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Building a Better Me
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Default Having Trouble Starting Out

I guess the way to start is admitting I have a problem. I am an emotional eater. I eat when I'm sad. I eat when I'm bored. I eat when I'm happy. I eat when I'm mad. You get the point I'm sure.

I am also LAZY! I don't like to work out, when my husband says "Let's walk the dog!" I say "Why don't you? I'll take a bath (or whatever) while you do that."

So lets just say that between my emotional eating and my laziness I've gained 120 pounds in 4 years.

By chance the other day, I purchased a video game for the XBox (Yourself!Fitness) and the past 3 days I've actually been looking forward to working out I am sore (my calfs and my abs ache like crazy!) but I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning and workout out!! This is an EXCELLENT thing for me...

However, It's noon and since my 30 minute work out this morning I've eaten an entire can of Spaghettios, a bag of Microwave Popcorn and 2 eggs and 4 peices of toast!!

When I reach into the cupboard I say "Hmm I should grab that apple." But it just sounds better to grab the popcorn/etc ...

How do I change this nasty habbit? Because I know I won't get anywhere if I keep eating all this junk!

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Yup, I've definately been there, lol! What I did though, (and maybe this will sound weird) was I put two pictures of my fridge; one of myself at my heaviest and one of me before the fifty pound weight gain. This definately made me go for the healthier food choice! If that won't work though, maybe you could try just not buying the food in the first place? Although if you live with a bunch of pigs like I do, that might be a little hard, lol! I don't know if this will help you, but good luck to you! We both know you can do it!

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Hi Jacque. You have a pretty name. What finally got me on track was having a plan and making a goal. My goal was to lose 60 lbs. My plan - 1500 cals a day. Then I got rid of most of the fatty, non healthy foods and bought lots of healthy alternatives that would help me stick to 1500 cals. I've lost about 30lbs so far with another 30 to go. It's a challenge every day, but I feel so much better. I feel a lot like my old self again and have started wearing more fitted, colorful clothes again. This web site has given me a lot of strength. Here are some foods I eat on a daily basis that really help:

smoothies - one cup nonfat yogurt, frozen fruit, 1/2 c. 1% milk (300-400) cals, very filling, ice cream alternative.

almonds - crunchy, filling, good for you 1/4 c. = 170 cals. a chip alternative

eggs on toast - about 300 cals - filling, lots of protein, good way to start day

salmon burgers - Trader Joes 100 cals each, lots of protein - yummy with mustard (no cals for mustard)

salad with turkey, shredded cheese no dressing - my everyday lunch, very good about 300

If you start reading the backs of food it makes it easy to stick with the 1500. Actually, though, I started the whole process with 2,000 cals a day and then lowered to 1500 about a month into it. Good luck. You can do it!
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Building a Better Me
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S/C/G: 310/*ticker*/250

Height: 5'3"


Thanks girls!!

I definately am going to start aiming for about 1500 calories a day for now
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Jacque, do you have to have spaghettios and popcorn in the house? Sounds like hubby's supportive, so would he go for you only stocking the house with healthy foods? Then you won't be able to grab the bad stuff on a whim.

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Old 12-06-2004, 01:35 AM   #6
Go, Banana!
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jacque, ive been there too. except i did a lot of emotional/boredom eating by myself. which is the worst. i guess i thought if no one can see me then it doesnt count... but i was realllly wrong. some things that worked for me was first off telling my boyfriend that i was starting a diet and letting him have all his junk in one cabinet of the house, and i knew that was off limits. he'd usually stick it all on the top shelf so i couldnt reach it. (im 5'5" he's 6'2" lol) then i limited my calories and started a food diary. when i saw what i actually ate it made me kinda sick. i realized i didnt want to eat all this junk anymore, and i switched to better foods. also, drink a lot of water!!! i found that helps with telling your tummy your full, so you cant eat anything else. good luck sister!! and if you need a buddy feel free to pm me

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For me, having a set plan was crucial. It eliminated the "what do I FEEL like eating" habit. I am on Jenny Craig, which means that I was giving a menu template which told me exactly what to eat when. Now, there's a lot of latitude and the program is flexible because it's based on the exchange system. Even on days when I don't eat any JC food and all my own food, I have a template to follow. For many months, EVERY NIGHT I sat down and planned what I was going to eat the next day. For example. I packed my lunch and snacks at night so I wouldn't have to think about it in the morning. I make sure that I don't have tempting junk food around, and that healthy food is ready to grab-and-go.

