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Default 300+ And Ready To Try Again .......#414


We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We often use a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

We chat at 8:30 pm EST, 7:30 pm CST on Wednesday and Saturday.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.

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Phew, It's been a long time since I started a thread. But I did it!

Food was fantastic today, Even went out to a lovely dinner and didn't go over points!

WELCOME KENI, you'll like it here.

I'm beat ... off to bed.
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You and Me in 2003
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Evening all I went to chat but no one was there. We got in late from the movie. caatch you all tomorrow
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Just wanted to pop in and see how everyone is doing. Today has been pretty uneventful and I have been pretty bored. It is a beautiful night though and I love sitting out on the front porch under the stars.

I have a question....... What is a girl to do when she is addicted to Bojangles chicken and birthday cake?? I need a 12 step program!!! Well I kicked the smoking habit 3 years ago so this should be a piece of cake....did someone say cake ?

My 3 year old just informed me that he made a mess in his room so I guess I will get into cleaning mode and take a look.

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Changin' my ways :)
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Hey everyone

Keni, welcome! So glad you found us. I know there was someone here using Fitday, but I can't remember who off the top of my head. Several of us do Curves for our exercise (I'm one, and love it!). As far as food plans go, you can find about anything on this thread. We do what works for us as individuals. Lots of WW's, low carb and just plain old calorie intake watchers in here.

Tracy, I'm not sure I want to ask about Bojangles if it is addictive enough to need a 12-step! Out of curiousity, what did you do to quit the cigs?

Mary, I was home and everything, but plain old forgot about chat! Aaarrrggghhh!

J-ann, thanks for starting the new thread. I'm impressed you stayed within points even going out to dinner.

I'm going to go snuggle with dh now. I think we might be headed to see Underworld tomorrow. Thin, any reviews on that one yet? You know we count on you to keep us up on the best flics!

And maybe I don't want to snuggle with him... he's in some weird junior high mode all of a sudden. Men!!!

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I use FitDay sometimes but find their interface frustrating for finding foods and/or entering menus or food combos. I much prefer Calorie King (www.calorieking.com). I originally started using their program for the Palm pilot. It is great to be able to enter or look up foods while I am on the go. It definitely helps me make good choices at restaurants where I have a hard time figuring out the carb count. In some cases the restaurant is in their database and in others I can piece it together. They recently started charging for their website, which I guess I can't fault them for

Oohhh, DH wants to see "Underworld" - let me know what you think...

Lap-Band 12/21/2005
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Andria- I was scared nicotine free!! I was pregnant with my second son and had smoked throughout the whole pregnancy when I should have known better Anyway I was in my 8th month of pregnancy and was miserable because I had bronchitis yet again and there was not much I could take for it being pregnant. I used to get it bad every year when I smoked. That year not only was i sick but my baby stopped moving when normally he was pretty active and I could almost always feel flutters and kicks. I was soooo scared that something was wrong with the baby stemming from my bronchitis so I promised myself that I would quit smoking if the baby would just start being active again and I did and he was I never looked back. It is still hard to this day to be around alot of smokers and I think that I will always crave them. Not to mention the fact that I added another 25 pounds to this already heavy body after quitting. But on the positive side, I can walk across a parking lot without gasping for breath now, I dont get bronchitis anymore, and my teeth look better. I will not ever let myself have that first cig again because that is all that it would take to get me back to square one.
It was hard and sometimes still is but the benefits are worth it and it can be done!!!

I wish I could be the same way with junk food and huge portions. Those are going to shorten my life also but yet I cannot kick those habits. I still have hope though and I WILL do it one day.

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Evening all! Just got in from the theatre a bit ago and came to catch up. Tonight's fare was The Rundown with The Rock. It was an action/adventure type film. Decent plot. Funny as heck in spots. All over good entertainment. It was a "sneak preview" so don't expect to be able to find it near you for another week or two.

The guys saw Underworld. They really liked it. I, however, didn't think it would be for me so I sat in The Fighting Temptations with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beyounce Knowles. I really liked it. I've always said, I could have been born African American and liked it, because I love gospel music. It seems to get into your soul.

