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Height: 5'2

Question Can anyone help?

Hi, I am 14, 5'2 and 140 lb. I just started high school about a week ago and it hasnít been that bad. It is just with all of my friends begin so pretty and thin. They get so much attention from the guys. I am happy for them, but I just feel so jealous. I have always been a chubby kid, and have always gotten turned down by the guys I liked. I am always the one that my guy friends talk to about my hott friends. I am told that guys also go for girls with self-confidence, but I donít have any of that because I am afraid to put myself out there for rude comments. I really want to lose weight. I want to get to a point were I donít have to step on the scale every morning and be able to wear everything in my closet with being afraid that it wont look right or show to much.

At my school there is an annual Christmas dance. I think it is on the 22nd of December this year. If I could only have a date for that it would be the greatest day! I couldnít even imagine. To me I think that I need to lose weight so that I can put myself more out into the game instead of just standing quietly by my friendís side. My ultimate goal is to reach 115-110 lb or be about a size 5. I am not sure what would come first. And I was also wondering how much weight I could lose in that amount of time. I realize that I probably can lose the 25 pounds but something would be nice. If anyone has any suggestions or has some advise for me, it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!

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Default In your shoes

I read your story and it felt like I was looking at a journal entry I had written when I was your age (and weight). I had lost the same amount of weight you want to lose my first year of high school and I was able to fit into a size 7 jeans at Christmas time.

When I first made the conscious decision to lose weight, I knew I wasn't going to fall into the fad diets or force myself into an eating disorder. The first thing I did was I started walking every day. I didn't do anything to change my diet, right away. But as I felt myself become healthier, fruits, vegetables and wholesome grains looked SO much more appetizing than pizza and french fries, which I was addicted to. You have to make weight loss and hopefully a lifestyle change gradually, or you will never succeed. Break down your goals into mini goals. The more you feel accomplished, by walking/exercising, eating better, you will feel more confident about yourself. You will feel better overall, knowing that you're engaging in a healtheir lifestyle. By accomplishing your mini goals, and ultimately achieving your greater goals, your confidence will shoot through the roof, not only because you look and feel better, but because you succeeded, and because you know that you can do anything you put your mind to.

By joining 3FC, you're taking the right steps to a newer, healthier you. You have the support of wonderful people, you'll get advice from various posts, and you feel like you're part of a community. Please do me a favor though. Do this for yourself. Don't lose weight because you just want the attention of guys, not because you think you're friends look better than you do, but because you're ready to commit to a change. I promise you that you begin feeling like a totally different person.

Try breaking up your weight loss goals by 5 pounds. It'll feel less overwhelming. I hope I've helped and feel free to message me if you need anything.
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Default Can anyone help?

I agree that walking is a great start, also riding your bike, roller skating. Any kind of exercise. Are you a soda drinker? Start drinking water. Water is so good for you. You should be drinking 6 - 8 glasses a day.
Ask mom to buy more fruits instead of the snack things.

Little changes will make a big difference.

Ann P
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S/C/G: 175/?/130

Height: 5'2


Thank you both so much for the advise! I usually start a diet in one day and think that I am going to stick to it but I always get off course. With what fashion told me, I think that taking it slowly will help me a great deal! And yes i am a soda drinker, but I only drink diet soda. That is a little better but I know that I have to start drinking more water. Again thank you both!
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Another thing, you are in no way fat, but I completely relate to what you are saying. I was a chubby girl all growing up, and I always thought I was fat and that people thought I was fat until one day it dawned on me it wasn't because I was fat but because I was shy and didn't give people a chance. So I did try to be more friendly and outgoing, but still now and again people reject you, and you may never know why, or they could be really shallow people. I was still a chubby girl so maybe some people I tried to be friendly with were hateful, shallow bigoted people. Unfortunately no matter what any of us look like there will be times when you extend a hand to somene and they reject you. Oh well, their loss. I know that it still hurts when someone rejects you, but knowing that you put yourself out there in life to meet new people will help you grow as a person.

Gosh darn it! Boy, I like to talk or type alot, don't I? So please take care of yourself inside and out. You can't make people like you. You don't want "friends" like that. You seem like a very intelligent, warm and friendly young woman.
The truth is just an excuse for a lack of imagination
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