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Unhappy Scared to death.

We just moved into a bigger appartment. The old place just had the one bathroom mirror, which was up high. A shouldrs and up only type. Now, the new place has 4 full length mirrors and the bathroom one is waist and above. I never really knew how people saw me as a whole person, only shoulders up. I NEVER go out of my way to see 'all' of me. And now, I see the whole me all day long everyday. HOw did I get this big? How did I let it get this bad? I knew it was getting bad, I could feel it. Tired ALL the time, barely able to walk back and forth from the car and apt or work. I'mscared, I need to fix this. I don't want to do a stupid fad diet. I need ways to eat healthy and work out. I know I need to start small, I have to I can't even stand long enough to cook dinner. Please help me. My last weigh in at the Dr was 268. I can't believe I'm up near 300lbs. Oh My God, what have I done? Please someone help me. I'm freaking out here.
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Breathe. You can do this.

You've found a very supportive community. There are people here who are willing to buddy up for accountability. There are threads that are full of encouragement. I've only been here a day, and I already feel like I can succeed.

I would suggest the 100lb club. They've been very helpful. Look around. See if there is anyone who is doing a plan that could work with your life. You don't want a fad diet, so I won't even suggest the one I'm on. I'm sure other people will have good suggestions, though.

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it's always something
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I know exactly how you feel! The only mirror in my house is the one on my medicine cabinet. I remember staying in a hotel and stepping out of the shower and there was a wall to wall mirror and a great big fat woman staring back at me It's so easy to miss seeing what other people see, because we are looking out, and don't always look in. Weight sneaks up on you. I don't remember getting fat, I just remember when I realized I was fat. It sounds like you've reached your limit, realizing what has happened to your health and how your weight has affected your life. This is actually a good thing, because this can be the motivator to get you started on a new path. That's all behind you now, and you are on your way to a thinner and healthier self There are so many people here that have gone through similar experiences, and have made incredible progress. I hope you'll browse around and see how everyone is doing it, and know that you can do it, too. We'll be here for you
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Default We're here for you

Honey, it'll be ok. This is a wonderful place to get support and encouragement. You have to take baby steps. The first thing to do is decide on a weight loss and exercise plan. There are many wonderful plans out there that aren't fad diets. If you have questions on any of them someone here will be able to answer them. Check out the different plans and decide which one will be the easiest one for you to follow and stay with cause this isn't just a tempory thing this is something you'll have to live with for the rest of your life so you will want something manageable for you. If there is any way I can help just let me know. I personally just count calories, watch my fat intake, and exercise.
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Thanks everyone.

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have you looked at weight watchers?
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Originally Posted by andreaphilip3
have you looked at weight watchers?
Yes, and I loved it. Money just got tight. Right now I'm trying to get my boss into doing a center wide one, because so many of us want it, but can't afford it. I know they have deals and such for companys. We'll have to see.

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If you want face-to-face group support and can't afford WW, have you looked at TOPS at all? It stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly, and it's a non-profit group, so it's much cheaper than WW or Jenny Craig or any of those. I think it's something like $30 to join for a year and then $5 a month (not per week!) for dues (beyond that, each individual group does their own thing--like in our group, you have to pay fines of 25 cents for every pound or portion of a pound you gain ). They don't try to sell you any food or shakes or pills or anything because they are non-profit. They do have books you can buy that mostly follow the new federal Food Pyramid as far as dietary exchanges and such, but you are free to follow any diet and exercise plan you wish. It's just group support and accountability because you still have to weigh-in every week and attend the weekly meetings. They also often run contests and give out rewards (pins and charms and such). I know they have helped me to stay on track even though they don't tell me what to eat. Some of the women in my group are even doing the WW Points plan but don't go to WW meetings because it's too expensive, so they just either joined WW online or bought the Points materials from someone on Ebay Just a suggestion for those on a budget (www.tops.org if you want to find a chapter near you).