I will probably do at least the afternoon at the theatre by myself tomorrow since the guys will want to see the race. I'll probably catch something else that they would never see with me while I'm there. I'll have to let you know on that later.

Sandy: WOW! Day 6! Good going. You're really on a roll. That cartoon with the old lady and the mailman's crack was a hoot!

Tina: Your sincerity and honesty have always been a part of you that I love best. Don't ever change. [[[hugs]]] I hope you find that another WW meeting will be more to your liking. Give the man a chance. My first WW leader was a man that had lost 160 pounds and kept it off for 12 years. He is very dynamic. You may be surprised. I hope so.

Terri: San Diego! I'm so jealous. I would love to be going with you. You could do all the stuff you needed to do for work, and I could..........lay around and do nothing!!! Sounds like a plan? Hey, did you take your DH with you?

Mary: So what did YOU think of Underworld? You came and said you went, but didn't leave a review. Hey, have you read Michael Creighton's Timeline? It's coming out as a movie and the trailer looks like it will be pretty good.

J-Ann: So where did you end up? You and that little doggy of yours. Hope you had a great day!

Michelle: I bet you think I forgot about your request, but I didn't. I think I found the disc that I saved some of that info on and I'll get it to you soon.

Katrina: When you're done scrubbing and cleaning and doing laundry at your house, you can come do mine. BTW, do you do windows??? Sounds like you had a great time at the play. Funny how fast our kids grow up when they're on their own, isn't it?

Andria: Any good articles lately. I can't wait to read more.

Homebound: I hope this new TOPS chapter will suit you better. I've found that the meetings we attend are so important and if they don't "fit" us, it just doesn't work. Hope this one's better for you.

Kim: I'm glad you came back and properly introduced yourself. I'm married with 2 sons (22 & 24) and a cat (who thinks he owns the place). It looks like you're on a roll! 40 pounds down is a great start. Go for it!!!

Barb: Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time. Can't wait to hear more.

Keni: Welcome to our little corner. A couple of the other girls use fitday, but I don't. I do go to Curves and really like it. It's for women only and it's circuit training. There are machines that operate on hydraulics rather than weights, which is kinda nice because then you don't have to readjust the machines from the person ahead of you. It depends on the size of the club how many machines there are, but they are interspersed with pads to jog or do steps on in between.

Syn: Have I told you lately how glad I am that you're back on the thread? Well, I am!

Tracy: Glad to hear you're ready to get it off again! We're here for you. Make stopping in here once a day a part of your routine. It really helps.

Suzanne: Thanks for bailing us out.....once again.

Ok, girls, I'm heading up to bed. I'm so tired I can't see straight. I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.
Thinthinker in Michigan

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Wow, ladies, thanks for the warm welcome and your input. You are inspiring!

ARRRGH! If I seem to babble, don't think I've lost my marbles...I'm trying to cut down my caffeine intake as well and the withdrawal is not the best feeling in the world!
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a work in progress...
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Late post...

Welcome, Keni...welcome back Tracy and Kim! I think you'll like it here...we're nice!

I'll be happy to do your windows, thin...as soon as I get MINE done...
heh heh...that will happen!

Okay...who saw Survivor??? Let's discuss. Is that one tribe just a bunch of dorks, or what? The bearded guy in the other tribe reminds me of Hagrid from Harry Potter!

Gotta run...early WW meeting in the AM!


Nobody can bring you peace but yourself... Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Hi All,

I just wanted to drop in to say hello!

2:00 A.M....Time for me to go to bed, I was kid wrangling tonite.. (grandkids) The 6 year old has some serious health issues and is medically fragile, she needs to have an RN , her parents or someone who is comfortable around tracheostomies, ventalators, and G_J tube feedings, and can sign.;( Sarah is also deaf and uses ASL)..around at all times .......So tonight a friend and I gave my daughter and son in law some respite time...they went to a movie and to dinner....Sarah is actually doing really well, goes to deaf school forenoons and is mainstreamed into a regular 1st. grade class afternoons with an RN in attendence; but Her parents rarely get a chance to spend "quality time" alone.

