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Unhappy Getting Frustrated...belly fat!

Okay, well, I've lost a little over 40 pounds since January. Don't ask how I lost how much so quickly, I don't know...it just came off! I can tell, in my face and that, and other people are telling me how fab I look...but, I just can't really see it! I've lost at least one pants and shirt size, if not 2. I just have a sh*tload of belly fat and upper arm fat. At least, that's the way I see it. Is belly fat like the last to start going? Now that my weight-loss has slowed down, I'm getting really frustrated!!
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Congrats of losing 40 pounds in only a couple months!

People lose fat from different parts of their bodies at different times. Some lose from their bellies last, other may lose it from their stomach first. Unfortunatey all I can suggest is be patient. It WILL come off from your stomach eventually. Your weight loss probably will slow down a bit too, thats pretty normal. I think the "safe" rate of losing weight is about 1kg a week or 2.2pounds...doesnt sound much but it sure adds up! So dont get frustrated by the slowdown, its all part of it.

Myself, I was lucky and lost weight in my stomach first...my backside and thighs were the last to go. That was frustrating as well! I felt like I was NEVER going to drop pants sizes lol, or at the very least be this weird two sizes smaller on top and two larger on the bottom :P

Anyway, congrats again on your accomplishments!

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What you are going through, I think, is normal. Don't give up. If you aren't already, incorporate some weight training, especially for those areas that bother you the most. It won't necessarily help you loose the extra fat in those spots but it will make those parts of your body much more attractive in the meantime. And that means you'll probably see the results that everyone else is already commenting on. Remember, that the people complimenting you see you much more objectively than you see yourself.

Also, keep your expectations in check. Your age, whether or not you've had children, how long and by how much you've been overweight, etc. can impact how your body looks at any given weight. I'd love to get back to 125 again but the truth of the matter is that 125 after 3 children and 18 years just isn't going to be as "perky" as it once was. It will still be MUCH better than where I am now though. So, evaluate what you think of your body now and what you anticipate it looking like once you've met your goal. Make adjustments to your attitude towards your body if you need too. There is no reason to set low standards for yourself but they do need to be realistic. Otherwise, you will be chasing an unattainable goal and become frustrated much faster, making it hard not to give up over the long haul.

Just keep up the hard work and you will begin to see yourself as everyone else sees you. Good Luck!

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I'm about in the same spot as you except it's taken me almost a year to get where you are at. I posted something about this to the maintainers because, like you, I've seen great results everywhere else. I finally was able to come with grips that it will come off eventually. I had two children in two years and it did take a toll on my belly. I'm not going to worry about it until I start getting closer to my goal weight.

Halloween Goal

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