I am also a calorie counter. An account with Fitday.com (or something similar) is great for this, for keeping track of your food is important no matter what plan you choose to follow. I sometimes dabble in high-protein, but I find it difficult to stick with when I go out ro even end up in a time or budget crunch, so calorie counting works best for me. The thing is, you don't really have to follow any diet. Just throw out the crap (you know what it is--chips, cookies, pastries, fatty meats, sugary fruit juices, white bread...) and replace with lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, lowfat dairy, and lean meats. I'm pretty sure that's the only "diet" that has never failed anyone and has never made anyone sick
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Hi Casper75,

You sound just like me. I was 271.3 lbs when i started my diet. I couldn't believe i was up near the 300 mark and i refuse to get there. I had to start something, so i started Jenny Craig. This diet costs some money but my husband is taking care of it for me. He figures maybe it would be worth it because i am always miserable, its effecting my marriage and especially our sex life (what's left of it) i don't even want my husband touching me. I am achey all the time and can hardly walk.

I started JC last wednesday and my official weigh in is tomorrow but i jumped on my scale yesterday and today, yesterday i was at 268.1 and today i am 266.8. They say the first two weeks you lose the most and then you slow down to a gradual weight loss but i am feeling somewhat better. Weight watchers is good but for me I had no time to measure everything out. Right now i am having the premade meals and eventually will be transitioned to like a weight watchers diet where i do it myself but because i am close to the 300 mark i had to do something very drastic. For me to joint Jenny Craig, it was a drastic move for me. Healthwise i haven't been healthy and been sticking to the house without going out because of it which doesn't help with weight loss.

I would walk around walmart and get agitated and aggravated, in a lot of pain because five minutes after walking i would be looking for a place to sit and if none i would begin to cry from pain. I have had trouble getting out of bed (would be painful).

Take care and check the Weight watchers. If you can afford it check Jenny Craig too. The way i look at it, we are just spending the money we usually use when dining out towards JC

I really understand where you are coming from though. Its not fun and somehow the weight sneaks up on you not realizing until its too late, that's what happened to me. I ended up gaining 70 lbs in 10 months, yikes!!!! (i had my daughter 10 months ago in which i lost all my pregnancy weight)

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2 wheels is plenty :D
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That's a cool tat...I'm awaiting the day you have succeeded and that pic is of your backside You can do it girl!! All of us have been where you were when you posted. We are here for ya!!

I started at 264...it isn't impossible - just a long term commitment.
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I feel ya. I just did the exact same thing, moved to a new apartment with full length mirrors. I'm pretty happy wiht how I look now, but they still weird me out and I find myself picking at little flaws. Ugh. I remember before I lost weight I went to a friend's house for a party, and I thought i was looking pretty good, hair done, makeup on, etc. Well, I went to use her bathroom, and she had not one but 3 giant mirrors. It was awful. You can do this, though! Cover those mirrors if you have to, or stick positive affirmations all over the parts that would show what you don't like. Keep the motivation, but don't let yourself start to define what you look like by them. I am firmly convinced that people always look better in motion, and mirrors or photos will never capture what someone truly looks like in person. Ever.

There are a lot of people who have been successful with WW without the meetings. I used to do online but cancelled it after a few months, and now I follow the program myself, using message boards and a group of online friends for support. It's very possible to stay on track this way, as long as you interact and make a place for yourself in a group where accountability is important. I'm now doing WW Core, and I LOVE it. Flex was good for me in getting most of the weight off, but I didn't think I'd be able to maintain it. This I will do for life, even if I never lost another pound.

Good luck! I know that you'll do great
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I feel for ya! I just joined here yesterday so I've been mainly reading posts and looking around...but I don't even know how much I weigh. I've been too scared to get on a scale for several years. I assume close to the 200lb mark. I'll go home tonite and suck it up and see. Then make me one of those neat counters. <G> I got on the Bowflex last night and did about 100 crunches on my ab thingy. I've got to get the family eating better though. I've got in the habit of fixing nachos, fried fish, cheese fries. Anything high cheese and fat. Plus, I won't eat breakfast and gorge on lunch or dinner. I'm not a big desert eater though, so that's good.

But I was SO happy to find this place!

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