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Default I'm so unhappy

I am so unhappy. It seems like no matter what I do, I can't lose weight. The scale is only moving in one direction. I feel like I will never see the 100's again in life. I hate this. No matter how much I work out, no results. Restrict my diet, no results. Nothing wrong with my thyroid, perfect health, cholesterol is great, so is my blood pressure. What gives?

OK, I'm through. I just needed to get that rant out. Man, I feel helpless.
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What gives? You just found 3fc and so now the weight will give. You have found the place for encouragement and coaching.
Hi and welcome. Do you have an eating plan or exercise idea or are you 'shopping' still?
... Susan
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What is your exercise program like? If you aren't losing weight, have you been taking measurements - you might be losing inches instead. It's also possible that the programs you are doing are not the right ones for you. For example, I always gain weight when I use exercise machines, so I had to switch to exercise videos and walking outside. Unfortunately school and the unbelievable stress that comes with it is preventing me from really losing weight.

Don't give up or get discouraged! If you haven't been taking measurements, maybe you should think about trying that! It's definately helpful to know that your efforts are making a difference. If you have, then keep trying different programs until you find what is right for you, and pretty soon, you'll see the results you want.
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I don't know how long you have been on this, but I know it took me 5 weeks before I saw the scale move. It dropped a couple pounds and stopped for a few more weeks. You have to keep going it will move when it is ready. I know I thought I was eating good, but when i starting writing everything down I was eating too much or too little. Try www.fitday.com it has helped me
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I remember reading in a book a while ago something about before you see weightloss results, your body is fixing itself up from all the benefits of your newfound habit of excercise and healthy eating. You heart is becoming stronger, your lungs increasing its capacity and your digestif system more efficient and such. Weight loss is probably the last on the list or will come slowly during the "fixing up" process...I wish I could remember what book I read that in but then again, I've read waaaaay too many weightloss books that all information I think I know is all muddled up.

But either way, I understand how frustrating it is to not see the scale budging. But you can't stop what you're doing now because eating healthy and excercising is so good for your mind and body! =)

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Hey - don't be discouraged. I started out about the same weight as you are now and have managed to lose 36 lbs. It's taken me 2 years so far (althought I've lost most of it since I joined 3FC last September) but I have never gained more than a pound back in that time. It took me many, many years to get my head in the right place to lose weight - in fact for 20 years I was CONVINCED I would never lose a pound! I never dreamed I'd see "Onederland" (under 200 lbs.) but here I am!

It's a matter of finding a plan you can live with and sticking to it. I like counting calories and using an on-line food diary. This keeps me honest and on track and is a constant reminder that I've changed my way of eating. Notice I didn't say the dreaded "diet" word! I'm eating foods that I love - just much smaller portions. I eat 1500-1650 calories per day and never get hungry. I've cut out most of the 'junk', but still indulge in a treat now and then - I just make sure to keep track of the calories. If you go too low on calories (under 1200 - 1400) you will find it harder to stick to your plan and more likely to give up (been there, done that!) Try to make healthier choices and avoid "empty" carbs and overly processed foods. Fruits, veggies, legumes, lean meats, healthy oils and whole grains are all delicious and satisfying foods.

I work out 3x a week at Curves - not the most strenuous exercise - but what I am physically able to do. Working out has made me a lot stronger and I hope to be able to do more exercise in the future.

If *I* can do it YOU can too!
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Smile Don't give up!

Like others have mentioned, I use a food diary & count up every morsel I put in my mouth. I'm a slow loser so a written record of my 'good habits' helps keep me going whenever I feel discouraged. My DH & I are trying to lose weight together & he gained weight for the first month! Poor guy, he was so discouraged. He's losing now so it's not so bad, but it was really hard for him to keep trying when he couldn't see any benefits. Keep trying- different types of exercise, different food choices. It will work eventually, your body will lose weight. Keep coming here- the ladies & gents will keep you going.
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I don't know about you, but some other times I tried to lose weight and failed it's because, for whatever reasons, I wasn't able to do what I really needed to do. You say you restricted calories, but maybe either not enough or too much (which is possible).

I also record everything I eat. Boy is that eye opening!

I think this time around it has helped that I have focused on lots of other outcomes in addition to weight: fitness and other abilities, inches lost, etc....

This is a great place! Give yourself another chance to pull it all together. I never thought I could lose weight and was nearly 300 pounds!!

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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I agree with wyllenn. Journaling my food has helped me gain control. Do you have a FitDay account? If not, it's free and wonderful. I use that occasionally when my usual journal is down. That is http://www.mypyramidtracker.gov

I have had great success following the food pyramid. I have no restrictions. I call the shots. I just make sure I get my daily requirements of all foods and I eat cleanly. I do watch my calories though. It's really essential. I break my food choices into 3 categories. Often, Sometimes and Rarely. For example fried foods are rarely, fresh fruit is often, and butter and margarine, believe it or not, are sometimes. In moderation, you can enjoy everything. Truly. I failed at every diet I ever tried. Then one day I tipped the scales at 204 lbs. I am 5' tall. I have a family history of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Also, obesity runs in the women on my mother's side. I am one of them. (3 more pounds till I'm "over weight" according to BMI standards) The day I decided to make my health my primary objective, everything changed. For the past 8 months, I've had more energy, my hair, skin and nails look great. I have been working out for the past 6 months and between cardio and strength training I'm sculpting a lean, strong body. I have lost 47 lbs and over 35 inches. I have gone down 5 dress sizes. I have another 32 lbs to go until goal. I am giving myself another year or longer if need be. No rush. Slow weight loss = long lasting results. I lose about 4 - 6 lbs per month.

