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new and dont know where to begin

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Default new and dont know where to begin

Hi everyone. Well im new here and im not sure where to start in my weight loss goal. A lil info. Im 40 and a mom to six. I guess my weight gain started when i quit smoking about 15 yrs ago. Neways im 5'6 and i weigh 353 lbs. (Wow that was hard) last i was told my bmi is about 57. I want and need to lose weight i just dont know how to start a diet or exercise. So any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. I just want to be around as long as i can for my kids and my grand babies.
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As strange as it sounds, and I've told this to a few others, even making small changes will make a difference.

For instance, if you have to have a snack, try to make it just a little bit healthier (veggie chips instead of the fried potato chips, maybe). If you have to have candy, have a small piece instead of a whole candy bar, etc. If I've got to have SOMETHING for ME during the day, it'll usually be a hot cup of coffee instead of that sugar filled latte or whatever. If I've got a craving and I have to have something, I try to make it a smaller portion.

I did WW for a good while, and the focus at first was not so much portion (fresh fruits and vegetables, anyway), as eating healthier in general, and then focusing more on portion.

We all still have our bad days, but just focusing on "better" choices is a good start.

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Welcome Starryeyes!

A good way to start is by walking. Do you have a fitness routine now? You can incorporate more walking into your day by parking a little further away at the mall, walking your kids to school, walking to the market, doing a few extra laps at the grocery store, find reasons to get up and go to the next room. Get up during commercial breaks and do a few stretches. Your body was made to move!

As far as diet goes, there are many and there is no one size fits all approach to losing weight. The basic premise is to eat less food, move more, and incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet while removing processed foods as much as possible. I don't like to restrict myself on anything, I practice portion control. I eat french fries, but I don't eat a whole basket of them. I'll have a burger but I don't usually finish it. I'll eat potato chips but I won't sit on the couch with a whole bag, I'll pour out a portion into a bowl and savor them. I'll keep good dark chocolate around the house, but not loads of cookies.

Welcome and good luck! You're making a big chance not just for you but for your whole family! It's important to get your kids into good nutritional habits now, eliminate sodas and juices and get those veggies on their plates too!

"Binging is a descent into a world where every restriction... is cut loose. At its core is a feeling of deprivation.. a feeling you can never get enough. Binges do not signify a lack of willpower or inability to care for yourself. On the contrary, binges are a urgent attempt to care for yourself when you feel uncared for. They are the voice of survival. Binges are the mark of the self that says, 'I am tired of feeling deprived, of being told I am wrong, that I am bad." - Geneen Roth
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Thank you both for the advice. Walking is what i keep hearing and i do try to do more of it when i can. My back sometimes just wont allow it. I never thought that changing my eating habits would be so hard though. But im gonna keep at it. I do like the idea of making small changes at first. I think thats just what i need. So say a prayer for me and thank you both again. I ll keep updating.
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Welcome Starryeyes, and for what it's worth, it becomes so much easier when you start to see the numbers going down on the scales.

Best of Luck,

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