or hormones, healthy whole grains, food free of fillers and preservatives... all in the form of delicious and well-prepared meals.


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Starting Fresh
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It gets WAY easier. Everything does. It's habit for me now to eat right (most of the time) and exercise. I hardly think twice anymore.
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3 + years maintaining
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Oh yeah, it gets easier, much. I found the first 2-3 weeks hard, the cravings were really strong. You've just gotta get past it somehow, anyway that you can. But now it has become second nature to eat healthy and make good choices. I now look at things is it really worth it to spend the calories, whereas before I didn't think that way. I like what's happening to my body and I want it to continue (lord knows it better, cause I've got a looong way to go) and that in itself makes it easier.
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I haven't lost THAT much weight yet, but I do find certain things easier. The other night I was at work and had to find something to eat. Bag of chips? I looked at the nutritional content and kept on walking. The best thing I found was those pre-packed light tuna and crackers combo, good protein and low in fat! But I looked, before I definitely wouldn't have.


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Constant Vigilance
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Absolutely! It definitely gets easier. Eating right and exercising just becomes part of your routine, not something you have to think about everyday. If you go long enough without chocolate cake, or fast food, or whatever your weakness is, eventually you just stop thinking about it.

When I go off plan for a while it's always hard to get back into it, but once I've been back on plan long enough I feel like I just get into a "zone" where it's pretty easy to stay within my calories and get to the gym every day.
- Barbara

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I completely agree with the other posters who say YES it does get easier. Mainly, the difference is that it gets to be a habit and you don't think so much about doing anything differently. There are still days or occasions when it seems more difficult but overall it is much easier to stay on plan now.

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Knowledge is power. The more you know about food the easier it gets. At least it makes good healthy choices easier. You know what those chips are gonna do to yer hips ... now decide.
And like the other gals said ... practice ... make new habits. You'll soon learn to run to the crisper for snacks if you do it all the time.
... Susan
Eat good food. Move yourself. Lift something.
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Originally Posted by BlueToBlue View Post
When I go off plan for a while it's always hard to get back into it, but once I've been back on plan long enough I feel like I just get into a "zone" where it's pretty easy to stay within my calories and get to the gym every day.
I'm the same way too - it's definitely being in a Zone.

For me it's easier not to take the first bite. Honestly, like Blue said, after a while you forget what certain foods tasted like and you don't crave them any more. But give me a taste, and I'm fighting the demons in my head again. No, thank you!
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loving my beautiful self
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I also find it gets much easier! It takes a little while but you get to the point where it's not so hard anymore Hang in there!

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Count me in with the "Zone" mindset. After a week or two of eating healthy I have no trouble keeping on, but one bite of junk and my good intentions are shot!

It will take as long as it takes.

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I agree, I think it does get easier.


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Easier, yes, but it takes planning and determination.

For me, the key is always having a small tasty snack with me so I won't get too hungry. I eat breakfast w/my daughter before she leaves for school, so I'm generally hungry again around 10:30. I eat a cheese stick and 1/2 an apple and am fine, or I don't have something convenient around and I melt down. It's not a pretty sight. If I have to delay lunch, I am very tempted to overeat.

I've been on WW since 5/04 and became Lifetime 2 years ago. So I have learned what works and doesn't work for me--avoiding the state of ravenous hunger and frequent vigorous exercise are probably the essentials. Oh, and 3FC support!

The mirror of the heart must be polished daily.

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I agree with Elana! Find what works for you and stick with it. I know If I dont:
A. eat my snacks and meals at the same time every , I over eat and make poor food choices, something quick rather than something healthy.
B. If I don't eat enough protein and fiber I want to constantly eat!!!

I do have my days that I make poor choices, I go for the quick and easy rather than the nutrition, but those days are getting fewer and fewer!
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rethinking myself...
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I'm not exactly a veteran, but I have almost cracked my addiction to soda! At least for this one thing, for me, it does get easier. I'm saving the soda now for an occasional treat. Every time I say "no" to soda, it's easier the next time. Knowing that makes it easier somehow. I used to have to constantly ask myself "do I REALLY want it?" and now I'm finding the answer more and more is "no" because I just want water. Every time I say "no" I congratulate myself and I remind myself that because I passed it up this time, it will be easier next time, and it really is.

I used to HATE water. I never thought I'd be drinking it by choice.
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