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Default Addiction

Wow, so two things happened to me in the last few days that I have had to overcome...first my husband upset me (doesn't happen often but when it does, oh boy!) and second I was just having a very tough day all the way around (kids, work, etc). Ladies let me tell you, on both occasions all I wanted to do was EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat!!!!! All I wanted to go was stuff my face because I KNEW it would make me feel better. It would grab that aggrivation and just gobble it up like I gobbled it up! It was overwhelming. I just wanted to fill myself, make all my problems go away. I really can't quite explain it. I kept thinking about this book I read called "A Million Little Pieces" that deals with drug & alcohol addiction and how those feelings were so accurately described in the book. Now don't get me wrong, I do not completely compare the two. I certainly would rob or kill someone for a Krispy Kreme...but you get the picture And you know what becuase I resisted I was just mad mad mad. Pissed off even. I was down right nasty and unpleasant to be around


Yes, I did. And today, after I watched Madagascar with my daughter, Hailey and we were dancing around...I remembered why. As we were laughing and smiling and dancing around the room THAT feeling was WAY better than the feeling I would have TEMPORARILY gotten stuffing my face. I know that those "comfort temtations" are going to come again...strong and when I least expect them but if I just HOLD ON & maybe remind myself of that moment dancing with my daughter when I normally would have SAT...maybe I can make it through again. I realize that it won't make that "comfort temtation" moment all warm and fuzzy and I'll probably be pissed off all over again, but if I just HOLD ON. Hold on and NOT put that food in my mouth; even if I am crabby, but I don't put that food in my mouth then I survived that moment.

I just wanted to share that experience. I don't know if anyone else can relate but I wanted to share...

Here's to all of you that danced when you could have sat!!!

Keep on keeping on...
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Hi Em

Congrats and well done!!

I can definitely relate. The same thing happened to me about a month ago (I actually made a thread about it here). I had a very upsetting day, got in my car, and realized that ALL I WANTED TO DO was swing into the Mobil Mini-Mart, buy a HUGE bag of Doritos, and just inhale the whole thing. I thought about those Doritos for my entire 45-minute commute home. At every exit I was thinking, "Hmmm, I could get off here and buy some." But I made it home just fine -- withOUT the Doritos. It's a tough thing to deal with, but don't you feel FANTASTIC now? And just think, the next time you have that urge, you'll KNOW you can get through it without the food.

Way to go!

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I can totally relate to that! When I get upset...all i want to do is bake! Bake cakes, cookies...you name it. Then I want to eat everything until I feel nice and warm inside and until I am filled with all those goodies. *sigh* Day 3 of my diet and I have become more and more emotional. My hubby refuses to change his eating habits and it seems like a constant temtation when he is around. He's a little on the chubby side and could stand to lose 10-15 pounds but he will not admit that his eating habits need to change(getting off the subject~sorry!) So anyhow...I am staying strong...fighting the GOOD fight! God Bless You, My friends*hug*~Becca
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So true everyone.. We use the food as a comfort or a stress reliever for so many years. I wouldnt say things to people who hurt me or mad me mad because I didnt want to get into it with them. Or just to shy or just thought why bother Im going to make myself feel better and go buy me some goodie.
But I dont now. Now I open my mouth and tell them like it is.
And that gets it out and doesnt hurt me by keeping it bottled up inside.
Great job on beating the stress

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to your willpower!! Something I hope to work on here very soon! It is a powerful thing, depending on how you manage.. It can give you the "strength" to splurge at times when we "comfort eat" or it can give you the "strength" to maintain and not fall into the temptation to cheat... So many times I have given in .. only I dont feel all warm and fuzzy inside after I binge .. I have usually stuffed myself so much that I have stomach aches, nausea, heartburn.. you name it .. and then I spend just as much time AFTERWARDS, wishing I hadn't eaten it .. lol .. On a lighter note, That is wonderful how you handled yourself in that situation! Keep up the good work!! Keep on !!
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Congratulations! I've had a big problem with binge eating in the last six weeks or so. My willpower seems to have taken an early vacation!

While I'm here, I'll say "hi" since I'm new around these parts. I've actually lost over 100 pounds in the last three years (slow and steady), but the last six weeks or so have been hard. For the first time since I started losing, I've actually gained weight - about 4 pounds in the last six weeks. So, I'm here to find a nice support community that (hopefully) can give me the push I need to lose the last 20-or-so pounds!
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i can totally relate to that!
i used to love the feeling of DROWNING myself in food! forgetting all the mental pain. But knew it would make it feel all the worse the next day!

