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Unhappy Help me find my way back

Hi everyone. Last year, around the same time, I had a major health wake up call. I went full low carb and lost a lot of weight (around 70 lbs), and was finally in onederland. I felt fantastic. Then my child got sick, we went through a very tough time around Christmas time and I fell back into old habits...regained 45 pounds quickly over the past five months from stress and depression. But, this is also a pattern for me. Whenever I've lost weight in the past and started feeling attractive and got attention, I've self sabotaged. I think being heavier has "protected" me, somewhat. But I am so ready to be myself again---yet so demoralized from my failure to keep going this past year. I was SO CLOSE. It wasn't that I just stalled. I took so many steps directly backwards.

I'm trying to give myself a little grace because we were going through a very tough time as a family. But, is this how I'm going to handle any tough life challenge? Binge eating and drinking calories? I deserve better.

I say all this but I'm so tired right now, like I have no fight left. I need to get back on track NOW. I know what to do, how to do it, so what's stopping me? Just reaching out for some encouragement.
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I'm sorry to hear you are so down on yourself right now. You are not alone in this. You are going through something so many go through in the fight against unhealthy weight. I think our bodies want to hold onto the weight it is used to, and we have to be ever diligent about it....make our new eating plan a plan for life, even into maintenance. We all tend to go back to old habits when going through stressful times. We have to be aware of that and learn how to stay on plan in spite of hard times. How? I haven't figured it out yet! But I will continue to work on it.

I suggest you keep coming back here and posting with others. Look around the forum and see some groups that interest you and make some new connections. It's always good to find someone with the same interests. Good luck to you!
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Here's the thing with weight loss (and one of the many, many reasons why the "tough love" approach doesn't work): the problem is only very rarely food. There are many factors which drive us to overeat, be it dealing with emotions, destressing, ingrained habit, mental health, dealing with pain, what have you. One of the reasons why I became and stayed overweight had to do with developing an anxiety disorder. You are not a bad person just because this is one of your struggles. You are definitely strong enough to conquer it. Don't feel bad about yourself as a person--instead, smile at yourself in the mirror, and just keep going! We're all here to support you whenever you need it!
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Hi SkinnyBee78. I understand the feeling you are experiencing, but look around you, this world has many good things, behold your family, who love you. They are your source of motivation. You will not be alone, we will always be with you.
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