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Default Portion Control

It Sounds So Easy But I Love Food All Types Fruit, Vegies,pizza,and Anything That I Know Isn't Good For Me Lol. And I Have A Very Healthy Appitite What Are Some Good Between Meal Snacks To Help Get Rid Of The Hunger? I Use To Be Able To Eat Till I Was Almost Full Then Not Eat Anymore No Snacks No Nothing But I Don't Think I Can Do That Anymore And On Top Of That Everytime I Start Talking Diet My Husband (much As He Tries To Be Supportive ) Is Always Afraid I Will Take Away His Mac And Cheese Or Start Buying The Lowfat Foods And Is Not Very Supportive Of The Whole Diet Thing. I Did The Slim Fast Thing A Long Time Ago And It Worked For Me But He Is Afraid Of Me Becomming Addicted To That Cause Of Stories He Has Heard.so Just Wondering If Maybe I Can Do The Portion Control Sucessfully. Sounds Like A Lot To Give Up And Like I Said I Love Food But I'm Still Looking A Different Options
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I actually find this method to work really well. This way you don't have to give anything up - the key is REALLY watching portion sizes. You may find that the portion is not worth the calories, so you may start replacing food after a while. Reader's Digest put a book out called ChangeOne, it is a huge help with portion control. They give ideas about what to compare sizes to, like a baseball is equal to a cup and things like that. They also have a diet plan that helps you change one meal at a time for one week at a time, so its a great way to ease into healthier eating and exercise.
As for snacks, I do not have any "good" or "bad" foods, I feel that you should eat what you like, in moderation. Some good snacks I like that combat hunger are yogurt, cheese, oatmeal or nuts. I usually look for things that taste great and are quick and easy. I find light popcorn to be a great snack at night with a little butter flavored Pam spray.
Good luck!
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I didn't make hubby give up mac & cheese. What I did instead was made 2 pots of it. One from Kraft, and one from whole wheat pasta with lowfat or soy cheese. Then I found the Amy's soy whole wheat microwaveable macaroni in the organics section and saved time. LOL Same with spaghetti, ground turkey in mine, beef in his. And separate pots of the two kinds of pasta. Put more of the side vegetables on your plate than on his when having dinner. Just be creative and still enjoy those same meals together.

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Like AlmostHeaven, SOMETIMES I end up making two seperate meals for my family and myself (well, actually, if I don't want what I've made for them I just have a lean cuisine). But, I've been doing this for a while and have found that if I don't tell them I've substituted healthier ingredients my family doesn't know (I've got a picky husband and three picky children). So, I still make mac and cheese, but I use 2% cheese, evaporated SKIM milk, reduced calorie margarine, etc. I still have to measure my portions because the changes don't necessarily make it a guilt free food, but it does help.

There have been a couple of things that I've substituted ingredients in and someone asked if I did something differently. I always tell them no and chalk it up to a bad batch and then just make a mental note that I won't be able to slip that particular recipe by them. I'll keep making it the traditional way knowing that I'll just have to enjoy a smaller portion than if I'd been able to alter the recipe. It usually isn't that big of a deal.

It sounds sooo cliche but the bottom line is that you have to make changes that you can sustain. Otherwise, you are wasting your time because you are going to regain the weight you've lost as soon as you stop making wiser food choices. The good news is that there is more than one way to skin a cat. The plan you choose has to reflect YOUR goals and YOUR lifestyle.

For instance, my weight is my only health concern. I don't have high blood pressure, I don't have heart issues, I don't have high cholesterol, etc. So, my plan is really just a matter of burning more calories than I eat. Sure, I've become more particular about the kinds of food I eat but that is more a result of feeling healthier over all and wanting to improve on that, not as a means to lose weight. Similarly, you will have to take a little time to decide what you want your end result to be and design a plan around that. If you find yourself confused by all of the conflicting information floating around you may find consulting a nutritionist helpful.

To be honest, I didn't really consult my husband much when I started making these changes. I figured that since I was in charge of our meals I could do it my way, within reason, of course. After all, it is still important to me that we enjoy our meals as a family. But, what I didn't want was to be able to use THEM as my excuse to give up (and I have been guilty of doing just that in the past). They all know I am working hard to lose weight, they are all supportive, but I knew that I would never be successful if I kept that voice in my head tell me that I HAD to bake chocolate chip cookies every day after school. It is all about compromise. I'm not going to take away the foods my family loves just because I can't control myself. By the same token, they don't expect to have fried chicken once a week any more either.

Somewhere, there is a balanced plan for you and your family. One that will help you attain the weight loss you desire without creating huge sacrifices for your family. It doesn't have to be all or nothing, nor should it be. The hardest part is dedicating the thought and time necessary to find the one suits all of your needs. But it most definately CAN be done.

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Thanks To Everyone You All Make Alot Of Since.i Realized As I Was Reading The Replys I Do Use My Family As An Excuse To Not Change My Eating Habits But I Also Realized That There Are Alot Of Things Me And My Family Like That Are Good For Me As Well As Them.i Am Just Like Jawsmom My Weight Is My Only Concern Everything Else Is Good.so I Guess The Best Choice Is To Suck It Up And Tell Myself Try Portion Control If It's Not For Me There Are Other Things To Try And One Of Them Will Be Just What I'm Looking For Again Thanks
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