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Default It's too hot to exercise!

I'm a heat sensitive person and it's been 90+ for weeks here. The heat, whether i'm in it or not, drains me and makes me tired. So what shred of motivation I had to go workout at Curves is all but vanished. I can't imagine leaving the nice A/C to go out in the hot sun, drive in aggravating traffic to and fro just to go some place that is going to make me even hotter. I've been experiencing this for two weeks now and it really sucks. I love, love, love to hike and really want to but of course, I'd die if I tried in this heat. I'd have to drive an hour and half off into the deep Rockies where it's far cooler to be able to hike and that's not feasible. As the temps climb, my exercise options dwindle.

Any ideas?
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Can you do an exercise tape indoors?? I stay in and do power pilates when it's too hot to jog here
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I spend the vast majority of my exercise hours in my living room, AC going full blast, doing a tape, my stability ball, or jogging on my rebounder. I am with you on not being able to stand being hot. I've also started looking at options in the early mornings - I've been canoeing lately on weekends, and its 70 or so at 9:00am, and a nice breeze on the water, which keeps me plenty cool.

Watersports that get some water on you might be good to try too. The water will help keep you cool. On that note, what about water aerobics or just going for a good swim? Even if you just play around in the pool, you get a good number of calories burned if you keep moving, and it DEFINITELY takes the edge off a hot day.
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I do my treadmill inside or exercise tapes inside. Anything outside must be done in the water or I am miserable.


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If its really hot outside, I just walk in my little pool (making a whirlpool like a kid, LOL). The pool is just a 3 1/2 foot pool, perfect for walking in.
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Some of the malls here open early --like at 7AM-- for people to walk/exercise.
I don't know if it's an option where you are but thought I'd mention it. They keep those malls COLD!
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I get up at 5 and exercise in the cool dawn...It is peaceful and perfect. Just say no to excuses!
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DVD's! They're PERFECT for avoiding the HOT weather!
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I appreciate all the input and everyone taking the time to reply to me.

The problem with tapes is that I live on an upper floor of an apartment. I'd drive my neighbors crazy because I know how thin these floors are and how much it sucks to listen to people bouncing around on your ceiling. I use to live on the first floor until the noise drove me crazy and I had to move upstairs. I've also looked into some equipment that wouldn't be noisy, but my weight far exceeds the limits. It's **** to be THIS big. What I wouldn't give to be 200-230 right now and work down from there.

Also, the pool isn't that big and it's summertime and there's alot of families with small kids in this complex. I'm not very big on kids in the first place, but it'd be hard to swim with all of them in my way. I could basically just splash around but again, not keen on the kids and listening to all the headache-inducing shrieking that comes with them. I use to go at night occasionally but they've changed the hours from 7am-10pm to daylight hours only. So I'm screwed there.

I've tried walking in malls and really... I hate it. It's the most boring walking place ever, just watching shops go by. It also doesn't help that I can smell the food court as soon as I open the door. The mall nearest me is where all the rich skinny blondes hang out and it's like walking into a fashion show. Way to make myself feel better about myself. Especially since they look at me like i'm a Martian (a big fat one) and giggle to their other Barbie and Ken friends. I swear, I am not hallucinating or having any highschool flashbacks. We can say I shouldn't care what they think but it does piss me off and make me feel worse about myself when I see them doing it.

It may all sound like excuses, but it's just the reality and I don't think i'm doing anything positive by forcing myself to do something that will only make me feel worse (or make my neighbors mad). It would probably only serve to make me hate exercise because I'll associate it with all these bad experiences. Not that that isn't already sort of a problem.
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We seem to have lots of excuses so I guess you just don't want to exercise. You could always get a chair aerobics tape. It's for handicapped people who can't stand but gives you a good exercise that will raise a sweat. I mall walk at 7 am. Lots of old people but they don't make fun. If you want to do it, you can find a way.

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I understand about the heat sapping you -- I am hoping that now that I'm a lot smaller (though still fat) that I will noticed a difference this summer -- I already have!

As for exercise:
- Exercise at home but don't do anything bouncy! (start with stretches -- get a stability ball). I started with very little exercise and still lost weight last summer.
- Bring music to the mall! (I love my ipod!)
- Or find another indoor place to walk!
- Walk the stairs at home, or work (again with the ipod)
- Find a closer gym
- Find another place to swim

If you find a way to move (any kind) next summer may be better (weight seems to make heat insensitivity worse).

Good luck!

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Get a fan, a "Walk away the pounds" tape, and stop making excuses. You don't need to do loud, bouncy exercises at home. The skinny blondes aren't at the mall at 7am- it's full of retirees escaping the heat, and generally the only thing open at the food court at that time is the Starbucks. Have a black coffee.

Get an mp3 player, and start walking. If people stare, stare back at them!

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It isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

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What about water areobics??? is there another pool near you? Does you building have a common area where you could workout? Could you go to an office building and climb the stairs? what about the stairs in your place?

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exercise in the evenings or early mornings! I usually work full day and have to leave early morning...so i run in the evenings. its nice, breezy and fun to watch more people in the park!

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When I started exercising, I lived on the third floor. I did WATP videos nearly every day. I also spent some time last summer walking in the pool, and if there were too many kids that you can't have room, you just go earlier...before the kids are likely to go swimming. Kids aren't generally fond of swimming at breakfast time...go then. Get some hand and ankle weights and just march in place...no bouncing, no stomping, just a gentle march, while you watch a movie.

As for Curves, they keep the AC up. If yours isn't cool enough, ask if they can increase the AC, if they won't, try another location. Three times a week isn't much to get cool in your home, spend a few minutes going out in the heat to start the car, then go back inside to stay cool while your car cools off. Then it's a minute to get back to the car, the car into Curves, and vice versa. You're not out in the heat long enough to get drug down.

You could also try those gadgets I've seen advertised that go around your neck and are supposed to keep you cool, or keep an ice pack handy for when you're outside to keep you cooled down.

I can't get into mall walking either. When they're open occasionally, yeah, but just walking daily...and early hours before the shops open...ick. And you're right, if you don't enjoy it, you're not likely to stick with it.

But reality is that you are making excuses. I've done it...still try to do it sometimes. But I have to tell myself that they are excuses. Realize them for what they are, then do something about it. I remind myself of how I feel when I'm done exercising...I love that feeling. I remind myself of how I used to look...don't ever wanna look like that again. I remind myself of my son...and I want to be around for a very very long time for him. So I exercise. And if I have legitimate reasons I don't like certain things, I work on the problems and find solutions to work around them. But when I think about it real hard, most of the reasons aren't legitimate, but they're my excuses. Only a few are ever really legit.

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