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Question Dairy Free and need to lose weight

Hi, I recently (2 weeks ago) stopped drinking milk and stopped eating anything made with milk or milk by-products. I am breastfeeding & DS has a milk protein allergy. Anyway, I find myself eating more junk food than usual to substitute for milk/yogurt/cheese etc. Anyone out there go milk/dairy free? It's not just milk. Milk is in soooooooo many of my favorite foods, I feel like I went cold turkey on everything. Anyway, I have been eating a lot more fruits & veggies, which is good, but also more chips & candy. Just venting....
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You can try Vanilla flavored soy milk for cereal.
Maybe if you increase your lean protein intake you will lose your desire for junk food. Also, try having fresh veggies that you can eat raw always ready for when you get in a snacking mood.

Try limiting your candy and chips slowly. Start by only having the individual small bags of chips and the fun size candy bars. Try remembering that these foods are not your friend and with a new kid they will only make you more tired.
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I'm also off dairy products - I'm intolerant to casein and lactose

Food addiction is often a symptom of food sensitivity, so chances are you are just having "withdrawal symptoms" and turning to high-carb and sugary items... but that's not a good idea, because sugar is also very addictive

I agree with HoneyGlow, increase your protein intake. Eating small, frequent meals and making sure they are well balanced (some protein, some carbs, a little good fat) will keep your blood sugar stable and help you resist the cravings if they still come. Drinking lots of water and concentrating on whole (unprocessed) foods is the best way to go, because those are the best fuel for your body so it will b able to get rid of the yuckies from sugar and dairy.

Good luck!

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I was allergic to a milk protein for decades and had to be very careful of all foods I ate because manufacturers seem to want to slip milk, whey, butter, you name it into everything. There were only afew breads I could eat, no butter, etc. It was hellish as you are learning. I could not eat at potlucks for the most part because people would think only 'milk' and not realize all the other things that contained it. Eventually you get used to it. YOu can eat goat milk cheeses, my favorite is romano. It is wonderful in all manner of Italian dishes. Start reading labels and you will find all manner of foods you can eat. The biggest thing you are finding is the backlash to want to eat what you cant, and the feeling of deprivation from not being able to eat a whole class of foods. For that you will have to feel the essential pain for awhile then will come acceptance. There is no easy way around that. Be kind to yourself in all things as you go thru this. Look up the stages of grief, it might be helpful as you are going thru this. They really do apply.

Eventually I was lucky and seemed to have outgrown my dairly allergy. I still just cant bring myself to drink straight milk, but can eat all manner of dairy now. I must say I went on an eating spree when foods that had been forbidden to me for years all of a sudden were fair game. I absolutely adore cheese and still am having great difficulty lowering my intake after all those years totally without it. Some of these extra hip pounds are pure cheese. Then there are those on the left buttock that are from ice cream, LOL.

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