I hope you don't lose hope. Don't give up, just keep going and read up from some of the great ladies here. This message board is part of my support system and I would have to say, I would be less successful without them.

Also if you have the opportunity and haven't done so already, pick up the "3 Fat Chicks on a Diet" book. Great tips, testimonials, successes, failures, everything. Great book. I highly recommend it.

Take care!
God bless you,

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I suggest Three things

1. Have suitable Calorie Intake ...when I first started eating right i stayed at 1200-1300 and I found out I was hungry all the time and crave food. So I moved my self up to 1400 and was still hungry then I started eating low density foods (foods high in water) and moved it up to 1500-1600. Then pounds started dropping (after the holidays it was tough put back after holiday) However back on my grind ... that leads to next thing

2. Cals in < call out ... Pump up your cardio. Yeah its definitely the norm thing to say but its the Truth.. The More I exercised, i found out the less hungry I was, for two reason first my metabolism speeds up and secondly I got sick of wasting my strength on time on a calories that were not needed

3. Jot down you calories this is serious, i realized during the holidays when i slacked when I didn't keep note of what I was eating.

4. Keep specific time when you weigh yourself, it was crazy i would weigh my self at different times of day and my weight would change. So get a good time to check I believe morning is best. Take your measurements two. Before i lost 8 pounds I discovered to lose 5 inches around my abdomen.

well Wish you luck!!!! we are all this together
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I have a fitday acct, I subscribe to ediets, gym membership, all of that. I think my problem is that I'm not giving it enough time, like someone mentioned earlier in the thread. I do get lazy with the journal and then I probably overeat or undereat.

My main workout is elliptical for 60 minutes and upper body strength training twice a week, lower twice a week.

I wasn't measuring, really. I was going by how my clothes fit. It just seems like they are getting tighter and tighter.

I'm at the right place now. I will definitely be in here for encouragement and I will get back on that fitday journal and measure everything. I stipped going to the gym for the past two weeks so I'll jump back on that, too.

I think I just had a momentary point of weakness, I usually don't let that leak through, lol. I just felt like I was going to explode if I didn't get that rant out. Thanks for helping, everyone. I think I'm really going to like it here.
First mini goal!

I Tito Ortiz!
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Originally Posted by thirdangel
. For example, I always gain weight when I use exercise machines.
DO you know why u gain weight on machines? I am doing the machines now and not seing the results as well so I was just curious if you knew why that is.
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you can do this atlantisrising. unfortunately todays world is a 'now' mentality - there is no patience to wait. i find the same thing.

i have not lost weight, but i have lost inches. i know that my downfall is my nutrition as i am working out more than i have in my life. fitday is a great tool to use and just be honest about it. the only person who loses out is you otherwise.

don't give up - it will come

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If your diet is proper, and you are using the exercise machines in the correct manner-you should not be GAINING weight when you use them.
You can gain muscle, but if your diet is set up properly for weight loss, then you will not be gaining pounds on the scale.
Since this statement is so "general" (you could be using the treadmill for 30 minutes a day on the lowest incline, or you could be trying to powerlift what your husband does...) knowing exactly what you are doing here is the key...and then taking a look at your diet. I mean, REALLY looking at your diet.

Exercise is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful-and builds a wonderful body-but if you want to lose pounds as well-then we all have to be truthful with ourselves about what we are putting in our mouths. You cannot food journal for a few days, and then slack off of it...what you estimate to be a healthful 1500 calories a day, for instance-could actually be closer to 2000 a day with some "not so healthful mouthfuls" in there, if you aren't journaling properly, and you are not actually keeping track of your portions and "guestimating" them instead.

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Originally Posted by atlantisrising
I think I just had a momentary point of weakness, I usually don't let that leak through, lol. I just felt like I was going to explode if I didn't get that rant out. Thanks for helping, everyone. I think I'm really going to like it here.
I have those momentary weakness moments more than I admit here. Usually I manage to keep an upbeat, positive attitude: see the upside, glass half-full and all that jazz.

But there are a lot of low moments. Times when I realize that despite losing 90 pounds and am STILL obese. Times when I'm frustrated I still can't shop in "normal" stores. Times when I get so tired of being so careful and so tired of all the planning. So tired of thinking I'm doing this for the rest of my life.

And I'm a success story.

I guess what I'm saying is that we all (I think!) have low moments, even when things are going well. When I do have these moments, I try to turn them mentally in my head. Yes, I am still obese, technically, and can't shop everywhere, but I'm getting closer! I've gone from not fitting 28s to fitting some 16s. Yes, I'm careful and planning for the rest of my life, but look at the benefits!

It's funny, you know, I am very careful with money. Always have been. Rarely do I have the same sense of frustration. If I want something I can't afford, I don't have much trouble prioritizing and saving up for it. A lot of what I'm learning to be with food is similar, but why do I feel so restricted? habit? Will it get better?

Okay, I kind of hijacked this thread in a different direction... sorry!

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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