I have been conciously making different habits in place of when i would just sit and eat! And it works! If i have a bad day now, i can grab my book find a quiet corner and read, or go do some excercise, mow the yard, go for a bike ride, vent out on the boxing bag, have a long hot bath.....
My thoughts have changed sooo much in fact i am having trouble making myself eat all the cals i should be!!!!!!!!!
today at lunch, i know i was hungry, stood in the kitchen and though sheesh i couldn't be bothered! (i ended up grabbing a lean cuisine, because i knew i had to eat something). It has totally reversed my way of thinking of food! I used to LIVE TO EAT!!!! every second of every day, now i just eat because i know i have too! to live!

Those first few times are sooo hard, the thought of that food you focus on sits in your head... sometimes for days.... but the thing is , splurge and have it then you will eat almost anything you can get your hands on... and it does not end.....

One a different subject.. my kids love madagascar! My DD(6) runs around singing " i like to move it... move it..." and go the penguins..... !!!!!!!!

HW - 286!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (somewhere over 130kg as thats as high as the scale i had went. )
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Food addiction has got to be the hardest to combat. Unlike alcohol, drugs or smoking, you can't abstain from food. The times that I have been successful at losing weight meant that I did not eat junk food...ever. For me, one small taste or portion is never enough.

I just joined 3FC and am very excited by the support that I see on these boards. I finally feel like I can talk about topics, like food addiction, that you can't find on other sites, unless the site is totally dedicated to that topic.

You all are an inspiration.

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Well guys, confession... and this is the place to make it! But first off, thanks for this thread... it's good to know I'm not alone when it comes to horrible food temptations or living with someone who refuses to change their eating habits to go along with mine.

But to the story...
I had gone into work with my mother to decorate for Christmas...
Problem 1: work is in a cafeteria... food food food...
Problem 2: I hadn't eaten all day
Problem 3: I was having a crappy day
Problem 4: I'm at risk anytime I eat to have a gallbladder attack if it's fatty foods or fatty meats

Oh boy... so you can imagine when she asked me if I wanted some turkey I said "Sure" and when she said "Do you want some gravy on it?" I said... "Sure..." Oh boy... Soooo, there was the plate with the gravy and turkey on it and I thought, "Oh my god! comfort food! I can have a hot turkey sandwich!" But of course, thinking this wasn't treat enough for me... I grabbed the WHITE BREAD! Oh my... what in the **** was I thinking? I thought long enough to pour just a little more gravy on the plate and heat it all up... and eat it. And eat it I did.

Well after that, came....... dessert. AHHH... I'm surprised I didn't feel myself having a massive fat attack. Holy crap... But of course, apple crisp came along... a big piece to which I added a vanilla sauce made from icing sugar, vanilla and butter... yup, butter and sugar... but I ate it, and eat it I did!

So, grabbing an apple juice I vowed that was it for the night and I had to stop eating 'cause that was just enough. Did I mention the shift was from 4pm-12am... not the best times to be eating constantly...

Well, someone ordered fries... I resisted... until I made myself a plate and scarfed those down like I hadn't eaten in weeks... I probably looked like a vulture... well my mom didn't know I ate them so when someone else ordered fries, we ate the remaining few and she said "Well, throw some more in, I'll eat some" So did... and ate a plate with her. Ketchup, vinager and salt... lots of salt... and of course, eat it I did.

But THAT was it, surely!


By 12am I was falling asleep in a chair, craving veggies. So, I sauntered up to the cooler, grabbed some veggies and ate them with dip. Err... rather... inhaled them.

Suffice it to say, I'm glad I didn't have an attack 'cause I'd be dead... really I am surprised the fat hasn't engulfed me... but that night I laid in bed (On my back not my stomach so I wouldn't have an attack...) thinking "What the **** did I do? I can't breathe being this full..." And I fell asleep... feeling sick.

Was it worth it? Mmm, good food... tasty food...

No, it wasn't worth it! What am I, crazy!?!?! I could have put myself in the hospital! And when I noticed I wanted vegetables at the end of the night... I realized what I had done to myself.

I still agree with occasional slip-ups and treating yourself, but man, not like that. That whole night was a treat that could have landed me in surgery... that was just plain stupid.

(Sorry this was so long...)

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