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Unhappy Please Help Me,Health Problems due to weight...

Hello. I am new here. I am 5 foot 3 inches tall and I weigh 220 pounds. I lost around 40 pounds last year but have since gained it back. I have High Blood Pressure and High Liver Enzymes for which they can find no cause. I know that I desperatley need to lose weight. I am scared to mess with the Atkins Diet because of my Health Problems. I cannot afford to pay some place to help me lose weight. I need a good,solid reliable Low Fat Diet Plan that is going to be a lifestyle change for me. Would appreciate any help anyone can give or any advice.Thank You!
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Hi there! I started out at 244 and 5'2". I had high blood pressure too. I am now 167 after 10 months of solid eating and exercising. I eat about 1200/1300 calories per day, 30 grams of fat or less. I try to keep my carbs at about 50% of my intake. I also must have at least 20 grams of fiber per day. I track all of my food on Fitday.com. You can check out what I usually eat everyday with that link as well.

My blood pressure has been great for the last 6 months or so. It really only took losing about 30lbs for a huge difference in the blood pressure. My cholesterol has also gone down quite a bit. You are welcome to email me (it is in my profile) if you have any specific questions about what I eat.

Good luck!
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Our bodies can be too pesky!

I have problems with my bile duct, and have to eat low fat myself. I make stones even without my gall bladder, and it will spasm on me and hurt like a heart attack. Fat is not my friend.

I follow what I call a low-fat, low carb diet. I am at 12-1300 calories a day, try to make sure I eat some fruit every day, and have a lunch that is as free of carbs as I can get. I eat a lot of carb control yogurt, cause having a good amount of calcium, especially from yogurt seems to help with the weight loss.

A typical day's menu would be:

Breakfast - a Carb Control yogurt or Smoothie
something with a lot of protein and not too much carb. I often cook a turkey burger on my Forman grill, and have it on two slices of Orowheat light whole wheat bread. This gives me a meal of 160+80 + 60 calories: about a 300 calorie meal. I usually also have one cup of sweetened and creamed coffee at about 50 calories a cup.

For lunch, I usually have a salad of various greens, low carb veggies like mushrooms, cukes, etc. fortified with a tablespoon of feta cheese, a tablespoon of walnut pieces, perhaps some fish, and no fat dressing. Often a tablespoon of olives. NO bread, no cereal, (because if I eat that, I will crave all day.) I might have some fruit. I always have a yogurt or a smoothie. This also runs 300 calories or thereabouts.

I have a mid afternoon snack. For me, a lot of the time this will be a cup of low fat cappachino, possibly some genisoy crisps, maybe fruit. Somewhere around 200 calories max.

Dinner is some lean meat, or fish, with salad, veggie, some carbohydrate food like pasta or rice or potato. Soy milk a lot of the time. Meal runs around 400 calories, with maybe a hundred calories in fruit for dessert, and then coffee. My evening total of calories runs about 600 calories.

As a rule of thumb, if there is a no-fat substitute, I eat that. If there is a way to make a dish lower fat, I do that (like making mashed potatos with chicken boullion, no-fat milk, and no-fat sour cream.) Only oil I use is olive oil. No butter, no margarine, only cheese I eat is non fat and a little parmesan on pasta. No oil in cooking pasta, either.

I do eat lean red meat, weighing the portions out. I eat some light Lay's potato chips with olestra instead of regular chips, but not at lunch. It's been working, and my blood fats are very good. Last liver enzyme test (only one of mine was out of wack) was excellent). I take fiber supplements and make sure I eat some fibery food.

I tried eating puffed wheat and lowfat soymilk for breakfast, but I end up with the carb craves.

It's not exactly an atkins diet, and it's not anybody's plan but mine, but I've lost 33 lbs. on it. And it doesn't aggravate my bile duct, which means the heart attack pain doesn't haunt me any more (a very good motivator!)

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Thanks for both your replies! Aside from the health problems I mentioned I also had a Kidney Stone attack last December! I am somewhat anemic also but I figure that is because I do not eat a healthy Vitamin Rich Diet. I eat a lot of meat and cheese and barley any vegetables at all I am not a veggie lover by nature. Will try and see what I can figure out based on what you two have told me here.Thanks for the tips!
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Gwen, when I set out to lose weight, I didn't focus on any specific diet, just healthy eating. I read labels now and try to balance out everything from carbs to fat to fiber to protein, and yes, even sodium content. Trying to keep the protein and fiber high, while keeping the others low...but not cutting them out completely. Even some fats are good for you. I initially switched to fat free everything, until I learned the concept that some fats are good. Now I mostly go low fat. My biggest changes were in switching to mostly lean meats and to all whole grains...no white flour, and to drinking water over soda...plenty of water. I've learned to do smaller portions on the starches and larger portions on the veggies, but to have them all and not sacrifice one for the other. Doing this, without counting my calories, I saw a decrease in my weight. However, it was slow in coming.

What I found decreased my weight the quickest, and is the best added benefit for health one can do, is adding in daily exercise. You can't just start exercising like a pro and perhaps not even every day at first. But you should try to as much as possible. If it's even to go for a walk for as long as you can to get your heart rate up just a bit. Eventually, the walk will get easier and farther. You might even feel a little jog coming on at some point. You can find ways to work it into everyday life as it is, like parking farthest from doors and taking the stairs always. But I lost the most weight, and the fastest, just by adding in exercise. And I started with just a 1 mile walk every day.

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