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Old 05-04-2005, 03:53 PM   #1
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Unhappy bad news

I just found out I am going to have to have some minor surgery tomorrow and it may keep me from being able to workout for almost a month. Nothing strenous anyway. Can someone recommend good wlking shoes with really thick soles? That may be all I can do for the next month and I know I'll have problems with my arthritis if I have to walk a lot.

I'm so depressed I feel like just giving up. Maybe I will.


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Default oh my goodness...

I am in shock after reading your post. You are 12 lbs from goal and you are letting this bit of time and setback send you into that much of a tail-spin?

There are those of us who are fighting the good fight, who have over 100 lbs to lose!!!! There are so many activities that a person can do when temporarily set-back in one area. I think of those folks who've had strokes and fight back to regain whatever they can of 1/2 of their whole body.

Please put your situation into perspective. yikes....sorry to be so blunt, but I really am shocked....
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Thanks for making me feel worse.

I'm going to leave, I guess I misjudged this place.

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Old 05-04-2005, 04:23 PM   #4
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Don't leave on my account. I just wanted to encourage you to get the big picture on the situation. I hope all will be well with you.
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I think Maggie was just trying to say...Others have done it, so can you.

Can't recommend shoes, but will throw out my two cents. What kind of surgery are you having (i.e. what body part is it going to affect)? Maybe you can still do light upper body/arms toning excercises even if can't do cardio or stress your lower body? Maybe consider riding a bike if you have access to one and are allowed (or swimming, if access and stiches aren't a problem). Both are low stress excercises on your body. I think the important thing is to just mentally stay in the game.

Also remember, just because you haven't made it all the way to your goal yet doesn't mean you can't be happier where you are. After all 137 is better than 150! No need to go back now. I know it is frustrating to wait and hard to keep up your motivation but remember all the work you have already done and don't let having to wait awhile to reach your goal take that away.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. -Edison
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(((((((((((((fatbat))))))))))))) hang in there my babe...... I bought some Skechers running shoes (I do NOT run, my boobs are not made for it!!!) and they are really comfy and supportive. I got mine at TKMaxx and they were quite cheap (for England anyway, our prices would scare you.

Don't leave us and don't give up. I am one of the 100 pounders, but when it is your fat to lose, it doesn't matter if its 100 or 10, its your journey, and it's your own personal nemesis, sometimes it's hard for me to relate - but that's what we're here for, to support each other, regardless of differences.

You will get through this, and we're here to help.
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Everyone has setbacks. I was 200 pounds 5 years ago, and made it all the way to my goal weight, and was very fit. A month after reaching my goal weight, I found that I was *surprise!* pregnant with my second child. A pregnancy that left me at an even higher weight than I was before-211 pounds. I could have given up then, but I didn't. I am just making my way back down the ladder again.

That is just "life". That's the way it is...there are going to be surgeries, pregnancies, injuries, a weeklong case of the stomach flu, birthday parties with cake and ice cream-there are going to be times where you fall off plan, or are not able to work out. The key is how you deal with them.

I could have easily given up when I found out I was pregnant again but I didn't. There are times when I have been ill with the flu and unable to work out for a week-but when that week was up I slowly worked my way back into my regular workouts. You do what you have to do. If you go off plan and eat everything in sight for a week and gain 2 pounds-then you just have to get back to your plan and don't let those 2 pounds turn into 20. If they do, then you just start over again.

Believe it or not-as tough as the weight loss journey is, maintaining it for life is the real challenge. You have to learn to deal with life's situations and make the best of them, and make lemonade when you are handed lemons. There is no magic that happens to make it all easier once you reach your goal weight.

Good luck with your surgery, and when you are able, slowly ease into activity again as guided by your doctor. I know you probably feel bummed out and worried about the surgery...but think of the positives-like my "goal" weight being higher than your current weight! I am just teasing you.

Let us know how your surgery went, and if you need any support while you heal.
Take Care,

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Ambriehl Saroj
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slow and steady
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Hang in there! I'm sorry to hear that you have to have surgery. I think it's great that you are thinking about walking after the surgery rather than just sitting around (if it was me, I'd probably be like "I just had surgery, that means I get to eat a tub of ice cream and sit on the couch all day!"). A month may seem like forever right now, but I'm sure it will go by quickly. Once you've recovered, I'm sure you will be able to work up to your usual routine in no time. Look at how much progress you've made already, you're more than halfway to your goal! Even if you can't lose for a month because you can't work out, you have still accomplished something great.
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Even with a month, there's no sense in giving up. When I first found out I was pregnant, I chucked all the exercise and healthy eating. I dined on cheesecake for a month. But then I decided that I'd just have that much more to lose afterward so went back to my healthy eating and exercising. I can't exercise as much, and I'm eating more, but I'm still doing the exercise and still eating the right stuff. So even with a month of splurging, I didn't give up what I decided to do for a lifetime. That's the part about this being a lifestyle change. It's not like it's a diet and you break it and you're done. It's a lifestyle. If you splurge (or don't or are unable to exercise for a month), you simply get back to it after that month. A month out of an entire life isn't a big deal. But to give up, look at it in the opposite direction...you're giving up a life over a month. And that can be a HUGE deal.

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Don't you FEEL better at 137 than you did at 150? While you recover from surgery continue to eat well. Be as active as your doctor says is safe. The worst that could happen would be that you maintain your current weight - and that isn't so bad. You will reach your goal if you hang in there. But, you know what? Even if you never lose another pound you are still MUCH better off than you were 13 pounds ago.

Giving up your healthy habits just because your plan has hit a snag isn't going to get you where you want to be. Don't let this be an excuse to give up what you want. Especially since what you have described is a perfectly manageable situation. Don't panic. Try and look at it all a little more objectively. Almostheaven is right. A month isn't that big a deal in the big scheme of things. Heck, I've gone a month with out any weight loss while I was ON plan!

Remember, too, that once you reach your goal you'll still have to keep up the good work you've been doing. And things like this will come up again. Handle it properly now and you will be better equipped to deal with similar situations in the future.

Good luck to you and I hope your surgery goes smoothly.

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Just starting out!
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Hey there, don't let this get ya down!! Like others have said, just keep exercising whatever body part isn't affected by the surgery and continue to eat right. Heck, maybe you could take this opportunity to learn how to cook some new healthy recipes and focus on the food part of the equation! Or maybe you could swim, that's generally ok once the incisions have healed because the water supports your weight...

You're halfway there, don't give up now!!
If you really want to do this, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse!

Mini-goal to Nalgene!:

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