To really break your old habits and form new ones, it's important to understand your impulses and set yourself up for success. Eat 4 to 6 small meals per day to keep your blood sugar on an even keel, prevent extreme hunger, and keep your metabolism revved. Make sure you are getting a healthy balance of nutrients. Eat according to PLAN for a while rather than just promising yourself to "do better." Find other outlets for those emotions, because you can't simply remove a coping mechanism -- you have to REPLACE it. After a while the plan will become ingrained, but it takes time.
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I think you've gotten some great advice so far. I am an emotional eater as well, so I know where you're coming from. I have to agree with the previous poster - do you need the unhealthy food in your house? It won't eliminate binges, but if you have to make an effort to get something, it might help you think twice.

Also, definitely find things that you like that are healthy. For example, lots of folks use popcorn as a filling snack, but I personally despise it. Any plan with me eating popcorn instead of something else is going to fail. Find the veggies and fruits you like, and try some new low-fat snack foods (and remember to portion them beforehand so you don't eat the whole bag). Some of my favorites are string cheese, laughing cow cheese on toast, lowfat yogurt, salmon, vegetable soups, and cottage cheese.

I also agree w/ funniegrrl - at some point you'll need to address what it is that you get out of eating, and what issues you need to deal with in your life. I have just started reading _Overcoming Overeating_, which is an older book but seems pretty good. Some people like going to Overeaters Anonymous meetings or other meetings like that.

I don't know how tall you are, but 1500 calories may be too little for you at your current weight. You might want to see a nutritionist or do some more research. I know that if I set my calories too low, I get ravenous and then binge to make up for it.

Exercise - again, find what's fun and suits you. The xbox thing sounds great; if you're more into sports and lively stuff, consider joining a team sometime. Maybe go out dancing?

You can do it and I hope that you find our suggestions helpful.

Oh, I also meant to say - there's nothing wrong with liking food. So often in our culture we feel like we have to hate anything enjoyable. There's nothing wrong with liking to eat! But if you have a problem with control, then that's where the problem comes in, because excessive eating and junk food isn't good for you. You just have to realize that eating isn't just about enjoyment; it's also about fueling your body and taking care of yourself. The two aims don't have to be contradictory, but sometimes they become so.

BTW, what you mentioned eating isn't really that bad, except perhaps the spaghettios. Make a plan ahead of time, instead of expecting yourself to be 'good' when you're hungry (if you're like me, you sure won't be good ) Then you can execute your plan and measure yourself against it, rather than feeling this vague sense of guilt but no way to make things better.

Boy, I can go on, can't I?
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Another good thing to do is find something else to do with your hands and mouth when you're bored. I eat and read, or eat and watch TV, or eat and play comptuer games when I'm bored. Lately I've been knitting and watching TV, which is a good step, and I've gotten a few holiday gifts out of it. Haven't figured out how to read and knit at the same time yet, though. Perhaps there's something you enjoy doing that you can do during your "slow time?"

I also chew sugarless gum when I don't want to be eating - if it's super minty and I try to eat soon after, things taste weird. So that slows me down. Of course, not everyone enjoys gum. I knew a guy who used to suck on a smooth rock to keep from smoking, it gave his mouth something to do. I'd probably choke on a rock, but I do okay with gum.

And now, I have to go look up that Xbox game you were talking about - perhaps I can get the DH to consider an Xbox for me for Solstice! Woo Hoo!


4/24/05 - returned from Hades, slightly singed and a few pounds heavier. Dang, who knew pomegranite seeds were really GRANITE?
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