Again I want to apologize for not replying to individual posts.. I will make an effort to do better at that....

Why are some weeks are harder than others to stay OP?
Wish I had the answer to that one .....
Live Well & Keep On Keeping On!

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Hey ladies!

Thin: All this talk about movies! I've never heard of them. There's no advertising on the Armed Forces channels so I never know what movies are coming out, and it takes about six months for them to make their way to the theatre over here. We only got Finding Nemo last month!! I know that came out ages ago because i took the kids to see it while we were in the States in June. Everyone will just have to keep me posted on what's good and what stinks LOL.

Kat: I agree!! I thought the bearded guy looked like Hagrid too!! I don't know if that guys gonna make it. He barely survived the first day!

Congrats to those of you who quit smoking. I just quit quitting.

HELLO to everyone and WELCOME to the newbies.

As for me, the eating has been better the past few days, but the rest of my life is a wreck. Remember I told you that I just paid a bunch of money to get my car fixed? I picked it up Friday afternoon and everything seemed fine. Well, yesterday morning I tried to start it and NOTHING!! Oh but wait!! There's MORE!! So I had bought new wiper blades for it and figured I might as well change them since I wasn't going anywhere. A neighbor saw me trying to put them on and was trying to be helpful. In the process of being helpful, the wiper arm slipped and broke my windshield. I just want to cry. On top of that, I had the right blades for my make and model of car, but the problem was the wiper arms were not the originals and so the blades I bought didn't fit. So the end deal on this story is I paid to fix the car which still doesn't run, I have new wiper blades I can't use, and a broken windshield. Add to that the fact the somebody backed into it in the parking lot which crunched my wheel well which is rubbing against my tire which is making it dangerous to drive. Are these signs from the automotive gods that it's time to get a new car???? I'll tell you, if I still drank, I'd be good and drunk right now, and if I hadn't had that surgery I'd be wallowing in Ben and Jerry's right now. But instead I have to come in here and unload on you poor girls.

I'm hoping to report my entry to ONEderland this week. Only two more pounds to go!!!

Talk at you all later,\

"Some people dream of success. Others wake up and work hard at it."
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Red face Yes, it is almost 4:00am here...

Do not let your eyes deceive you. To be honest, by the time I finish this post, it will probably be after 4:00am, but I'll try to type fast.

Why am I up so late, you ask? Well, the truth is..... I got in the bathtub around 9:00 and fell asleep. So, I woke up somewhere around 2:00am, puckered, waterlogged and decided...."Gee, ya think I oughta get out of the tub?!" The funny part about it is.... I would wake up ever so often and add more hot water to the bath, never once thinking about actually getting out. I love my baths! I'm good for another month now.....

Food has been so good this week and I honestly feel that I have not deprived myself. Sure, there have been times that I have wanted something and I just had to walk away from it, but there have been other times that I just knew I HAD to have it, and even if it cost me 10 pts., I had it. I just made an adjustment to whatever else I was having that day.

I have also found something that I really like for breakfast, so I thought I'd share it with you as well. Breakfast is usually a hard meal for me, since I'm not much of a breakfast eater, but I find I do better during the day with it, then without. First of all.... (laugh if you will....it's ok) I bought some melba toast. I have never had melba toast before and I love it. The kind that I bought has 5 individual little packages inside it with 5 pieces of melba toast each. Five pieces are only one point. I got the sesame kind and for five pieces, it is 80 calories, 1 gram of fat and 3 grams of fiber. Now, I spread lite onion and chive cream cheese on the melba toast and it is so good. Two tablespoons for one point. Now..... technically, if you are calculating your points on the cream cheese, it is two points. It's 60 calories, 4.5 fat grams and 0 fiber grams, figuring it at that, it's 2 pts. However, if you figure 55 calories, 4.5 fat grams and 0 fiber grams, it's only one point.. Now, I don't know about you ladies, but I can fart and burn off five calories, so since I am rather stingy with my points....... I only count it as two.
Long story short.....and yes, we've passed that point, It's a three point breakfast, because I use 4 tablespoons of cream cheese. YUM

Ok..... on to replies:

SYN: What a sweetheart you are for watching the grankids tonight. I'm sure they really appreciated it.

