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I want to buy new clothes!

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Old 04-03-2005, 10:15 AM   #1
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Default I want to buy new clothes!

I have been at this since November 2004. While I am happy with my success so far, I don't feel that I look that different. I know that I am wrong, because people see me and notice the weight loss. But due to my body shape, the loss has been primarily in my upper body. I pack most of my pounds around my waist which has barely changed - 40 pounds and it has decreased by 1.75 inches I think I'm starting to look like a beach ball
I'm still in the same clothing size - I can get away with perhaps going down a size in my shirts, but the pants are exactly the same size. It's a little discouraging as I'd like to celebrate with some new clothes.
Well, I guess I just wanted to vent a bit. Here's hoping that the belly fat will go now that all the rest is gone.
Deborah - Bellerose, NY
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Venting is more than welcome around here

How frustrating it is to not be able to decide where the fat come off our bodies! I can totally empathize with you; although my weight sticks to different spots. I've lost 90 lbs and still can't comfortably wear shorts because my thighs are nearly as thick as my waist! It's very frustrating to have huge rear and thighs and hips when everything above my waist is boney! And where the heck did my boobs go???

I'm sure the weight loss is indeed very noticable to others. Try to remember that before you began losing weight, you probably didn't feel so great about yourself and rarely stared at your body in the mirror. If you're anything like me, you look at yourself in the mirror all the time now The thing is though, when you were heavier you were probably actually less critical of your build because you didn't expect anything new or exciting from checking yourself out. Point being, there are probably a lot of places on your body where the weight loss is VERY noticable, but it's not to you because when you were your heaviest you didn't even notice that you had a lot of extra padding at points a, b, c, etc... and now that it's gone you unfortunately don't notice the change either.

Either way, 40 lbs is an amazing loss! And, it looks like you've been plugging away at your weight in a slow and steady fashion, so not only have you lost, but you've probably done so in the best, healthiest way possible! I doubt you'll have much trouble maintaining your goal weight when you reach it!

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much, if anything, that we can do about the genetics of where we store our weight. I don't know how much validity there is to this, but there has recently been a rash of studies showing that calcium products promote weight loss around the mid section. Here's a quote from a site I like (whfoods.org):

Trying to lose weight, especially around the midsection? A study published in the April 2004 issue of Obesity Research suggests that eating more calcium-rich foods, especially low fat dairy foods such as cow's milk, yogurt and kefir, may really help.

In this study, 41 obese subjects, 32 of whom completed the study, were divided into three groups and put on diets designed to result in the loss of one pound per week for 24 weeks. All diets contained the same number of calories and were designed to provide subjects with a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day.

The first group received a low (430 mg/day) calcium diet. The second group got the same diet with enough supplemental calcium to bring their daily intake up to 1200 mg. And the third group ate a diet with enough dairy foods to provide about 1100 mg calcium each day. At the conclusion of the study, the low calcium group had lost almost 15 pounds, the high calcium group 19 pounds, and the high dairy foods group 24 pounds. Plus, fat lost from the midsection represented an average of 19% of total fat loss in those on the low calcium diet, 50% of the fat lost in those on the high calcium diet, and 66% of the fat lost in those getting their calcium from dairy foods.

I've seen similar reports from other studies in various magazines. Like I said, I can't say how valid it is. Sometimes with these studies it's like one week you should eat 3 avocados a daily to reduce your chance of stroke, and then the next week, OMG don't eat avocados they raise your chance of heart attack! What's a girl to do??? However, I actually put a small amount of stock into the "eat more natural calcium sources, lose belly fat" studies because I personally consumed TONS of calcium when I first starting losing weight. Yogurt, chocolate milk, cereal w/ milk... these were all things that helped me when I had a craving for something sweet. Now, nearing the end of my journey, my stomach is pretty much flat (but let's not talk about those thighs and hips! ). So, did it help me lose belly fat? Who knows, hehe. But hey, most women don't get their recommended daily dose of calcium anyway, so you could always give it a try!

You've done a wonderful job losing the weight Debbie! Please don't get discouraged! If you stick with your routine your belly weight WILL slowly disappear into the past. In the meantime, to celebrate, I think you should still go buy some new clothing. Walking around window shopping and trying hordes of outfits on is decent exercise anyway! And, I bet if you actually go and try some clothing on you'll find that you can wear different styles of pants (or maybe buy some skirts) that you previously may have avoided. You said your shirt size has perhaps gone down? Well get some new shirts! Reward yourself for your progress, don't punish yourself for not being exactly where you imagined you'd be.

