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Default How often do you weigh yourself?

Ok, so I'm weaning my self off of food but I'm still addicted to weighing myself. I weigh in the morning after work, at the gym, at night....all the time. I really need to get off the scale. I know its not acuate, weight fluctuations, ect...and I should only weigh in once a week but I can't help it.
are any of you this crazy about the scale or is any one a recovering scale addict?
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Hi Jennie! I weigh myself every day, but only first thing in the morning. Supposedly right when you wake up is the best time to weigh yourself, b/c your stomach is empty. If I weigh in at night the scale usually reads about 3lbs (or more!) heavier than in the morning!

I've also heard that weighing once a week is better . . . but I can't resist doing it every day, especially because I don't lose very fast, so if the one day of the week was a bad day, I might think I was gaining instead of losing!

Anyway, if you're trying to cut down on your weighings, try going to once a day first, before trying to cut it to once a week.
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Hey ladies,
I too am scale obsessed. I weigh myself every morning and usually at night before I go to bed. I finally have stopped weighing myself in the middle of the day. I didn't do it before, but the closer I get to my goal the more obsessed with the scale I've been getting. Anyway, my next goal is to stop weighing myself at night. I usually weigh 1 or 2 pounds more at night than I do in the morning. But weighing myself at night can sometimes make me feel bad and worry that I gained weight that day. I do think that it's ok to weigh yourself everyday. At least it helps me stay on track. I just can't let it get me down if I maintain for a few days or if the scale isnt' going down as much as I would like. I think that is the key.

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I weigh myself every day. I know I'm not supposed to do that, but for me it's part of what keeps me motivated and focused.

I think it's okay to do so as long as the numbers on the scale don't dictate your mood for the moment. If I weigh myself and find that I've gained weight, (even though I know I've been an angel on my plan) I've at least learned to shrug it off and know that it's not permanent. On the other hand, if I weigh myself and I'm down, well then wooohooo it's happy time

I try to postpone stepping on the scale if I'm feeling fat/bloated. It's bad enough to feel fat, but when the scale confirms that I've put on a few pounds, well.... However, if I'm feeling thin and weigh in a pound or two heavy then I just cuss at the scale and tell myself that it's all that strength training that I'm doing and I don't care what the stupid scale says!
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right on luciole!

I weigh every day in the morning, but only really take notice of what it says on Fridays! (I'm usually lighter after a kickboxing class). I cuss the scale too, at the moment it seems to get a good kicking every day!
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Originally Posted by Luciole
I weigh myself every day. I know I'm not supposed to do that, but for me it's part of what keeps me motivated and focused.
Who says you're not supposed to do that?! And who ever "they" are, who cares? Do what ever works for you, period. I weigh every single morning. Now I do it mostly as a way to keep myself in check, to know that I am on track with my maintenance every day. But while I was losing I looked forward to seeing if there was any change every morning. As long as you understand that the body has normal fluctuations and you don't let yourself obsess about it then go for it. I think the only ones who should try refraining from daily or weekly weighing are the ones who feel like they have a real problem with it, but that's something each person must decide for themselves. Just my 2 cents anyway!

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my scale is in my bathroom, so whenever i go, i use it
it's auch ana addiction.
i use my first weight of the morning as my real weigh, and then throughout the day i just look at the fluctuations.

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I'm with boiaby on this one. I weight myself about twice a day, maybe more often than that. And I don't have a problem with that, either. I know that my weight fluctuates, and I don't panic if I see a two or three pound rise from morning to night. I'm strongly in the "weigh yourself as often as you like and don't worry what "they" tell you about it" camp.
I'm Tealeaf, and I approve of this message.

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Wow! Is this ever a hot topic or what?!

OK . . . here's my two cents: I used to weigh myself every day but found it weighed against me (pun intended) if I was up even a pound because it would trigger a binge. You know, the "it's not working anyway so why even try" mentality. I finally got myself to weighing in just on Friday morning (to help keep me "honest" during the weekend) and Monday morning (my "official" weigh in day) by putting my scale in the closet in between weigh-ins. This approach has worked for me. However, if the daily fluctuation of the scale does not negatively effect your weight loss efforts, I personally think you should do what you feel works for you and the heck with what "they" say is appropriate.

Have a great day!
Wishing success to us all!

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Ok, so at least I'm not alone in the weighing in a lot. I some times do let it get me down and I get the its not working binge idea. I've been trying to slow it down.
Its weird so many people I know with out weight issues don't even own scales. I got a new tanita one and gave my sister my old one and before that she didnt' even have one in her house. I think I need to get it undercontrol where it won't dictate my feelings or mood like it sounds a lot of you have.
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Hey do it what ever way is best for you I say! But for me it used to be every few days then I switched to one time a wk. It seemed to work better for me as if I didn't lose in a few days and was sticking to the plan I'd eat more. Just me I guess. So a friend said try doing the scale thing on saturdays. I did and its working for me as I seem to be more careful on fridays also not thinking the weekend is a free for all. Well good luck and do what is best for you we are all different. There is no right or wrong what ever fits the individual is right!
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I only weigh myself once a month because I know if I weigh every day or every week, I won't see tons of weight come off. I only want to lose 8 pounds, and I know it will take at least a couple of months, so I don't want to rush things.

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I too tend to weigh many times a day (but only go by the first in the am) I find that I will weigh at night (and I know it is at least 2lbs heavier) and sometimes will weigh myself in the middle of the night to make sure that it IS going down although I WILL not take that weight until the morning before my walk (after I pee ) and before I drink any water Foolish...no, compulsive....yes.....but it works for me.
And yet, here I am again, starting over...One step, One pound at a time. How does one expect to lose weight without exercise? Hmmm, it hasn't worked for me up till now. Let's switch it up, see if it works...
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I weigh myself whenever i can get away with it.. The scales are in my paren't bathroom, which i usually use for having showers, so i weight myself whenever i have a shower, and when nobody is home i sneak in to weigh myself again.. If I'm at a friend's house and i use the bathroom i can't resist weiging myself, even though it's obviously not accurate because of clothing... But I once found that on my friends's scale I weighted less than on my one, wearing clothes on hers and not on mine. Actually my scale isn't reliable. I weighed myself twice in a row once and got a 1.3 kilo difference.
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What I usually do is weigh myself everyday, around the same time (for me, it's before I go to bed...). I keep track of the week's starting and ending weights, and then the weights I've taken during the week. I keep all this information in an excel spreadsheat, and graph it out (can you tell I'm an engineering student? hahah), and yes! There is a downward trend...

I think it's normal to weigh yourself every day; just don't do it totally obsessively - it will fluctuate based on water intake, etc.

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