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Default in need of encouraging words..quick!

Ok, so here's whats going on. Yesterday, after being on a diet for about 3 weeks (the longest I've ever been able to stick with it) I started to get really frustrated because I was so hungry, and the only food I could eat was just gross. But I was strong and just kept with it. But then, when I went to watch my boyfriend's football scrimmage, his mom asked me if I wanted a Tootsie Pop, and it wasn't until after I ate it that I remembered that I was on a diet! But I figured it was just one little sucker, how much damage can it do? So then when I went home, I was still really hungry, but with my diet I can't eat after 7:30 and it was 9 or so, and my boyfriend was making meatball subs. I was starved! I couldn't help myself, so I ate one. But then, after reasoning that I had already messed up for the day, I ate a bowl of ice cream too! So when I woke up this morning, I told myself that I had had a one day relapse, and that it was time to get back on track again. I did ok until my mom was cooking some alphabet noodles and I ate two huge bowls. She told me I had had enough, but when she went outside, I snuck 3 bags of fruit snacks up to my room! I've seen this pattern before. It happens every time I go on a diet. I think well it's just one day, it won't hurt, and it turns into an everyday thing, little by little. But also, I have 4-H camp all next week starting tomorrow, and I know I'll be so tempted to stop by the vending machine during my late night partying and grab a bag of Doritos, or to feed from the cabin stash of goodies all night, because all my skinny friends are hungry, and they can eat whatever they want whenever they want and not gain an ounce! I'm so frustrated now. I'm sorry this rant is so long, but I want so desparately to lose this weight and to stick with my plan, and I need some encouraging words. Can anyone help?
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..... just a few suggestions

You gotta make plans for occasions such as this.... have some prepared snacks (almonds are very nutritious and make a great crunchy snack) that you like to take along and don't let yourself get over hungry, you have to eat enough.

I can tell by you're coments that you are a young girl and (my advise - take it or leave it, your choice) is that you really don't need to be on a diet, if you make a few life style changes for example; giving up unplanned snacking, restricting fatty foods (fries and that kind of thing), increasing your fruit and veggy servings and getting regular daily exercise the weight will be gone soon....and you'll be healthier and have great skin and toned muscles. Much better than creating a YO YO diet syndrome that can stick with you for life.... I so remember feeling like I was so fat at your age, and at the same weight - you're probably just perfect the way you are.

So I know you can get back on track and succeed. We're all here to help you and you know we DO know exactly how you're feeling.... Stop to measure your accomplishments and go forward - no lookin' back.


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you may not like what i have to say but truth be told at your age and weight you probably do not need to lose as much weight as you think you do. I've dieted my entire life and in my late teens early 20's I could still lose weight fast and easy BUT I always said to heck with exercise because I lost without it. Granted, at your age, your metabolism is fast and you can do it without exercise BUT you shouldnt. Rather than worrying about every morsel that enters your mouth you should learn to make educated choices. There are SO many good foods you can eat. SO many choices. Just use moderation and eat what you would normally eat and start to exercise. The exercise alone should see results for you with the small amount of weight you need to lose. It will tone and shape you and even if you dont lose weight you will look as though you did because muscle looks better than fat. You are right to be concerned about what you eat even at your age but dont be overly concerned. Exercise. I wish I had done that when I was your age and kept myself in shape over the years so it wasnt as hard to lose now. I realize now it wasnt my food choices it was the fact that I always hated exercise. I'm only sad that I have learned now how invigorating exercise can feel once you've done it. Good luck to you but please dont starve yourself and dont beat yourself up when you've made poor choices. There is always the next day. Also, be sure you educate yourself to ALL the healthy foods out there. As I said, you have SO many choices of which a lot of it is DELICIOUS!


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The good ole Offerings
Ive gotten hit by that a bunch of times myself.
People are just being polite in their asking if you want something that they brought with them.
But thats something you need to do to.
When ever I go anywhere. I always take a snack baggie with me.
I get some rasins some almonds some pretzles and maybe a few flavored rice cakes or a piece of fruit as well. And of course a bottle of water.
Get in the habit of taking your own snacks so you dont have to take a offering from someone that you know you should not have.
And are you eating enough at the right times. If you ate at 7:30 and were still up past 9:30 you ate to early it sounds like.
Planning is a big part of your meals. That way you wont indulge when you are already full.
Carry a tote bag with your snacks and journal your food for a week or two even the ketchup or mustard if you put it on anything write it all down.
Write down your calories your fat grams and protein and see where you are going overboard or not getting enough of. You might be surprised .. I never get enough protein in my meals Im still working on that but eating right is something you learn over a period of time. The more you know the better you will do. Read and gather in all the information you can the more you know the better you will be.

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Ok after reading your post here are a few thoughts:

1) Dont think of yourself as on a diet, think of yourself making healthy changes. There's nothing you CAN'T have (in moderation!)
2) I never go out to a social event without eating- that sets you up for failure! I eat a healthy filling dinner before hand, and while Im out it's easy for me to say 'no thanks' to all the snacks everyone is offering
3) If you're getting sick of your healthy food choices, check out body for life or kraft for some new low cal recipes and ideas

one last idea
4) If you're in a situation where you mess up or make the wrong choice- don't figure the day is ruined! Just pick yourself up and say no to the ice cream. lol.

Good luck!
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