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Unhappy Help!

I need help. This may be a bit long - I apologize in advance...

I live on the central coast of California. I am 41 years old, have had two c-sections and a hysterectomy. I am 5'5" and currently 172 lbs. Earlier this year I got down to 151 and then went back up to just under 170. I then went back down to right around 160, but over the holidays went back up over 170. I have yoyo'd these 25 lbs or so for years now. About four years ago I even got down to 135, but didn't stay there for long at all.

I am a snacker and I eat when I am bored or depressed. I have tried WW (that was when I got down to 135 - took me 18 months). I also tried Atkins. Surprisingly, it wasn't the chocolate that I missed (see user name) it was potato chips! Those low carb chips just don't cut it. I am also a piccky eater. I don't like most veggies or fish.

I run a home daycare, but I only watch kids before and after school. I also homeschool my 13 year-old daughter. So, I am home a lot, which means the kitchen is right there! My daughter has gone vegetarian and my husband is diabetic, so meals are basically impossible. We all sort of do our own thing. I often eat what my daughter eats, which is high carb.

So - why am I here? Well, I saw an ad for Hydroxycut. I started doing research online and saw Lipovaren. In doing a search for more info about that, I ran across this site. I know that a pill is not the answer. Anyway, I can't afford them. I also can't really afford to go back to WW at $10 a week or whatever it is now days. I had a pinched nerve in my back in February and also have heel pain (which I think is severe plantar fasciitis). I know that both of these problems would be helped by me losing weight and getting in better shape. I like to walk. I don't have the time or money for the gym. I did get a fitball for Christmas (it is something my chiropractor also said would help). I also got a book for Pilates on the ball. This I can probably do. It says to do pilates when there are no distractions. Well, with the phone, my daughter and three dogs in the house - there is no such thing as no distractions. But, I will do my best.

So... why am I here whining? Because I am so afraid I will fail - once again. What can I do to stay on track? Not just to my goal, but I want to keep the weight off after I reach my goal. When I got down to 135 I felt so good - and my feet did not hurt. But then life gets in the way. Something stressful comes up. Or, life just gets busy and I grab what I can, when I can - and I stop exercising. How do I make myself a priority? Where do I get the energy? I am up around 5:00 am and usually not asleep till 11:00. I am a person who does better with 8 or even 9 hours of sleep. I also have always had low iron levels, which I know can effect energy levels. I take iron suppliments, but usually they do not help. I also tend to get myself involved in way too much. My daughter is in 4-H and I am the leader of the guide dog puppy raising project for the County. Plus, I took on being co-leader for the beginning 4-H project. How do I learn to manage my time better? The day goes by and I am exhausted, but often I can't figure out where my time went - it sure doesn't go into cleaning my house!

Well, there is my situation. I need motivation. I need determination. I need will power. I need... Help!

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Hi Sandy, welcome to 3FC! First, congratulations on losing weight in the past, even if you did gain it back. That shows you have determination and you've learned about your body and what you need. Maintaining weight loss can be a lot harder than losing it, so you are not alone. Please check out our Maintainers Forum for some great advice and support. Don't wait until you lose the weight to think about maintenance, be prepared when when you cross that bridge!

Weight Watchers is a great plan, and you might not have to go to the meetings each week. Go to get started and get the materials, then visit our own WW forums for support. This may or may not work for you, because one of the keys to WW success is the weekly support meetings. However, a lot of people do fine with online support, too. If you like the way the WW plan works, then it might be worth a shot!

Are you able to walk around the neighborhood without hurting your back? If so, and if your doctor OK's it, take those dogs for a walk. They'll love you, and even 15 minutes a day will be good for you and your diet. The added benefit will be that a few minutes away, just to yourself, will help reduce stress and allow you to unwind! The Pilates sounds great for improving your strength and overall fitness level, but I'm not sure you can get a good cardio workout from it that will help burn calories. Maybe one of our fitness experts can provide more information on that.
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I'm doing it this time!
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Hi! I live in Central California, and would love to live on the coast. Which part?

I'm a lot like you. I'm inching toward 170, my lowest was 139 when I took Adipex, a weightloss pill. The effects wear off and I started eating again. I know what you mean by "life gets in the way", that's what I always say! I'm a first grade teacher, two kids, 7 and almost 5, and an "eat anything I darn well please" kind of husband! He's overweight and doesn't care. My life never stands still, and I eat when I'm stressed, busy, anxious, depressed,.....and when it's handed to me! I love to eat!

I saw the movie Supersize Me last week, and since Sunday have been trying to eat only healthy things to clean out my system. I am very moody, sluggish and tired (my house is a mess!) and never want to do anything. I'm thinking maybe I'm all these things because of what I'm feeding myself. So for the past 5 days I've stayed away from junk. It's been soooooo hard, but I'm doing it! I'm not thinking about the weightloss part of it, because I know that's slow in coming, and makes me want to go back to eating junk. So I'm going to see if eating good foods will make me feel better. The hard part is finding foods. I hate raw veggies and fruits.

I'm lucky that I have a treadmill in my house. Now I'm actually using the thing! I love to walk too. I'm walking an hour every night. The kids and I don't have any activities outside of school, so luckily I have evenings to walk. I need about 9-10 hours of sleep a night! So getting up before I HAVE to is a no go. By the time I get to bed at night, I drop like a sack of potatoes!

Write back if you can. Do you live near Cayucos? That's my favorite beach getaway town next to Morro Bay.


Forgot to mention I'm 33 and also had 2 c-sections!

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