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Default What to do about clothes!?!

Okay is anyone else having this trouble? Well I am 225 now. Which is great! I do have some stuff to wear at this size and have treated myself in the last month to two new dresses. BUT I KNOW I will be down to 193-200 by x~mas and that is a big difference especially since some of my regular clothes are already looking a little loose!. I know income tax is just around the corner after that and I am really hoping to be down to 167 ~ 170 or so by then. I know I will get a few things at x~mas. So I want to wait and get more stuff at income tax time (March). What is everyone else doing for clothes as you lose so quickly?

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I'm having trouble figuring out what to do for my x-mas list this year. My family always insists on a list of wants, and I don't know what to put. And, they usually won't go for buying gift certificates. Grr. Anyway, I'm thinking about just putting a whole bunch of DVD sets on there...Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Arrested Development, etc...so I have something to watch while I'm on the treadmill. But, I want clothes, but I don't know what size to put! Grr!

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I am squeezing into my smallest clothes right now, I am hoping to get to a size 7 or 9, I am going to shop at the goodwill when I need new clothes (in the IN Between sizes). although I am not against wearing clothes that are to big, since I don't spend much time out of the house or at work (at work I have a specific pant/shirt combo I have to wear).
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I bought things at yard sales and consignment shops to save money while I was losing. Anything I bought new, I bought it snug so I could wear it for a while. I used elastic waist sweat pants to do my treadmill. I still have the same ones I started with and even though they look bad, they work for this purpose and don't fall off. I tried to conserve most of the clothes budget for when I was closer to goal. Then went pretty "hog wild" and now I have more than enough clothes and still want to shop.


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Default Maybe you could....

Why not have your clothes taken in at the cleaners? You'll get twice the use out of them, and they'll just look better and better. Like you!
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I shopped and sold clothes at consignment stores. Kind of depends on what type of clothes you need. If you have a job that requires tailored, professional looking clothes, you may need to just bite the bullet and buy a few good items and lots of accessories so that it doesn't look like you are wearing the same thing three days a week. Where I live, there are consignment stores that run the gamut from high-end designer clothing to well used cheap jeans at Goodwill. Come to think of it- there are some pretty nice clothes that I found at Goodwill that were still new with tags.

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I went to garage sales this summer. I lucked out at one and they had a bunch of pairs of size 15 jeans. At the time I was wearing a 16 and to be honest not sure what a 15 is. I tried them all on at the time and put little note sin the pocket based on how they fit. One was relatively comfy, one was looks like sausage and one said two inches to button. I can fit into all of them now. That was a nice little motivation in itself.
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When I was getting "bigger", during pregnancy, I had the problem of growing so fast that the first slew of maternity clothes I bought were of no use way too fast. So the next purchases I made consisted of tops that hung loosely and pants with drawstrings, to grow with me. You can do the same losing weight. And, post-pregnancy, a pair of the drawstring pants I liked stayed. I just pleated the front of them and took up the pregnancy bulk.

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I'd recommend taking in your better clothes - if they were expensive, getting them tailored means you get more use out of them without them looking huge on you. If you have a friend who can sew, ask her to do it. I'd offer time or services in exchange if you're worried about cash. If you have money, go to a tailor and have them do it.

For cheap stuff, day-to-day wear, just pick up clothes at Goodwill and that sort of place. It'll suffice until you get to goal. Good luck!

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Its funny, I buy strech jeans and I am still wearing the same pair I wore 30 pounds ago. They last longer then you would think think.

I spend no more then 20$ on an article of clothing. I only buy a couple shirts, and a couple pairs of jeans and I wear clothes that are too big for me.
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I buy alot of stuff at Goodwill also. You may have to spend some time going through the racks but they usually have some nice jeans in smaller sizes.
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Originally Posted by candlemaker29 View Post
Well I kept my clothes that I wore just a few sizes down so I wont have that problem until after I get smaller than that. Crap, I would go into the poor house to buy clothes just to know they were really small :-) LOL Hit some sales and save $$$$

I am going to start putting away $ 1.00 away for every lb I lose so when I hit my goal, I will have some money to go shopping with :-)
What a Fantastic idea!!! Man, some of ya'll are creative. I think i'm going to start that $1.00 a pound also. And at the end I'll have enough for some new clothes!!! I love that idea!
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While I was losing weight, I wore a lot of t-shirts that I got a Target or on sale at other stores. I also wore my pants until they were literally falling off (honestly, it got to the point where some of my pants I could take on and off with out unbuttoning them). There were several pairs of pants that I "took in" myself just by sewing a couple of darts in the waist band, then I made sure to wear long shirts over them so no one could see my terrible handiwork. Some of them were still pretty big in the butt, but at least they didn't fall down. In fact, I'm still wearing my workout pants this way because I haven't been able to find a new pair that I like.

I've also found that you can get away with not having very many pairs of pants. For the past 3 months, I've really only had 2 pairs of pants that I wear and a lot of t-shirts that I bought at Target. So long as I do laundry every week, it's fine.

I did end up having to spring for some suits along the way for work functions. My standards have definitely dropped in terms of what I consider professional attire, but sometimes you just have to wear a suit and when you have to wear one, it has to fit.

I recently had a pair of dress pants taken in professionally. The result looks way better than my amateur job and I think it only cost me $10. The pants cost at least $90 and I'd only worn them a couple of times, so the $10 was definitely worth it. I would definitely recommend this strategy, you'd be surprised what a tailor can do.

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I have the same problem. I did have quite a bit of stuff in my closet that was smaller and still have lots of pants but am not into most of my smallest blouses. I am super hard to fit, which makes it harder since most all of the blouses in thrift stores... and even new ones... are way too short for me. But I just do the best I can AND I end up wearing things more frequently than I would like, for now.

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Thanx for all the wonderful ideas ladies. I do not work outside the home so that is a plus.

Its funny, I buy strech jeans and I am still wearing the same pair I wore 30 pounds ago. They last longer then you would think think.
I know what ya mean about that! I had gotten two pairs of stretchy capris when I hit 250 and they still fit! lol They were pretty snug when I got them though.But i know by x~mas this stuff I have now will be falling off me. the thrift store sounds like a good idea that way I can save money and spend more later. I know everyones body is different, but does anyone approximately what size I might be when I hit 193 and 173? I am 5'4 and walk 60 minutes every day.

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