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Unhappy why do i do this? does anyone else????

anyways. thing is. i have a problem - and it's not 100% to blame ON that "TOM" (time of month) either...which of course i WANT to blame it on - but i know it's not JUST that "tom" when i do this.

my biggest issue is chocolate. i seriously honest to god think i'm addicted. and please, don't laugh, as i'm not exaggerating or joking. I feel like I have to have chocolate at LEAST once if not twice (or 5) times a day.

it is worse, though - especially around that "tom" though. ie - today i decided to up and go to dairy queen after dinner. i went and when i got there i thought, "i'll be 'good' and just get a small treat like a dilly bar - and instead i got a BUSTER bar...and when i got it - it had the nutritional info on it - 500 calories with 28 g fat & 15 g saturated fat. i was appalled...but i ate it anyways - and while, yes - it tasted good - it was SOOOO not worth it - but the fact is, i ate it anyways.

and this morning - on one of my breaks at work, i HAD to have a brownie - which they were out of - so I had a piece of cake instead. yes - the cafe at my work serves cake during both breakfast & lunch.

and that of course isn't to mention the piece of 3 muskateers bar a friend gave me or the hershey's chocolate stick (only 60 calories...lol) i had after work.

and i KNOW it wasn't worth it - and yes, i went off my plan today so bad it's not even funny. i want SO bad to get back into the swing of things. i USED to be that "annoying health freak" amongst my friends - turning down "bad" foods andd bringing only GOOD healthy foods to work...and it seems like i go from one extreme to the other like a yo-yo all the time. now i made my weight goal, dropping 60 pounds 2 years ago. since then, i've ONLY gained back 15 of those pounds...but i KNOW that if i keep this up it will all be back again which i do NOT want...

and when i DO go out of my way to get that chocolate (such as having to drive TO dairy queen...) i tell myself, "you don't need it - you won't be very happy after you eat it - it WON'T be worth it..."

yet here i am 10 minutes later after eating that buster bar. :-(

anyone else do this and if you do - how have you gotten yourself to stop?

anyone have any advice?????

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This is related to something I just posted on the "what is your biggest challenge" thread -- but I think this could be as much habit as craving. I'm in a drug store, I see the candy bars, I think, "Ah, chocolate". Or maybe not even think about it, just reach for two bars, because that's what I've been doing.

Perhaps when you hear "chocolate" calling, it's because you're upset, or out of sorts, or overtired, or something else, and it might work to a) shop consciously (meaning, don't just pick up the chocolate bar; think about it; or b) find some good foods you like -- a banana, anything -- to break the habit, so that when you have the same feelings, you'll train yourself to reach for something else? I'm working on that now, and I THINK it's working.
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Pack your lunch and don't carry any money on you at work. That's how I broke my every afternoon vending machine M&M purchase. I am always snack in the afternoons (I blame a latchkey kid childhood where I was forbidden to leave the house after school, so I just ate and ate out of boredom) so I have to defuse that tendency with cups of hot tea and nearly hourly healthy snacks (an apple, some cut up veggies, handful of almonds, etc).
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You eat a lot of sugar and fattening food (of any kind) and you will want that. It takes a while to stop or lessen it. As far as chocolate, find some chocolate substitutes that you can live with and "treat" yourself with these. My current are: 40 calorie fudgecicles (course you gotta stop at one), russel stover's chocolate toffee squares (3 funsize shapes equal 1 serving..stop there), and creamsavers sugar free chocolate and carmel flavor (3 hard candy sizes equal 1 serving..stop there).

With creamsavers I can have 1 and suck on it for a while and then have the other later in the day. With the tofee, it is more of an indulgence and I couldn't break up my 3 thoroughout the day so I don't get this often. Fudgecicles I have before bedtime (as a dessert). I only eat 0-2 servings total per day. Whatever works for you, find it. Giving yourself some type of "treat" that is within your limits helps keep from feeling like you have to be totally deprived.

Also I like (not a chocolate dessert) angel food cake (1 peice) with light or fat free whipped topping and blueberries or strawberries. YUMMY. Nobody said you had to stop anything, you just have to plan better and do things in moderation!!
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I used to be unable to pass by the candy bars next to the check stands at the grocery store without buying a Kit-Kat bar. I would kid myself that I'd 'share' half with my DH but would usually eat the whole thing as soon as I got home!

I still feel tempted when I see those candy bars at the checkout, but I make sure that I have a home made treat waiting for me when I get back from the store. I make cookies and scones and keep them in the freezer so that I can microwave one and have it with my tea when I get home. They are between 80 and 140 calories each - lots less than the store bought candies, plus I know they have no chemicals or preservatives in them!
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Indychik I have a very similar problem. Sometimes it "clicks" for me and it's easy to go without chocolate and ice cream for months on end. Other times I binge on it twice a day for a week, as if I am afraid they are going to outlaw ice cream and I won't be able to have any more. I don't know what to say, but yes like Glory says if you can go without for a while it cuts the craving. A way for me to "give it up" is for me to say, "I can go without ice cream or chocolate of any kind for a week." That seems easy enough, so I just try to make the 1 week deadline. By the end of the week it seems easier, so that helps.

