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Default I need help JUMPSTARTing this!!

I was doing so well for several weeks & fell right back into the same old eating habbits. Now I feel so tired all the time from taking care of my 77 year old father who has cancer & my 11 year old son that I walk around like a zombie. How do I jumpstart this diet plan again....I can't even seem to make the very first step anymore. HELP!! I need to do this for myself & my family!! I can not live like this.
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This week to jumpstart my loss I'm staying in the lower end of my acceptable calorie range. I'm sorry about all the stressors you have going on! Just try to remember that good healthy eating will give you the energy you need, your father the nutrition he needs and your son both the nutrition he needs and the example he needs. It's always helpful to me in the beginning to remember how much energy I have and how great I feel mentally while I'm eating well. It's hard not to stray back into those old habits, but that is helped a lot by coming here. Good luck.

Short Term Goal:

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My heart goes out to you. My mom is going through similiar times. I wish I could make it all better. Instead, how about I keep you in my prayers, and simply remind you that you can't be good to anyone until you are good to yourself first. We always forget that when it should be our mantra!!


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I think that for me the key was to start with baby steps. I didn't change my lifestyle drastically at first. I just changed one little thing, eating something that had few calories than what I had been eating before. I also made a commitment to myself to spend 5 minutes a day exercising. I hate(d) exercising, and could never quite find the time to do it. But five minutes? Ya, I could work that in.

These two baby steps because habit pretty quickly. I found I could and wanted to make more changes in the same direction. But it did take some time. I really think that if people want to make lasting changes in their lives, going slow and seeing what changes they can really live with in the long run is the way to go.

Good luck, and good luck to your father as well.
I'm Tealeaf, and I approve of this message.

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