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Default I hope you don't mind if I share

I'm part of a weightloss group on another board and we have daily challenges. Today's was to write a letter to yourself and I thought I would share mine with you since I'm sure many of you can relate. Doing this has definetly helped me and it has also helped my dh to understand why I am doing this so hopefully now he'll be a bit more supportive. Anyways here it is.

Dear Angela,

Itís been a long time since youíve gotten real with yourself. You probably wouldnít be the big fat blimp that you are now if you had talked to me earlier. You know why youíre so huge. Itís not because you love food. Itís because you love hiding from yourself. You think if you can hide from yourself behind your weight then you can hide from everyone else and they wont see you and feel attracted to you. Well guess what? It didnít work.
You met someone a great someone and he doesnít deserve to be married to someone that takes no pride in themselves. He deserves someone that feels she is worthy to be loved. I donít know why he loves you but he does and he loved you before he even knew your name so hiding behind the fat didnít work then and itís not going to work now. Now you have no other excuse than that your being lazy and you have fallen into the trap of going with whatís easy and yummy and not whatís good for you and is going to keep you alive for your husband that loves you. He wants you to stick around and he wants to raise a family with you.
You need to make the decision to do this for the rest of your life not until it gets too tough. Yes the sweets taste good and sometimes you want nothing more than to chow down on a big double bacon cheeseburger smothered in sautťed onions and barbeque sauce but those days are few and far between now. Now you need to decide if that burger is more important than your life. Are the few minutes of eating that burger really worth the damage you are doing to your body? Is sitting on the couch watching TV going to benefit your life or would you be better off getting up and exercising for a few minutes. The affects of that 15-minute workout are going to benefit you far more than finding out if Leo is dead and if Shawn is going to find out about the baby. And those tater tots really look good but do you really need to eat 15 or would just 5 make you as happy.
You know why your so freaking huge and you know why you want to make this change but what are you hoping to get out of it? There are hundreds of reasons that come to mind but the most important one is to finally feel love for yourself and to take pride in you. Yes itíll be wonderful to be able to feel comfortable getting undressed in front of your husband or chasing the kids around the park and oh God will it feel just great walking up to someone you havenít seen in forever and show them how good you look now and itíll be wonderful to finally be the thin sister but the most important thing is to finally feel love for yourself again and to feel worthy of the love of others.
Know that you are worth doing this for and know that you can succeed and it will happen. Youíve done so well so far you just need to keep reminding yourself that itís time to stop hiding and come out and show the real you.

36 pregnancy pounds to lose 18 pounds lost!
57 pre-pregnancy pounds to lose
Ciencia is 2 months old
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Going goal.
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I liked that, and yes I can really and I mean really relate to you it's almost unreal! Your letter helped me to see more clearly of why I want to do this and why I've stayed this way. Thank you for sharing that and I hope your journey will continue to be very successful!

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Thank you Hilary and I wish you all the best as well. 21 pounds is a great loss! We started about the same time actually. I do believe my start date was the 16th of October. I'm sure we'll both be at our goal weights before we know it.
36 pregnancy pounds to lose 18 pounds lost!
57 pre-pregnancy pounds to lose
Ciencia is 2 months old
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great letter!! I wrote a letter to myself like that, but it was in case I get stalled on this process, to help remind myself of why it was important, what I was like before, and how I was feeling better losing weight. I think if you're ever faltering, take out your letter and read it again, it might help you get back on track.

Thinking that our lives are more important than a burger or other craved food is the attitude that has kept me going!

Thanks for sharing, and congrats on your weight loss so far!

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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Default thanks

Thank you soo much for posting that letter. I can relate big time! You motivated me. I have alot of respect for you. It could not have been easy writting and posting that letter. Thanks again! Good luck to you!
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Really good on being honest with yourself. Trully honest. Thats a really good mind set. I started out the same way with the same feelings.
I have many more to go myself but im a lot happier then I was 73 pounds ago. Always talk to yourself and keep up the honesty. Congrats on your achievements so far and this was a excellent post.

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