KAT: Have I told you lately that you crack me up? While I do not watch Survivor, I do watch Paradise Hotel and I am totally addicted.

KENI: Welcome to our little corner of the world! You will really like it here. There are some awe inspiring ladies here within this thread. My name is Tina and I'm on WW. I live in Tennessee and have been married almost 16 years to a real sweetie named Ron and we have two boys.....(ages 15 and 10) I don't go to Curves, but I'm thinking of trying it.....right now I'm really happy with my Leslie Sanson WATP tapes and I am your resident Nascar expert. Welcome aboard!

THIN: Thanks once again for all your lovely movie reviews. What would we do without you? I am definitely going to give the man leader a chance..... when I called and talked with WW the other day, she said that people are sometimes skeptical when they hear there's a man leader, but she said he has actually developed his own following.....so we'll see!

TRACY: Good for you for stopping smoking. My great aunt died of lung cancer and I just know she could have been here with us longer if she would have stopped the smoking....but she was still doing it up until the day she died. Also, I can't help you with Bojangles either.... I love it too!

KIM: Very happy to have you here with us as well..... since I've already introduces myself in the above paragraph to Keni, I won't bore you again.... as far as I know, I've not changed anything since I posted to her. Once again, welcome to the board. Post often....that's the best way to get to know you!

Maybe I don't want to snuggle with him... he's in some weird junior high mode all of a sudden. Men!!!
Geez! Why do men get like that sometimes..... Dh was running around here earlier tonight beating on his chest like he thought he was Tarzan. I should thank God daily for making me a woman...... even with TOM, it's better than being a man.

MARY: Sorry I missed chat tonight hun.... I think Saturday is a really hard night for everyone to get together cause so many people are out and about. Maybe we could move it to Sunday nights.... what do you think?

J-ANN: You did a wonderful job starting the new thread... I was so happy to see it when I came on tonight. I am really happy that you're back here with us and posting regularly.

JEN: Sheesh, it sounds like you are having some horrible luck with your car. Been there....done that. On a happier note though..... I am so proud of you. I haven't been to onederland since High School. You go girl!!

BARB: So glad that you're back from your vacation safe and sound. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures with us too..... I look forward to seeing many more.

SANDY: Day 6! Wooooo Hooooo girl! You are on a roll! Have I told you lately how proud I am of you? If not, I'm sorry. I am REALLY VERY proud of you. Starting to get back on track is always very hard, but don't you feel so much better when you do?

MICHELLE: I just wanted to let you know I got your email about the little girl and Home Depot.... Hilarious! You always send me the best emails. P.S. When is your WI?

2CUTE: I miss you. Please come home soon.

Alright girls.... with that, I am outta here. I have responded to all on this thread and a few that weren't. To everyone else.... I hope you all have a terrific day/morning/night.....whatever. I will see you tomorrow after the race!

Go Tony Go!!!!

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a work in progress...
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Tina! FIVE hours in the tub???? I'll bet you were water logged! Wow. I'm not much for baths...I do shower though, thank you very much! My daughter is all excited to take a bath today before she goes back to the dorm...and the shared bathroom! yecch. I'll bet she could do 5 hours in the tub. She gets a bunch of candles, sometimes some music...oh it's a whole experience!

I'm on my way to WW. My scale shimmered on 249 and then hit 250...so I'm 249.something...I'll take it...that's 2 lbs down, I think. Whatever, as long as it's down...I'm moving in the right direction! Hey! A male leader might have an interesting perspective! Especially if he's easy on the eyes....

who said that?

Nobody can bring you peace but yourself... Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Thumbs up Darn those posting fairies

I just did this long post and then hit submit and poof the darn old fairies took it to never to be seen land......

Now I have to go get Alexis ready for Sunday School. To steal a quote from "Arnold" I WILL BE BACK.

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