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Getting back on track
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Talking Another thing about age -

Have you ever noticed that some people are 50 and they seem so young and other people are 50 and they seem so old? I really do think a lot of it is a choice.

I think if you just sit around and "wait to die" as Mel said, then your body probably does just that. Your muscles atrophy and you have more health problems.

Not us, right CHICKS?

"The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach."
– Benjamin Mays
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Sweet Success
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Yea that is why I am starting now to get myself straighten out. (While I still got the moves) SMIRK!!! I like to keep my moves a going.

I do not want to be sitting in a rocking chair!

I either want to shock people or motivate others to say HEY!! If she can do that I can do that!

Not any of this stuff like did she forget to grow up?
Doesn’t she know she is to old for that?

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Senior Member
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I hear you. People can be running marathons at 60 and going gray at 20, so who cares about arbitrary numbers? The only thing telling you how old you are is how old you feel.

Like when I go back home to visit my Mom and in the morning, she'll be cooking and dancing and singing and I'll be creaking around and scowling... it's all a state of mind!

One for 5 pounds:
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Feeling the burn
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Yep! It's all in the attitude. I went to a Highschool reunion when I was in my early twenties (5 years after graduating) and some people there already looked ancient. After only 5 years! Meanwhile, I run into some people now, almost 20 years later...and they look the same as they did back then (give or take a few wrinkles lol but they don't "act" old) If you decide you are old, then you will be old.

I really admire my grandfather, because even though he says he feels old sometimes and that his leg really bothers him, he still goes for his daily walks and pushes through the discomfort...because he says, staying home and not doing anything will just mean he has given up and that his leg would only get worse, not better, and then he'd be stuck at home all the time. I think about him when I'm working out and feeling like I can't do it. If he can push through his obstacles at 84, I surely can at 34!

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