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Default hard time tonight

Hi! This is my first post here. I think you all will understand where I am coming from so I decided to post here. I am having a hard night tonight!!! I want to eat so bad, I'm not hungry but I feel like I need something!!! I've done so well this week, I don't want to blow it!!!! I hope by posting this here I will feel like I have to be held accountable tonight!! I have to resist!!! If worse comes to worse I'll just go to sleep. I am not looking forward to this weekend just for this reason, I hope I don't have these urges all weekend
Thanks for listening!
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Hi there and welcome! You've come to the right place. Trust me we've all been there. Usually what I do is just try to take my mind off it. Read a book, clean, do something fun, exercise. ANYTHING to take your mind off it. Or you can look at the calories/fat/carbs or whatever you're watching of the item you're about to eat and think "Do I really need these extra 300 calores?" or whatever it may be. Good luck and you'll find LOTS of support here.
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Old 12-03-2005, 06:12 AM   #3
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Drinking water usually helps me make it thru a rough patch.
But look at your whole daily intake. Are you taking in enough food thru out your day so you wont be hungry when the day is done.
Are you snacking enough. Are you getting in a good breakfast.
Look to see what you can do so that you dont have to go thru days like this. And look at what types of food you are eating, certain foods have certain reactions on our body. Getting enough protein or to much sugar it all adds up.

And congrats on reaching out and seeking advice thats great.
Everyone should do the same thing that is lurking.
All we know here is a screen name and what you write down in a post.
Letting out whats been bothering you and what you want to achieve is a great start. You have to start somewhere and why not be honest with yourself and just go for it.

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You and I were on the same wave length last night. My taste buds were itching for something. I tried watching a little TV, crafting, and even a bit of reading, but those cravings still wouldn't go away. I went in to the kitchen to make a cup of teas, thinking that would help....well did I anticipate that someone had left a bag of soft batch choc chip cookies on the table? Noooooooooo!!! Did I sniff the bag....yup! But I didn't touch 'em. Not a one. Those cookies were all safe from my crazed craving. I went to sleep thinking aobut it...but I woke up this morning and felt great about getting thru my struggle and knowing that I didn't give in. Sometimes the thoughts and the cravings are hard to deal with even when we try to refocus. That's when we have to work even harder. But I can promise you that the feeling of accomplishment and knowing you stay strong is soooooo worth it! Hope you made it through the rough spot.
You can't get to where you're going, if foget where it is you started from.
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something that helps me is to go read peoples weight loss blogs or check out their websites... when u see the transformation of others... it makes u focus and 4get those cravings!
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I did it!! I made it through the night without ransacking my kitchen. I knew I wasn't hungry, I just wanted to eat, I guess because I was bored. The weekends are so hard for me but I keep telling myself don't let all the effort I made through the week go to waste!!! I know I can do it, but it's not going to be easy. Thanks for all your support & encouragement!! BTW, Sunday night I'm going to be back here posting how I did over the weekend!!
Short term goal (by 1/28/06)

Long term goal...

one for each pound lost
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Good for you!!! Congratulations!!!

It helps to be prepared. Get some foods into the house that you can eat if you're going crazy in the evening, without blowing your daily plan. Celery. Lettuce. "Natural Light" popcorn (1/2 microwave bag = about 55 calories). Hot noncaffeine drinks with nonfat or lowfat cream substitute. NOT that you should give in to boredom by eating, of course! But when trying to get used to a new eating plan, it helps to have backup so that you don't just reach for the cookies, etc. Don't even have those things in the house!

down 14.5 lbs in two months.
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Good going hlane!! That has to be the toughest. You go good all day, then the marshmallows or cookies start calling your name. Sure makes you feel good when you get up in the morning, and you know you made it, and there is no starting over that morning

I usually drink some water, then brew a nice cup of tea, and come up to the pc, and do like curlylocks does and hit the before and after pictures, and weightloss success stories. Sometimes, I'll hop in the tub with my tea and a good book, then its right to bed.

Im looking forward to hearing how you made it thru the weekend.
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