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Default Newbie/could use some advice

First I just wanted to say how happy I am that I came across this forum!

Here's a little background info: I'm 27 yr old female, been heavy all my life averaging around 250, with my highest point being 278. Since last September I brought my weight down to 228, but I did it the wrong way. I virtually starved myself, eating 5 meals a week and taking an abundant amount of OTC ephidrine pills. While I was thrilled with the weight loss, I was aware of the health risks I was imposing on myself. Recently, within the past month, I've started going to the gym 5-6 days a week and trying to make a consious effort to eat more and eat the right things.

I really could use some advice on what I should be eating, how many calories per day and the protien/carb/fat ratio I should aim for.

I know I made some progress the easy way, but I really want to do things right now!

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I forgot to mention a couple things that are obstacles for me.

I work midnights, so my schedule is completely turned around. I have been trying for:

Breakfast: 10:30 pm
Snack: 12:30am
Lunch: 3:00am
Snack: 5:00am
Dinner: 7:30am

and then I am in bed around noon.

My other MAJOR problem is my income, or lack thereof. I end up with about $20.00 a week left over after I pay bills, and I honestly don't buy any food! I take what I can get at home, or at work, but I cannot afford to write out a grocery list and buy groceries every week. I applied for food stamps and was denied for being 'over income'!!!! I can't understand that when I struggle so hard financially, but it is definitely something hindering my progress I believe.
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Default Hi

Hi there,

Well sounds like you are certainly enthusiastic about the diet. I am 23 and at starting weight was 256lbs, I am now at 198lbs, but stuck myself. Alot of the
problem with me is snacking. I too also have a busy schedule, I work full time days and do clinicals for college on second shift at night, so I dont have much time or money for meal planning either, I buy the bags of lettuce and chicken and live off of that and frozen veggies, I make wraps with the salad, Im always eating salad in some form. I also buy those WW or lean cuisine meals when they are on sale to have 1 or two a week for dinner or lunch. Some cheap stuff I buy to snack on thats healthy are popcorn, pretzels, granola bars, fruit when its on sale, cereal to snack on, applesauces and puddings are cheap to make and bring with you. Soups are good too. I dont have time to get into making these fancy meals and low fat entrees, cause Im always on the go....These ideas have been helping me, plus drink lots of water!!!! It will keep you full, also stay away from those pills, cause Ive tried, Dexatrim, Trimspa, Ripped Fuel, Diuretics, and Weight Smart One a Day and none of that helped me any!!! Stick with it, and you'll be where you wanna be!!!
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