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Default hey...im new, got a question or 2

hey im new on this board *waves*

first of all i feel a bit silly posting. i dont have major weight problems but i have serious body image issues and im trying to lose weight. at the moment im 1m63 (5"4) and 48 kilos (105.6 lbs). if you're gonna tell me im too skinny or that i shouldnt lose weight, dont bother answering - ive heard it all before.

so anyway

i started off at a little under 50 kilos a couple months ago and ive lost nearly 2. i basically ate less and exercised more and ate no wheat products. no big deal, no stress, i counted calories and ate under 1200 a day (apart from one day where i had way too much alcohol and it went way up but that was just one day out of 2 months!)

now, i wanna drop one or 2 more kilos, but they wont come off! for the past 2 weeks ive had a fat free yogurt and a fruit or a spoon of muesli for breakfast, a salad or a fat free yogurt with a small fruit for lunch, and some vegetables and meat or fish for dinner with a fat free chocolate dessert of some sort. i rarely went above 1000 calories and met all my nutritional requirements. i also go to the gym regularly, have "upped" my workout, and play tennis once a week. i drink loads and loads of water and herbal tea, and diet coke once in a while.

why am i not losing weight? im eating barely anything. i really doubt its BECAUSE im eating barely anything! should i just wait a little longer and keep going? i wouldve expected at least a kilo by now, with the amount im taking in. i dont get faint or dizzy but i do get hungry and i work out nonetheless. please help

oh and i take calcium supplements, and fish oil capsules and the pill. if that makes any difference? ive never had an eating disorder either so dont worry.

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Okay, you said not to lecture you, so I won't - but I may explode from keeping it in...

Seriously, you need to eat MORE...you may be meeting your nutritional needs in the forms of vitamins and minerals, but the human body needs calories to function. If you don't eat enough your body slows it's metabolism WAY WAY down, and you won't lose weight. I know this is true because I was able to NOT lose weight eating only 500 calories a day....Why don't you try bumping it up to 1200? I'll bet you'll not only get the results you want, but you'll probably feel better and have more energy as well...And be kind to yourself.


“There is more reason in your body than in your best wisdom.” -Nietzsche

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Ugh. I know this is rude, because you specifically said you didn't want to hear it, and I was going to leav it alone until you got to part at the end where you assured us that you've never had an eating disorder.

Honey, you already do. Eating disorders exist without actually being diagnosed. Just because you haven't had a doctor tell you don't have one doesn't mean you are well. You are SEVERELY underweight for your height, and your need to get even thinner makes me want to cry for you.

I know you won't take these posts seriously - no one ever does when they are simply looking for people to validate their beliefs. But, please at least hold on to a tiny flicker of our advice and know that perhaps what you need is some help in loving yourself, not in losing 2 more kilos.
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Ok, 2 cents worth here. There comes a time in every body's life that it says "enough is enough". First off, with the tiny bit of food you are eatting, your body is in "starvation mode" which means it is holding on for dear life to any "fat" you might have left. It doesn't know when it's going to get it's next meal. Second, the body also responds very reluctantly to losing more than it wants to. There is a point at which it's just plain DONE. It feels as if it is the right size and all the food drama and exercise in the world is not going to make it budge. Also be aware that with all of the activity that you get it, you probably don't have much, if any, body fat to lose. I would think that if you have been doing the same (or "upped") routine for any length of time that you have built some awsome muscles. Have you had your body fat measured? Probably not much there. I know you don't want to hear this, but perhaps your focus should not be on starving yourself, but on eatting a more healthy, well rounded variety of foods and using exercise to tone up those areas where you still feel your body needs the extra sculpting.

My best wishes to you.
Thinthinker in Michigan
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Originally Posted by yogakitty
. But, please at least hold on to a tiny flicker of our advice and know that perhaps what you need is some help in loving yourself, not in losing 2 more kilos.
amen to that well said yogakitty.

xtoastx,, thinthinker also gave some good advice. but whatever you do.i wish you the best.

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