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Old 10-10-2006, 02:20 AM   #1
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Question How do you avoid TOM cravings?

I don't know if ya'll have the same problem but I continue to fight the urge of overeating when comes time of TOM. But I always seem to overeat on something. How do you all try to avoid that?
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I keep sugar free hard candy and sugar free gum around. In the evenings sometimes I just really want to be eating something even though I'm not hungry. Sucking on the candy or chewing gum can really help.

Also, low calorie pudding and sugar-free fudgesicles have been helpful. For the pudding, I buy the pre-made kind that is already portioned out into 6 oz cups, that way there is no question of eating more than a serving. I only allow myself one popsicle or pudding per day. On the candy, I can have up to six pieces per day (although it's rare that I even really need that many). I only allow myself one piece of gum per day, but that's because I have jaw problems, not because of the calories.

- Barbara
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I found out today by "filling up" on healthier stuff, like veggies, etc. Then I won't be so hungry. My problem is I want to eat anything and everything in site, the veggies help keep me from doing that.

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4 words... Reduced Fat Peanut Butter. lol

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It's funny I saw this post. I was just going to post the same thing today! Man, yesterday was a tough one and you don't even want to know the things I was shoving in my mouth! So, today I'm on a mission to have "Make Up Exercise" for my abused stomach yesterday! But, the bad thing is I'm trying desperately to stop the urges today again. I've got my fat free pudding and string cheese with me. So far, so good

Hang in there!!
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I try to make sure i'm filling myself up with good things during TOM including lean proteins and lots of veggies. I'll also indulge in some things such as a piece of dark chocolate. Sometimes it is harder to do but I know it is just hormones going out of control and I only have me to keep myself in control.
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I don't really get TOM cravings anymore. Since I switched to healthy, whole foods, I don't really get ANY cravings anymore, which is a huge blessing for me.

Back when I did get cravings, I used to try to defuse them by brushing my teeth (I can't eat anything with minty mouth) or doing the opposite (if I craved chocolate, I would eat a sour, dill pickle instead).

I notice I am hungrier the week before my period, but it usually evens out the next week when I'm not as hungry.
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I learned a long time ago, that, regarding "sweets" - the less I eat them, the less I crave them. More fresh fruits will help in that area.

And as for salty snackage, I just dive right in to a big tub of VERY SALTY popcorn. Popcorn is better for you than chips, and it keeps me sane - I get all bloaty from the salt/water retention... but I'm OK with a little bloaty-ness as long as I don't kill people, LOL. (I also learned a long time ago that my MOOD is way better if I allow myself to be a little bad during that time of month!!)

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I don't completely deprive myself or else I eat myself out of house and home. I usually crave salty and spicy stuff, so I allow myself to eat a bag (the medium size bag) of hot cheetos. If I crave something sweet, I'd eat those miniature 3 musketeer bars (4 or 5) and eat them slowly. I'm usually asleep most of the day, so I'm safe for the most part.
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I cant say I get many cravings anymore either. But if I really want something, I allow myself a small piece. I usually allow myself on cheat day a week so if it is really bad I use that for a cheat day. I also have alternatives:

popcorn and popcorn seasoning, about 100 calories for a mini bag
nesquick chocolate cereal 120 cal a cup 90cal for a cup of skim milk
cadbury thins chocolate bar 100 cal
1 cup fat free pudding is like 40 cal or something
jello is really low, not sure on number
2 slices weight watchers bread, 100 cal (with peanut butter or whatever)
rice crackers or someth similar is like 80 cal a cup
a frozen banana 100cal (just like ice cream) with a bit of chocolate sauce 25-50 cal)

you just have to find healthy alterniatives and my trick is to only eat the serving size and eat is slow.
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When I feel like eating just for the sake of eating I make it a healthy choice. Skinny rice cakes with a tiny bit of peanut butter and some sugar free no calorie jelly or I slice a cucumber or a no fat yogurt or I cook up some cauliflower in a little consomme or some diet jello. It really does the trick.
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This month has been the worst month I have had crazy TOM cravings. Usually I avoid sugar completetly and that has helped. But this month I decided to have a little candy. Well that little bit of candy turned into an all out binge. I have already started preparing for next month TOM by getting rid of the cravings now. I am one of those persons that can't eat a little candy. I wish I was but I am all or nothing when it comes to candy. And to lose this weight I am going for nothing with the candy.
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well, I have issues binging, so I make sure that I don't have too much food in the house (because I have an especially hard time during my TOM) and I get those 100-calorie snack packs or those pre-made rice crispy squares with drizzled chocolate (110 calories per bar), because during my TOM all I want is chocolate, so having things available that appeal to my sweet tooth and that aren't too bad for the diet is big for me.

Whenever I have a craving then, I drink a BIG glass of water, and then if I still want my tasty treat, I have it. Then I don't let myself have another one for at least an hour.... that way even if I am having baaaad cravings I can count down till my next glass of water and treat lol

Edit: i am fairly new to this btw, and planned the above before my TOM


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I have been getting no pms symptoms lately until the actual TOM, the week of my period I find it hard to not think about bad foods. This week especially was bad, I thought since I was having a bad day and it was TOM it was ok that I had 4, yes count them 4 cookies. Boy do I regret it now. I guess it is something I will have to deal with until menopause, unless it still happens after menopause.

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