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Default A newbie with a slow metabolism...

Hi! I'm a newbie on the forum. I' ve been lurking for the last two months but this is the first time I actually post. After reading this site, it is very motivating to get going! Since I remember, I've always been overweight but I'm morbidly obese now. I won't tell my story but I'm just beginning to exercice and eat well after a year battling depression. I took Effexor, which gave me 30 pounds (mostly water). In fact, I regain so much water that I can't put my sandals on. My left feet is so huge! I'm off the antidepressor for two months now and still haven't lost any pound, and water for that matter, even with diuretic. My Doc says it will go over time and exercise. This week, I walk everyday for 30 min. and gone to the gym 2 times (cardio and weight). I've eat 1500 calories. But, no result. And since everybody loses a lot of pounds in the very first week, I'm pretty disappointed. Before this depression, My weight was 220. So at 250, and 5 foot 2, It's very difficult for me to move so I thought I had a great week. My metabolism must be very slow right now because of the medication and all this inactivity the last year. Did some of you came through the same situation?

Thank you!
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Hi, welcome to 3FC

Your story sounds familiar. I have also had weight problems related to medication and metabolism. I am on a medication for my heart that slows my metabolism down so much that I've had two doctors tell me that weight loss would be very difficult. Plus, I'm borderline hypo-thyroid. Not a good combination, lol. I can't go off my meds, but I did find that exercise was the key to helping me lose weight. Ask your doctor if it's ok for you to exercise more than 30 minutes a day, and break it up. If you can walk 30 minutes in the morning, and then another 30 minutes in the afternoon, you will probably see a big difference. Exercise will boost your metabolism for several hours after you have finished your walk. So adding in another session will boost you for a few more hours. Don't overdo it, though, and make sure to follow your doctors advice.

Another great thing about regular exercise is that it can help treat depression. I also have had problems with clinical depression over the years. Exercise has really helped me. It is believed to increase serotonin production in the brain.

Congratulations for getting off to a great start! Even though you have not lost weight yet, you have definitely taken steps to improve your health. Good luck!
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Suzanne-it is wonderful that you mentioned exercise as a means of helping depression.

Jola-I can tell you hands down from experience that it works. I have issues with depression/anxiety attacks/OCD, and after doing a lot of research and talking with my doctor, I chose a couple years ago to do "exercise" therapy rather than take any medication. Cardio exercise like walking does WONDERS for depression. I can actually feel a difference if something goes on and I have to miss a day or two. I have also found that yoga is wonderful for my OCD/anxiety because of its stress relieving properties. It really works!!!!!

I would not get too hung up on the scale just yet. Sometimes you don't see the results right away when you first start. The first thing you should concentrate on is your exercise. Make sure you are getting your daily walks in. The 1500 calorie diet-stick with that for a while, and journal what you are eating each day on a notebook or something. Make sure that you ar carefully calculating your calories, and that you are eating the proper serving sizes if you are eating packaged foods. Also make sure your food choices are healthy ones...and that you are counting calories in your drinks as well as your food. It WILL happen for you, you just have to be patient with it. I am glad that you finally decided to post! Welcome!!!!

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