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Default It's REALLY slow but it's going

I've been trying to do the food/activity thing for over a month. However, for 3 weeks of that, we were camping. True, I did walk a bit more, but my eating habits were not what they are at home. So, for this last week (home/work), I've been tracking what I'm doing and am now ready to answer questions in The Perfect Diet. It's one of the books recommended on here.

I've been losing weight. However, it's slow going. Sometimes it is only 1/4 lb for the week. I'm trying to not be discouraged by that because I know there's more I can do to make more go. I haven't been riding my bike after work. I don't really get the support at home, so I have to find other ways to do this.

I would love to jump start this with a 5 lb loss in a week, but I can't see this happening at this time. Maybe I'll lose more than 1/2 lb this week because I'm going to set up camp again for our last trip of the year. Since I'll be by myself, I'll have to expend more energy. (I'm already dreaming of my hammock under the cedar tree).

I've heard that 1/2 - 1 lb/wk is the best way to do this.

I can't look at the total weight loss because it's overwhelming. I know some of you understand that. For the longest time I just kept telling myself that I had to lose 5 lbs. That seemed more manageable. However, I got discouraged. For some reason, looking at the scale and seeing 1/4 (this week) was in itself a reward. I know this sounds whimpy. Anyone can lose 1/4 lb. However, for me, that's 1/4 lb that I hope is permanently evicted.

Thanks for reading. I just needed to whine.
love n kisses,

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I firmly believe that slow weight loss is the way to go. Congratulations on that 1/4 pound!

It will take as long as it takes.

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would it help to weigh yourself less? some people don't weigh that frequently...
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1/4 lb. is a step down so congratulations on the wt. loss. Good job. I know we would all like to see it off quickly but that doesn't usually happen. Have fun with the camping. I always loved to camp and setting up camp is a lot of work.


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1/4 pound lost is better than something gained. I agree with the others that slow is good. It means you are building good healthy habits - ones that you will need to maintain when you get to goal. Which you will - just not tomorrow. Think of it this way....it took you a while to put the weight on....chin up. You can do it!!

Camping sounds like so much fun!
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