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Thumbs down hello, I'm new and need help

Hi everyone, I am new to the site and need a little advice. I'm ready to lose the weight but it seems as though every time I start, my boyfriend sabotages my efforts. He stocks the fridge with my favorite foods such as , cheese , and I lose my willpower. I do most of the cooking so I give up thinking it's easier to just eat what he's having. I need some advice. Does anyone else have this problem?
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I sometimes go through the same thing as you do but I have to say not as bad. sometimes my b/f will bring home chips and stuff like that and I have to say that I somethings give in. What I do is keep that foods that are "not welcome" seperate from the foods that I can eat. I have a few ?'s for you..Does you B/f do all of the grocery shopping? Do you think that maybe u two can go together? Did you talk to him about it? did you ask him to please limit the "bad" foods? Do you even think that your b/f doesnt want you to lose weight? Sometimes b/f's can sabbatoge you cause they may think that once you lose weight that you will find someone else...you have to make sure that he doesnt think that b/c it can really screw you up...i wish you the best of luck.....

Lots of luv,
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Default Hi

Hi, Amanda. I have a similar problem with my husband. He's always been able to eat exactly what he wants and still stays thin. He just doesn't "get" why people are fat ("why don't they just eat less"). Anyway, I can definitely sympathize with you when you say that you sometimes just give up and eat what he's eating. That's so easy to do, especially when you get home from work and you're just too tired to bother. I'd love it if he could just eat what I eat, but at the same time, I don't think it's fair for me to tell my husband that he cannot have certain things in the house simply because I can't eat them (why should he suffer).

I handle this situation by making sure I stock our refridgerator and pantry with "my" foods too; this is a little more expensive to do, but it's necessary. Also, I make sure he knows that I plan to stick to my diet. In the past, he'd have dinner ready when I came home, usually something like chicken parmesan (fried chicken cutlets with full fat parm cheese) and pasta. I told him in no uncertain terms that I would not eat that kind of meal. Now he cooks that kind of meal for himself and I'll broil a chicken breast and have some veggies. Granted, temptation stares me in the face, but I think that the more you say no to that kind of food, the less it tempts you (you get your palate used to certain foods). Just be sure that you have your own treats on hand so you don't feel deprived (I bake a whole pan of No Pudge brownies and freeze them individually; when I want one, I just take it out of the freezer, nuke it, and I have dessert).

Good luck. I know how hard that type of situation can be.
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Thank you so much you guys. I'm not alone after all. I think that my b/f doesn't want me to lose the weight. When we met I was 33lbs. lighter and when I mention that I want to be that size again he says I was too thin. If I even mention that I want to eat healthier he runs to the store and "poof" the fridge is stocked with tempting treats. Most of the time I'm able to put it out of mind but sometimes I slip. I'll just keep trying. Thanks for the suggestions. Separating his food from mine is a great idea. As far as getting him to eat my way......no way. If it's not fattening he won't touch it. Men! Oh, to have their metabolism!

Thanks again and good luck to all!
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