Best of luck to you!!! You're doing great!
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I have exact same situation as you. I've lost about 37 pounds and although I'm very happy about that, I have noticed that the waist of my pants has hardly changed. I do have a bit more room there but, it's nothing compared to my baggy legs and butt!! I have tried on pants that fit fine in the legs but it would be impossible to button them! I too have gone down in shirt sizes.

I do not have any advice for you, I just want you to know you are not alone!

- Lynn

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Thanks for the support. I tried to do some clothes shopping yesterday and I think that is what got me down.
Luciole - unfortunately, being lactose-intolerant, and disliking most milk products (except ice cream and chocolate, of course ) I don't get a lot of calcium. I try to take a supplement but sometimes even that bothers me. I guess I'll just have to keep plugging away at general weight loss and accept that my belly is going to be the last place it goes from.
Lynn - aren't clothes sizes strange? I've never been able to fit into pants. My waist is a plus size but my hips are only about 2 inches bigger, so I swim in pants. I can actually get both legs into one. Clothing manufacturers only seem to allow for those ladies that collect weight around their hips and thighs. I currently wear nothing but stretch pants in the largest non-plus size. The waistbands are usually elastic enough to accommodate my tummy and the legs don't look like sails. I don't like skirts - having small hips means my thighs rub and I have wear something on my legs or I do myself damage
Deborah - Bellerose, NY
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Congratulations on your 40lbs lost!! That is such a wonderful accomplishment and you should feel proud!!

As for clothes shopping. It IS discouraging and it can bring you down sometimes but you know what I do...I keep shopping until I find something that I really like and that makes me feel good about what I've accomplished so far. I don't want to let my fat take over my feelings of accomplishment.....I've worked too hard to let it do that.

The belly is my biggest problem too and I have found that jean are just a pain in the butt to find that doesn't cut off circulation in the waist line. (I like to breath!)
I have discovered the "at the waist" cut jeans. They're not hip huggers, they sit more on the waist area rather than above, where my belly is in my way, and they are more comfortable. And they don't make just jeans that are cut that way, you can find all kinds of different pants that are. After finding that, I find a top that compliments. Afterwards, I feel good and it keeps the motivation going.

Buying new clothes can be frustrating but it's just taking more time to shop around to find the right fit clothes. And you're doing a fabulous job and you deserve to buy new clothes.....so go out there and find the perfect outfit!!

Good luck and once again, Congratulations on the weight loss!!

"Nobody ever drowned in sweat"
-Steve Prefontaine

"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be."
-David Viscott
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I recently found out that a couple of our major department stores offer a free personal shopping service. I'm not sure why, but it wasn't something that was heavily advertised. Or, if it was, I missed it. Anyway, I had the exact same problem as you in that I couldn't find clothes that fit properly. I made an appointment with the shopper, she took measurements, and asked questions about styles I liked, my lifestyle etc. Since it is her job, she is familiar with all of the brands carried by the store, their cuts, their fits, etc. She was able to point me in exactly the right direction for pants and tops that fit like they should. As an added bonus she knew which styles would be most flattering for my figure - something I've had trouble with since losing weight. I couldn't get out of the "cover it all up" mentality.

Anyway, even if it isn't publicized, ask around and see if any of your department stores offer a similar service. Or, if you have any higher end specialty shops in your area check them out. Since they are usually smaller and owned individually their staff (the owner/buyer in a lot of cases) also has a better idea of the fit of the clothes they carry. Even if you don't purchase anything from them you will probably still walk away with a better idea of the kinds of designs that you should be looking for.

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I thought of one more thing - consider having the clothes you purchase tailored. A few of the department stores here also offer that service for free. Even if you have to take it somewhere else, it is worth the extra money if the end result is a pair of pants that fit perfectly! Just buy them slightly larger than you need an have them taken up.

Also, do you know anyone who sews? If you do, find a couple of simple patterns you like and see if they will make them for you. My mom is a great seamstress and she has helped me plenty by slightly altering the pattern to fit my shape. Plus, you can have something that isn't on the rack of every store in town!

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Hi Debbie,

I feel your frustration. One thing that I came across a while back that came into my mind when I read your post is the Paper Towel Theory. It offers a very good analogy as to why you have lost so much weight but don't feel like you look that much different. Its definitely worth reading. Hope it helps.


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