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Default Who is that girl in the mirror anyways!

Hello Fellow Losers (and I mean that in the nicest way!) I've lost 66lbs now, and have about another 40-45 to go to get to my goal. I am thrilled with my progress of course, but one emotional thing that has come up for me is this ... and I wondered if any of you felt the same or had any ideas for me.

I think I identified myself as a "fat girl" for so long, I'm not really sure who this new "thinner girl" is?! I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror and don't really recognize myself at all. I feel like I'm having a bit of an identity crisis, as I'm not really sure who I am anyone. I've done a complete lifestyle change, so even all the things that used to be apart of my life aren't anymore. How does one handle this type of thing? I feel like it's the chance to create a "whole new me" but it's still pretty darn scary when the old me was still a pretty nice girl. It's a weird place to be!
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First of all, CONGRATS on losing 66 lbs! I have about that much to lose, so I love the fact that you've lost that much weight. No wonder you don't recognize yourself anymore!

I have not lost a significant amount of weight YET, so I haven't yet experienced an "identity" crisis like you are going through right now. However, I will say that you are still the same exact person that you were before....with MUCH healthier habits. You still have the same memories, but now you have the chance to make new, even better ones.

So, my advice is just to look at yourself as an improved version of your old self. That person is/was still YOU, and you can't forget her, because you have to remember her to remind yourself of how far you've come and let her be a lesson learned to never let yourself be overweight/obese again.

Is there anything from your "old" life that you still do? For example, I like to read, write, take walks, etc. and losing weight is not going to change that about me, even though the person looking back at me in the mirror will look different than she has for the past 23 years. I am not defined by the unhealthy habits that made me fat. You aren't either. Even if you DID define yourself by them, use this weight loss as a chance to re-define certain areas of your life. That "pretty nice girl" you used to be didn't go anywhere....she's still there, and she's the one who gave you the determination and drive to change your life. SHE grew, while your physical body shrank. Now you just need to re-acquaint yourself with her. Personal growth (in the spiritual sense, of course )should be scary but it's also exhilarating, necessary and beneficial.

Did any of that make sense? I hope that some of the girls in your situation who have lost a lot of weight can give you better advice. Hopefully when I reach goal by the end of this year I will be able to take some of that advice if I find myself in an "identity crisis" like you.
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I can so relate to this!!! I keep going into Evans (Lane Bryant equivalent in England) and get weird looks! Not because I'm too fat, but because I'm too small!!! I can shop in "normal shops" but I feel like a fraud!

I'm in a new team of people at work, and all of them know me as this size, none of them new me at my fattest. I feel like I am hiding something if I don't tell all about my journey!!!

My life bears little resembelance to my old life, which is a good thing, but sometimes I feel like I have stepped into someone else's.

it's really odd sometimes, but it's fun too!!!
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I can relate, but I guess a bit in the opposite direction. I never mentally saw myself as being as huge as I apparently was, and when I see photos it's relatively shocking. Don't get me wrong, I knew I was very overweight.... but, I believe this is feeding into why I don't really SEE my weight loss, because mentally I saw myself more around the size I am now. Which is still big, but atleast I'm working on it.

Congrats on your success! One thing you can keep in mind is... it's a wonderful "issue" to have! "Oh, look at that girl, she looks great... oh wait, that's me!" Hehe...
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