DeafinlySmart - I LOVE the idea of the creamsavers, sugar free is perfect and I never thought of that. How many calories in 3? I may have to check it out at some point, it would be nice to have something else during the middle of the day that isn't chewing gum, or one of my snacks.
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When I really really want chocolate...I have it. If you're the type who ate chocolate all the time and tried to give it completely up, you might find yourself binging on it. So don't give it completely up. Just allow for a bit of chocolate, say once a week or so. Set aside a time to have a treat, so you don't feel denied of it to the point you overdo it when you do get your hands on it. If you're still having it daily, not depriving yourself of it at all, it may just be a mindset that you'll have to battle. Try having a KISS once a day. Just a bite of chocolate each day. Don't leave it in sight or it just kinda calls to you. If you know somewhere you can buy just perhaps one of those Lindt chocolate balls, go there daily and buy one, so you don't have a whole bag of Kisses lying around begging to be eaten.

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I have serious chocolate cravings at the TOM too. I usually curb them with a little carton of skim chocolate milk -- sure, a cup of it has about 150 calories, but it's full of nutrients and it'll help you kick up your dairy intake, which a lot of women need to do.

(When it's super bad, I buy PC frozen chocolate gelato, which is a rather puddingy-like frozen dessert with no fat and 120-ish calories a serving. SO GOOD.)
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Nutrition Facts for the creamsavers

Amount Per 1 serving
Calories 45
Total Fat 1.5g
Sodium 60mg
Total Carbohydrate 10g
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I am definitely a chocolate lover. Two things that usually satisfy me when I want chocolate are fudgsicles and the jello chocolate pudding. If you buy the small ones they are not a lot of calories and they give you the chocolate high. I also enjoy tootsie rolls. They are not a lot of calories either and they are chewy. I find tha tif I satisfy my craving it helps me to not pig out on other things that I waswn't craving. Hope this helps.
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Here are my thoughts and it might not apply to you but....

Some people confuse hunger with cravings. When you're 'craving' chocolate, are you sure you're just not hungry? You should always eat well balanced meals with protein.

As far as 'craving' chocolate that TOM, I think this is common. I don't like sweets of any kind including chocolate, cake, candy, donuts, ice cream or anything. I really don't like sugar that much. BUT.....during my TOM, I'd KILL for a Hershey w/almonds, or choc. pudding with a graham cracker crust, or a boston cream donut. My entire body feels GOOD when I eat it - it's almost like a high.

If I were you, the next time I got a chocolate craving, I'd eat something else to satisfy the hunger, something good for you instead and then see how you feel.

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Originally Posted by carolshmarol
Some people confuse hunger with cravings. When you're 'craving' chocolate, are you sure you're just not hungry?
This was EXACTLY my problem...I had fast food (burgers/fries) for SO many meals, but then I went "cold turkey" 8 weeks ago...and so far I've only wanted it when I was hungry!! So I know to go have something good for me and that'll take care of the cravings! (Haven't given in once yet, by the way.)

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hopefully i'll figure something out. i mean, i TRY to buy lower calorie chocolate items to replace those higher calorie items - but even when i DO take my smaller item, i'll still buy that brownie and leave that other item in my locker...and as far as $$$ goes, leaving it at home of course IS a great idea - but when i don't have cash, i take it out of the ATM at work (yes, bad idea i know) - and i've thought about leaving the debit card at home, but c'mon - who really goes to work without all their normal stuff in their wallet - specially in cases of emergancy? i mean, i CAN try that for a while but it'll be very hard...

and, again - i WISH i could say the excuse is ONLY during TOM - but it's not - it's getting to be like this a few times a week...

again - i USED to be incredibly good about sticking to my plan - i mean, c'mon - i lost 60 pounds for pete's sake...but i'm back up into a 13 when i WAS in a 9 just 2 years ago...

and i AM stressed out about my bills and other aspects of life (c'mon - who isn't stressed about something?)...

that of course is something i didn't mention in the first post - i'm beginning to wonder if all the stress in my life i turn to chocolate / high sugar items for my "release"...

it's like i know i use chocolate as my "comfort" when i'm stressing about things.

i DO take taekwondo classes, which i love, to de-stress...BUT the problem there? my class (it's the only decent one around here - none closer) - is 20 miles away and here in indy with gas prices being $3/gallon - i can only get up there twice a week. and i also HAD to quit my gym because of the $$$ issues...

i know i've got a lot of issues to work out and believe me, i do realize i use chocolate as my "comfort" which i definitely know better NOT to do...but it's just so easy to when it's SO readily available and soooooo good.

i really appreciate the advice and will keep coming back to this page (should print it off)
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i know what you are dealing with i love chocolate and i use to do the same thing

what works for me is that i have something chocolate before i crave it, that way i can plan ahead, my mind is more clear that way i have better judgement to control my portion

but if i am out somewhere and the craving hits me and i am not prepared i have a chocolate yoohoo, you can find it anywhere it only has 130 cal and 1gr of fat for 8 once can or try a hershey no sugar double chocolate milk it fixes your chocolate craving with little damage

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Here we go again...
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I think it's more of a brain chemical thing. There is a chemical in chocolate that is similar to serotonin - the brain's naturally produced "feel good" chemical. Chocolate (and caffeine) are addictive because of this property. They provide these chemicals, make you feel good and as such you associate happy feelings with chocolate. So the addicition begins. With any addiction, the individual's tolerance will increase as the quantity of chocolate intake increases to bring about the same high as before. That's why when you lay off chocolate for a while, your body readjusts by using it's own feel good chemicals and you're not relying on those produced by chocolate. Most of this I got from TIME magazine, sometime last year.

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