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Question Feeling Crampy, Have a ?

Well it's still almost 2 weeks before TOM but I woke up this morning feeling crampy. Is it possible that the diet change and exercise could have messed with my cycle? I usually don't get crampy until a day or 2 before I start, never this early. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks.
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I had a somewhat regular period before I began losing weight 7 years ago. In that time I was on 3 big diet kicks that brought me to my current weight, and with each one my period was definitely thrown off. It got lighter, the length of my cycles would vary by weeks, disappeared for a couple months, when I went off a "diet" and increased calorie intake to normal levels of 2000 cal/day it would get heavier, etc. When I talked to my doc it was after the fact and my period had returned to normal, for me, and she didn't seem concerned since it was normal again. I know I've talked to many others on this forum whose cycles have been altered by their health and fitness efforts. But if you are worried, I would suggest calling your doc. Getting more cramps has only been stress-related for me, not diet related. Good luck.
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Just another question--have you been eating foods with sugar alcohols in them? I find that they often give me abdominal pain (sometimes in the form of gas ), and often that pain feels like cramps to me. Probably not the case, but it is something to consider.
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Originally Posted by jillybean720
Just another question--have you been eating foods with sugar alcohols in them? I find that they often give me abdominal pain (sometimes in the form of gas ), and often that pain feels like cramps to me. Probably not the case, but it is something to consider.
Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinking too. Or just increased tummy discomfort due to more healthy (gassier) foods??

Your cycle being thrown off is definitely not abnormal, but I thought it was more due to a pretty significant weight loss. Which wouldn't be the case for you (YET!!) by what your ticker says. I dunno let's see what everyone else has to say.

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I have the most abnormal periods ever. My weight has severly effected my periods. When I was 313 pounds I could skip months and not have a period.
And now I have a regular period and I skip days while on my period 4 days on one day off two days back on . Until I reach my goal its always a surprise on what going to happen next with my periods.
I never used to cramp but after losing some weight I cramp. Taking some PMS pills relieves those cramps and that really helps me thru those days they really bother me.

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I cramp mid-cycle. It's how I could tell I was ovulating. It used to surprise docs that I could tell them I was ovulating because they would look at my obese body and just know that I couldn't ovulate with all that fat. One doc even did an u/s (well I was having it because of the amount of cramping I had been experiencing) and he could see the ring of pearls or something that is associated with ovulation right there on the screen. Just before the u/s he was reminding me that my weight could be a factor as to why we weren't conceiving and it wouldn't surprise him to learn I wasn't ovulating.

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I used to have severe cramping and pain mid-cycle when I was ovulating. I thought it would be a snap to get pregnant because I could tell almost to the hour, when ovulation occurred. Unfortunately for me, it was a symptom of fairly severe endometriosis.

If it continues or your periods become more painful, go see your gynecologist!

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I cramp mid-cycle. Always have, and I'm a fertile cookie! Doctor's checked, and nothings wrong...I just always know when I'm ovulating. You'll be fine. Like my obg says..."if women always had normal cycles, I'd be out of business"

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