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Default New here and looking for buddies

Hello...brand new to this site as I just found it, but have loved what I have read so far.

I've been overweight since I was 8 years old and I am now 38. I am so tired of being so heavy (about 278lbs) as inside of me there is a thinner person just longing to break free and that girl wants to horseback ride and go camping with her kids and all sorts of things. On the outside, however, this girl needs to become healthier.

I sabotage myself often as I struggle with self control, HOWEVER, I quit smoking 9 weeks ago and have been feeling empowered to lose weight. I NEVER thought I could give up cigarettes as I loved to smoke (and still miss it) but have not once cheated. I KNOW if I can quit that, then surely I can lose weight.

Just really looking to make some new friends, those who are working on weight loss like I am or those who have achieved it who can inspire it. Would love to support all of you as well!
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Hi Lakegirl!

Welcome to 3FC - you've taken a great step forward in your weight loss journey by coming here.

Like you I gave up smoking 9 months ago on my first attempt - even though I craved cigarettes like mad, I told myself that no matter how uncomfortable I felt now, it is nothing compared to what I would go through if I had a stroke, or mouth cancer or lung cancer. That seemed to work and I developed such a strong willpower that I never knew was in me! So well done for successfully giving up smoking - it is not easy, and like you say, it shows you have the willpower and discipline you need.

Now we need to turn that discipline to our weight loss efforts - it is not easy, but I know it can be done! You are on a roll because you are still very disciplined from giving up smoking - so now is a great time to push yourself further. I gave up smoking 9 months ago, but I still remember the strength and discipline I had and I am now working on developing it again to lose weight - I know it is in there, I just need to apply it to my eating and exercise.

I hang out at the 100lb club so you are very welcome to join us - pop over and introduce yourself, they are a lovely bunch of people who, like you (and me) have alot of weight to lose. We have some real success stories there aswell - Bev has lost 180lb!!!!! So it can be done!

Good Luck

Amanda x

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Hi LakeGirl, welcome. I am new to the site myself (and also to exercise) and I too quite smoking 4 months ago. It was a struggle, but I finally feel like I am in control. I am 37, so we are close in age as well. Please feel to contact me should you need any support.

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Hello everyone, I am new to this site as well. Six weeks ago I went in for Gastric Bypass surgery. I weighed 303 before the surgery and now I am down to 250 lbs. Like I said, I am now to this, does anyone know if there is a thread on Gastric bypass surgery? If not I would like to start one, or start another one for people in my area. I live in NJ, and I am 24 years old. I'd have to say, I've never felt better in my life as I do now. I can't wait to meet new people.
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Hi Changedman, welcome to 3FC! We actually have a whole forum devoted to weight loss surgery here.. https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/weight-loss-surgery-78/ Our moderator in that forum also lives in NJ, small world! Feel free to check it out, and we hope you'll enjoy your stay here
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suzanne... i know this guy... up close and in real life. and he's cute. and nice. honest!!! and HE'S TALLER THAN I AM.. .too bad i'm older than his mother!!!! <sigh>
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